Is Cointiply Real Or Fake? What’s The Truth About This Bitcoin Website?

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Have you ever imagined yourself engaging in the world of free Bitcoin faucets? Are you even the type to save up coins for cryptocurrency redemption? Nowadays, there are lots of cryptocurrency faucets that persuade people, which is somehow similar to other passive income applications where users get the chance to accumulate a pretty chunk of change if they run it daily.

Cointiply Review Summary

Name: Cointiply


Founders:   Unknown

Product Type:   Bitcoin Faucet And Get Paid To (GPT) Site

Price:   Free

Quick Summary:  Cointiply is known to give off a free Bitcoin faucet. It’s also considered as a Get Paid To (GPT) website where you can earn coins for answering surveys, downloading apps, and a whole lot of earning options.

However, could it earn you real cash or is it only limited to be redeemed for cryptocurrency?

Overall Rating: 4/10

Recommended: No

Speaking of which, Cointiply is one popular platform that offers you this kind of opportunity to earn coins to avail this platform partnered cryptocurrency. Therefore, as a way to help you in figuring out the workings of this site, I am going to review Cointiply. So brace yourself to make an informed decision whether to pursue this earning opportunity or not.

What Is Cointiply About?

Cointiply is a mixture of a free Bitcoin faucet and get-paid-to (GPT) website. Basically, by letting members win a random amount of either Sitoshi coins or fractions of a Bitcoin at certain intervals, Bitcoin faucets work. For every hour of rolling a random number to determine how many coins you get, you will be able to earn free Sitoshi coins in Cointiply.

You can make use of Cointiply’s other earning options, while waiting for your faucet to replenish to roll again, which is the GPT-side of the platform.

It was established last February 2018, which makes it a fairly new site. 

Cointiply rewards its users with coins for every completed task. Each coin is worth $0.0001, therefore, you need a total of 10,000 coins to have $1. Upon reaching the minimum payout threshold, you can be able to convert your earned coins to cryptocurrency.

So, who can join?

How To Earn With Cointiply?

Here are the main ways of earning coins on Cointiply:


You can do surveys from a variety of providers like YourSurveys, Theorem Reach, Yuno Surveys, Pollfish, and more, only by clicking on complete surveys. 

Through at least one of these providers, surveys are oftentimes accessible and their payment usually ranges from 10 cents up to $1.50, depending not just on the survey's length but also to your current location and some demographics.


Possible offers might include such as the following:

  • Downloading mobile apps
  • Signing up for something.
  • Using a free trial of something.
  • Buying something; etc.
  • Paid surveys


A unique way of earning money on Cointiply, which involves sending a message.


This simply works by rolling a number, which you can actually do for free once for every hour. 

To learn how bitcoin faucet works, you can watch the video below:

Paid Videos

Watch videos and get paid around 200 up to 500 coins per hour.

PTC (Pay-To-Click) Ads

To get started, simply click on “View PTC ads” and click on the ads and wait for the timer to complete. It usually pays around 6 up to 25 coins for every ad view. Multiplier

It is a literal gambling so it is a risky task to try. You can start by depositing a number of coins, and the amount of coins you will win (or lose) solely depends on luck.

Play Games

Cointiply also has casual games which you can play. It has the same pay as paid videos, however, it's more of an active way. You need to fill your activity bar to earn coins and you need to play games to fill your activity bar. It usually pays around 100 to 200 coins per hour. 

It can be a waste of time unless you're into playing games.


Cointiply offers its members a referral program. So, you'll get 25% of your referrals faucet claims for life and 10% of every offer they make if he/she successfully registers with your referral link. It's a good and convenient way to earn additional coins. Good thing is that the number of referrals that you can make is actually limitless.

Is Cointiply A Scam?

No. Cointiply is a legitimate website. 

Given that they've been around since February 2018, which is quite a while shows that it's not a scam since fraudulent sites won't even last a year. 

Likewise, they have an easy to find and comprehensive privacy policy and terms were provided. 

In addition, It's free to sign up and start earning.

 It would be hard to scam people without involving money. It's a legit site since there's also no red flags to their claims. It is well-made without much of a grammatical error or bugs of any kind which gives off a clean and trusted image. In fact, they are pretty active on Twitter, they garnered a bunch of positive reviews on TrustPilot and their support can be easily reached at [email protected].

Most significantly, they paid out over $700,000 to their users.

However, the problem with this kind of platform is the low earning potential. It may not be a scam but it’s a low-quality program.

Cointiply Compensation Plan

You'll earn points by simply becoming active on Cointiply. 

How many coins you have, how much they are worth in dollars, and how much they are currently worth in Bitcoin can be seen in your account. Take note that for every 100 Cointiply coins, it is worth $0.01 so you need a total of 10,000 coins to have $1. This will be a little confusing especially for newbies but it will be quick to comprehend once you get used to it.

Your hard earned coins can be payout in a few different methods:

◎When you have at least 50,000 coins ($5), you can withdraw directly to your Bitcoin wallet

◎When you have at least 30,000 coins ($3), you can withdraw directly to your DOGE wallet

◎When you have at least 30,000 coins ($3), you can withdraw directly to your DASH wallet

◎When you have at least 30,000 coins ($3), you can withdraw directly to your LTC (Litecoin) wallet 

Therefore, the payout threshold depends on your opted reward, but in general, the thresholds are quite low and easy to reach. It will usually be processed within 24 – 72 hours, once you have requested a payout. Usually, the first time you withdraw will take the longest since verifying everything is necessary. After that, you can expect for a faster redemption of your rewards. 

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How Much To Join Cointiply?

It is free to join and use Cointiply, but it also has a premium membership that you can get. However, upgrading your account isn't necessary since you can still conveniently use it without a premium membership.

If you’re interested with bitcoin-related opportunities, you can check these options:



Various Earning Opportunities

Be it surveys, offers or something else, there's always work available on Contiply most of the time that could be a nice way of boosting your earnings.

Low Payout Threshold

Most of the GPT Sites have thresholds higher than $10. Fortunately, Cointiply offers its users the opportunity to payout as soon as possible since their payout threshold at most is $5 and at the very least it's only $3, which is low enough compared to other GPT Sites.

Helpful Support

Their support team is accommodating and they provide great support for their users whenever they encounter problems.


Good thing that Cointiply users can access it no matter where they live and any special skills aren't necessary. But, provided available tasks may vary from country to country.

Payout Options

Cryptocurrency is the only payout option on Cointiply, but that's not a bad option to have. For instance, Crypto is super universal and easy to exchange for other types of currency. 


Low Earning Potential

Even though Cointiply offers multiple earning opportunities, still, you can't expect to earn a lot from it. In fact, it is evident on some offers in which other sites pay double than what Cointiply only pay.

Clunky Mobile App

Even if Cointiply offers an Android app, there are still lacking features from its web version. It must have been better if they'll try to provide similar features and make it also available for iOS users.

Only Four Payout Options

You can opt to withdraw to Bitcoin, Dogecoin, LTC, or Dash. However, if you prefer to withdraw to something else, then clearly Cointiply isn't what you're looking for. If you want to obtain cash, try other paying sites instead.


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Who Is It For?

It’s for those who are only looking for a side hustle. While Cointiply is legit, it’s not a good source of decent income so expect that you’re not going to be paid a lot here.

Training Tools/Support

For questions or concerns, you can either submit a ticket on Cointiply's support function or you can check their FAQ section located at the top of their website. There’s almost a "submit ticket" option if it doesn't work through their contact and support option. 

You can also reach them at [email protected]. Overall, they provide decent assistance to show their care towards their members.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Cointiply is a legitimate website that indeed offers a lot of ways to earn. Members 

absolutely have been paid out for their efforts in completing the different earning opportunities offered by Cointiply. 

It has a wide variety of works that you can explore which surely includes your interests, therefore it paves way for you not just to earn but at the same time to have some fun dealing with these tasks. 

In addition, with only a low threshold of $3 and $5 you can opt to redeem your coins for your preferred cryptocurrency. Therefore, with lots of available work, it would be possible to redeem immediately as long as you're a dedicated coin earner. 

But then again, you can’t expect a lot with opportunities like this. It will take time and a lot of patience to earn a decent amount. You can consider Cointiply only if you’re looking for a good way to kill your time.

If you want a better option, just continue reading.

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Thank you for reading my Cointiply review. Please don't hesitate to ask questions or share your opinions in the comment section below.

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