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Did you know that you can get paid by just voicing out your opinions on certain products and services? If not, then maybe you haven’t heard of surveys. 

Paid survey is a legit business model that rewards people for answering questions. It’s been popular since forever and even despite the drawbacks, such as low-income potential, many are still signing up for similar programs. 

It’s convenient anyway and it never hurts to have a side hustle but before you sign up, it’s best if you can do a background check to see what you’re going to deal with.

ViewFruit Review Summary

Name: ViewFruit

Website:   www.viewfruit.com

Founders:  : Paneland

Product Type:   Paid Survey Site

Price:   Free To Join

Quick Summary:  ViewFruit is a survey site where you can share opinions about a wide range of topics. 

In exchange, you will receive points but the question is, does it provide monetary rewards or is it just another survey site that offers gift cards? 

Overall Rating: 4/10

Recommended: No

In this post, I’ll talk about ViewFruit, a paid survey site that’s making a buzz online. I’ll share everything you need to know, including its legitimacy, pros and cons, and many more.

What Is ViewFruit About?

ViewFruit claims to be a platform that offers a paid opportunity to the consumers just for sharing their opinions regarding products and services.

As a market research company, it helps brands know what the end-users want so they can improve their products or services.

Owned by Paneland, Viewfruit is a member of the Market Research Association. It is owned by a legitimate company, namely Paneland.

ViewFruit gives rewards to participants with points but the accumulated points for every survey vary greatly depending on a survey's length, complexity, and value. 

This survey panel is focused on Asia but it also has members in Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, United States, and New Zealand.

How ViewFruit Works?

There's a variety of ways for ViewFruit's members to be involved, including the following:


Upon completely answering a survey that you qualify for, the rewards that you'll get range from 100 to 5000 points.

You can check the surveys available on their website or mobile app or you can receive updates on your email.

You have 20 minutes to complete the survey. If you failed to complete it within the allotted time then you will lose points or be disqualified from the survey.


Make friends with people who have the same personality as yours on their website's V-Chat portion. You can also share your insights about relevant topics by participating in the “hottest topics” group.


Participate in polls by voting variety or subjects or create your own polls if you are interested to learn what other members think about a certain topic. 

Play Games For Points

There's also an option to play new games to get points directly on your account.

Lucky Draws

Members who are active on this platform have a chance to take home exciting prizes, such as iPhone, Kindle, or extra cash. From time to time, there are changes for the offered rewards depending on your country. 

Refer Your Friends

You get to be a part of the Survey Team and receive a 10% bonus on every survey earnings of your friend. Therefore, your account will be credited with 30 points for their earnings worth 300 points for taking a survey. 

Is ViewFruit A Scam?

No. ViewFruit is a legitimate website.

In fact, they are part of a big international network of established and well-reputed market research companies known as the Market Research Association.

Due to this, their legitimacy is accounted for by such a significant factor. Besides, no members were charged for anything just to make use of this panel and because registration is free, that alone could be another sign of it being a legitimate site. 

ViewFruit Compensation Plan

For every completed earning opportunity on ViewFruit, you'll be credited with points and you should take note of the equivalence of certain points as cash. Upon having 500 worth of points, it is equivalent to $1. 

So, in reaching the minimum account balance required to request rewards of $5, you need to complete a total of 2500 points. Cash rewards are paid via PayPal and aside from this, there are likewise opportunities to redeem your earnings for Amazon and iTunes gift cards.

The redemption of your points is reviewed every Friday and is then paid to accounts within 1 up to 5 business days, except for on holidays. 

So, it only implies that you get to receive your cash or gift card without needing to wait for more than a week.

In summary, their offered payout method and conditions are great on Viewfruit.

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How Much To Join ViewFruit?

Joining ViewFruit is free, so there's no need to worry about spending even a single cent just to be a part of this panel. You can join without much hassle and begin earning points.

If you're looking for other survey platforms to try, you can check these alternatives:




Members of ViewFruit can be able to access this site anytime and anywhere it fits their schedule as long as they can download the mobile application of ViewFruit.

It is downloadable on Google Play or the App Store. You can even receive a bonus of 100 points for doing so.

Free To Join

No need to spend a dime in becoming a member. It is free to join sites to deal with.

Low Payment Threshold

With only $5 which is equivalent to 2500 points, you can request a payout via PayPal. Every survey could help you earn points ranging from 100 up to 5,000 so cashing out immediately is possible.

Easy To Use

Upon successfully signing up as a member, you can begin exploring the offered earning opportunities of this platform. 

With your patience, effort, and dedication to earn and reaching the low minimum threshold, you can instantly request a reward of your choice that is available on their website. It is just easy and as simple as that.


Not Available In All Countries

Apparently, ViewFruit is more focused on Asian countries, although it currently welcomes new members mostly from Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, United States, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea, and Vietnam.

Particularly, US applicants may have experienced scarcity to offer surveys. There are multiple complaints about getting rare survey offers or worse never getting any invitations at all.

Distracting Social Elements

Some social elements can be a little distracting especially if you are the type to be easily distracted, yet it can also also be a good means to have fun.

High Disqualification Rate

Even if you receive survey invitations occasionally, there might be a possibility of not qualifying them. It is the common problem of survey sites. So, if surveys are given to be the sole earning method, it can be a huge problem.

Points Approval

Your accumulated points wouldn't be instantly wired to your account. Every Friday, there is an official approval being made. Therefore, you can't be content with completing a survey, you still need to make sure that you can see it on your account on Fridays to absolutely count on them.

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Who Is It For?

ViewPoint serves two clienteles -- brands and people who want to earn money online. 

Brands who want to study their market can take advantage of their site. Meanwhile, those who want to earn a small amount of cash over the Internet can use this.

Training Tools/Support

You can reach them through their provided contact means that are available on their website. For instance, you can reach them through the following forms; Hotline at +86-21-62296958 and Contact at [email protected] 

Final Opinion/Verdict

ViewFruit is a legitimate site that offers people an opportunity to earn by participating in completing surveys and it also offers legit payout methods. However, not because it’s not the worst survey site, it implies that it is the best survey site that you can try.

Even if it might stand a chance to be considered as a good extra site due to its low payout threshold, nice earning potential and it is very easy to use. 

In addition, it has a mobile application that could enable you to earn on the go without the need of spending your money. You cannot just save up for rewards but likewise, you'll have a fun time interacting with other members and you get to share your point of view which is your chance to make a difference. 

But still, it has its downsides that need to be thoroughly considered. Surveys come once in a while that would give limited earnings and it will take too much patience to find the survey that would match your demographics so you can qualify and eventually earn from it. 

Thus, your earnings take an approval process before they can be transferred to your account. Most significantly, survey opportunities are prioritized in Asian countries so if you happen to not reside in Asia, think twice before giving this site a shot as it is not made for you. 

Also, some social elements can be a bit distracting so be mindful of your choices to avoid wasted time.

With all that being said, I don't have the heart to recommend ViewFruit. If you are looking for sustainable income, it doesn't fit the criteria. 

Instead, if you really want to pursue online earning opportunities, you can check out the top paying survey sites in your country and try it at your own risk. 

Take note that survey sites are only a remedy to a wounded wallet but not a cure since they cannot replace a full-time job to start with. So, decide accordingly!

What's Next?

A bunch of earning opportunities are rising online; however, people who tend not to grasp the fundamentals of the appropriate establishment of such online platforms as a means of making money are most likely to be blinded only by their desire to be wealthy.

To learn is to earn, therefore, accumulating money involves a process of gaining not just profits but the benefit of wisdom to know what to do, why is it to be done, when is the right timing, where should you start and how can you execute your success.

Speaking of which, what you need is a top-recommended program that is offered just for you to be of help in turning you into a disciplined, fully aware, and victorious online entrepreneur not just in the financial aspect but in mental and emotional aspect as well.

Sign up now and you can benefit as follows:

  • Training resources
  • Webinars to help you start your business online
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Comprehensive guide
  • And many more!

Thank you for reading my ViewFruit review. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to share them below.

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