Wealthy Affiliate Negative Review – 4 Reasons Why It May Not Be For You

If you did a Google search for “Wealthy Affiliate Negative Review” you must have found lots of Wealthy Affiliate Reviews online but might be wondering why they are all positive?

If you are specifically looking for Wealthy Affiliate Negative Reviews it will be really hard to find them since most Wealthy Affiliate reviews are written by their members and guess what – they all promote Wealthy Affiliate.

Let me be honest right from the start. My name is Vasiliy and I am also Wealthy Affiliate member since July 2015. Today I decided to take another approach and uncover what are the negatives about Wealthy Affiliate and why would someone not choose them to build online business.

I will give a real insight since I know why some people would signup and cancel later on or why some people would try Free membership but never continue with Premium membership. Also why some find Wealthy Affiliate difficult to follow and what most people are searching online for. So let’s get started:

1. Wealthy Affiliate is Too Hard/Complicated

One of the most common complains I found is that some people are simply finding Wealthy Affiliate too hard. These are mostly people who are looking to make money online quickly or they think there is a magical formula where they can follow something and make money fast. This is what I get from some new members:

If there was something super easy and magical that I could do and make a ton of money as soon as tomorrow I would be the first one to become a member of that program. Before I got to Wealthy Affiliate I have tried many different programs to only realize they were all garbage/scam and I simply wasted a lot of time.

In fact scammers promote “Get Rich Quick” scam to trap people searching for easy money. They deliver huge promises and even give programs for FREE to try, but later on upsell very hard.

The truth is – there are no programs that will make you rich overnight. There are many programs that show 1 particular method like “Email Marketing” to build online business but that can get very expensive to setup and will require constant promotions to capture new email addresses.

Wealthy Affiliate has comprehensive training program which focuses on SEO which is FREE traffic. If you follow the program closely you can build a website without spending any money on marketing. The only expense would be the Wealthy Affiliate membership Fee of $49 a month or $359 a year. It is really cool to see your website make money without spending any money on marketing.

2. Takes Longer to see results

Since Wealthy Affiliate is not a “Get Rich Quick” scheme it takes longer to see results. On average it can take anywhere from 3-6 months before you see any sales. This is normal for the website to get matured, gain some authority in Google ranking and have enough content to attract visitors.

Results directly depend on how much effort you are willing to put every single month. For those working full time on their website can achieve 4 figure monthly income as soon as within first 3-4 months. Here is an example:

Jerry achieved $2K monthly income within 6 months.

For me it took longer since I have a full time job and I took my time to build my business which is normal for anyone who has a day job. But there are plenty of success stories where members even having a full time job achieving great results within their first 3-6 months. You can read my Full Wealthy Affiliate Review here.

There are people who are simply not ready to work hard and build a real online business. They rather look for things like: “Online Surveys” where you can create an account and start earning pennies as soon as immediately. Online surveys are more of a time waster than a real business opportunity, but they exist for people who want to make money NOW! and not ready to build a real online business.

So if you are a type who is not ready to work hard then Wealthy Affiliate is not for you.

3. Content Marketing is not for Everyone

Since Wealthy Affilaite uses content marketing as the main approach to promote a website this requires a lot of efforts to actually write great posts at least 2-3 times a week in order to gain healthy traffic. This means you should either know how to write posts, learn how to write or hire someone to write for you.

The good news you can use very simple language to write articles, it doesn’t require any special skill. But for many folks it’s a big hurdle since they simply hate writing.

So if you are the type who can’t write articles then it may be hard for you to build an authority website with FREE traffic. You can consider email marketing approach or Social Media, but that requires a lot more investment since you constantly need to promote your landing pages.

4. Too Expensive

There are some people who simply don’t think they should invest in to anything online in order to learn how to build online business. These are the type of people who are only looking for FREE information and think they can do it all by themselves. $49 a month or $359 a year is not something they would be OK with to spend on online program.

Just think how much money we spend in Western countries on education. I spent $90K on bachelor degree in Networking (computers). I do have a great job which pays 6 figure income but I still wanted online business. And spending $49 a month is only $1.6 a day which is absolutely nothing for great education.

There are also many members who join from different countries all over the world and for them $49 is really a lot of money. And I don’t blame them. After all you get to decide whether you want to invest in your education and save a TON of time, or continue to look for FREE information online and do this all by yourself.


So there you have it 4 main reasons why Wealthy Affiliate may not work for someone. A part from this you will not find anything negative about Wealthy Affiliate since it’s genuine online marketing course on how to build online business in any desired niche.

There are no up-sells within the program. Everything is very transparent and education is up to date with great support via 24/7 Live Chat and community support of 1 million members.

If you are the type who is ready to work hard and want to build real online business that will be successful then you should definitely check out Wealthy Affiliate and become their next success story. It’s absolutely FREE to start!

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