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Welcome to My Inbound Closer Review!

When it comes to making money, most of us know that if it’s too good, it might not be true, such as earning instant cash. We can blame it to the programs that scammed many people online or to the idea that there’s no such thing as overnight success.

However, we can’t easily judge a platform just because of its claims so it’s always best to do background research before skipping it or signing up.

Inbound Closer Review Summary

Name: Inbound Closer 


Founders:  Payton Walch

Product Type:   Online Training Platform

Price:  $97 + Upsell

Quick Summary:   Inbound Closer is an online training about telemarketing. Strategies on how to use close deals over the phone were shared by its founder, Payton Walch. It sounds like a promising platform but there are just too many red flags. What are those? Let’s find out!

Overall Rating: 3/10

Recommended: No

In today’s post, we're going to tackle a program called Inbound Closer.

With a bold claim such as “This High-Demand Skill Puts You Dead-Center

In A Thriving, $129 Billion-Dollar Industry,” it would be hard to resist it.

However, will it really help “stuff your pockets with daily commission checks” or is Inbound Closer nothing but a scam?

Let’s find out!

What Is Inbound Closer About?

Inbound Closer is a training program that helps entrepreneurs and marketers with internet marketing and sales. It was founded by Payton Welch who claims to make millions just from blogging.

While making money from writing online is true, it’s risky to make such claims as people might label you a scam.

Other than that, the website itself is full of bold statements, such as:

  • Work only 1-2 hours per day
  • How 1,621 People Just Replaced Their 9-5 Income In as Little as 21 Days
  • Using Nothing But a Phone and 6-Page PDF

I believe in coaching. I believe in learning from people’s experiences but I don’t believe in get-rich-quick schemes.

But is Inbound Closer just really a scheme?

Let’s dive more into it!

What’s Inside Inbound Closer?

The course is basically about telemarketing and how you can make money from it. It comes with a simple landing page that’s going to direct you into several training videos, including:

  • Daily Commission Check Blueprint - It talks about how you can land your first high-ticket client in just 7 days.
  • Inbound Closing Accelerator - It claims to help you become a professional high-ticket closer even with zero experience.
  • Bonus #1 - Exclusive access for their Private Facebook Groups which lets members connect with other members and teams for support.
  • Bonus #2 - Member’s access to Taylor Welch’s (Payton’s brother) entrepreneur’s list so members can find opportunities to get started with.
  • Post-Calls Recording And Breakdown - It is where 7-figure closers audit your calls to know which area you can improve to get more sales.

They claim that you’ll get all this for less than a hundred dollars but once you’re inside the program, you’ll be presented with an upsell that costs almost a thousand dollars.

According to Payton, the reason for doing this is because he has other businesses, such as the $21MM company and over 700 business owners who trust him as their mentor and that they would make perfect clients for the members.

The point for Payton’s upsell is that he is going to vouch for the members so they can have their first client.

Sounds ridiculous, if you’ll think of it but it’s good to know that some of its modules are helpful.

The Inbound Closer Accelerator, for instance, gives members the meticulously crafted system based on Payton’s over 3,000 calls and $40 million closed offers.

It’s not only technical; it also shares actual techniques used and insights on how to do closing differently.

Nonetheless, it’s full of bold claims plus an upsell that’s why I’m not confident with recommending it to anyone.

You need to spend tons of money first before you can actually earn your desired income plus, there’s no guarantee that you will.

I’m all about working hard and investing time and money but if the program is giving you a false mindset on how you can earn fast even without any skills, then it’s not something that I can vouch for.

If you’re interested to attend training like this, you can check the following platforms:

Is Inbound Closer A Scam?

I can’t say that Inbound Closer is a scam; although people are claiming that this is one.

The thing is, it’s really hard to get the promised results when it comes to coaching because even if you learned a lot from it, the action depends on you.

Also, you’ll get something from what you paid for. There are modules you can learn from and a community you can join for support so it’s not really a scam in the sense that you’ll not get anything at all.

Also, Payton and his brother are real people, and not just some con artists claiming to use pen names to trick people.

Inbound Closer Compensation Plan

You won’t directly earn from Inbound Closer because it’s a training program; not a make-money opportunity.

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How Much To Join Inbound Closer?

It says that you only need to pay $97 to have access to their modules; however, this is just an initial fee where you’ll get limited resources. It’s like a teaser but unfortunately, you’re going to pay for it.

You will get a “coach” who might help you learn about telemarketing but with platforms like this, coaches usually push you (subtly or aggressively) to purchase an upsell.

So, how much does the upsell costs? Around $7,000 to $10,000, which is expensive, especially for beginners since you have no idea how you can get the investment back. You see, you’re not the one getting a high-ticket client instead you’re the one being sold to.



Talks About Experience

Payton Walch has created a closing system based on the calls he has done in the past. Sure you can learn telemarketing skills online but it’s better if you


Bold Claims

People replacing their 9-5 income in less than a month? Working with nothing but a phone? Filling the pocket with daily commissions? These are clearly bold claims. 

I know that there’s really a big opportunity waiting for all of us but it’s less likely to earn a huge amount, sign up high-ticket clients, or make other similar claims in just a few weeks. 

There’s no such thing as instant money and almost any program that claims that is a scam or a low-quality program luring vulnerable people who want to earn asap.

False Offers

You’re going to pay $97 with a perception that you’re getting a lot of learning but once you’re inside the platform, you’ll find out that it’s limited. To be able to learn and get more out of the training, you have to purchase their upsell.

Not only do they have bold claims, but it’s also like they’re practicing false marketing.

Low-Quality Website

For someone who claims to earn millions and mentors high-ticket clients, it’s just weird that he hasn’t invested in his website. 

I mean, this is his platform where he shows his offers but it’s like he’s either taking it for granted by not choosing to build a professionally designed platform or he just doesn't have enough money to hire competent web designers.

Whatever it is, I don’t think we’ll ever know.

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Who Is It For?

It’s for those who want to grow their career or business using telemarketing and for those who have extra cash because you’re going to spend a huge amount here.

Training Tools/Support

Inbound Closer offers various training videos you can use to learn more about telemarketing and sales strategies. Payton will be sharing what exact techniques he has used.

According to some members, it’s a good platform to learn things but based on other reviews, it’s limited. It’s best if you can take it with a grain of salt and determine that you’re willing to invest a huge amount in this platform.

As far as the support goes, they have a Facebook Group that lets members and coaches connect and support each other.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Inbound Closer is legit and may come with valuable bombs you can use to improve your sales and marketing tactics. They also offer an evaluation to know which areas you need to improve.

Payton is a real person, too, so that somehow removes the doubt of the program is a scam.

However, there are too many red flags. For one, the bold claims all over their website. I know such claims are used to boost marketing but people are wiser nowadays.

They know if it’s too good to be true and while Inbound Closer’s legit, such claims make them sound like a scam.

Also, the upsell comes right after you enter the platform. You are made to believe that you only need to pay $97 to learn many things but when you’re inside the dashboard, you’ll be welcomed with a hefty amount of their upsell.

What’s Next?

Tired of false marketing and bold claims? I’ve been there and I know how disappointing it is. If you want real learning and support so you can grow professionally and financially, I suggest that you join our top-recommended program.

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Thank you!

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