Wealthy Affiliate Scam Review

wa_logo_scam or realWhen you are searching online what is the best affiliate marketing program you end up reading many different reviews where people share their opinion or experience and often you are still unsure if you found everything you were looking for to make the right decision.

When it comes to determining whether a product can be classified as Scam or Legit it is good to know how to properly differentiate what separates Legit products from Scams and moreover what value you will get by joining any of these programs.

I will unveil all the categories to help you make an informed decision. I have built my website reviewing many different products mainly because I have been part of so many Scam programs and as well as several Good ones. You can find many reviews on this website. In this particular post I want to specifically talk about Wealthy Affiliate and give you an insight if it is a scam product or Legit.


Wealthy Affiliate is drawing a lot of attention online lately as it has grown to a huge company with more than 800,000 of active members. However many folks online wondering if there are any catches within the product and what to look for in order to understand if it is worth investing their time and money.

I have written a separate post called “Full Comprehensive Review of Wealthy Affiliate” It outlines all the main features and gives you an inside perspective. In this post we will talk about what can be classified as Scam and whether Wealthy Affiliate has any of such attributes.

Here are the main points to determine if Wealthy Affiliate is a Scam:

Is it a Get Rich Quick Scam?

If you come across a product that promises huge overnight profits this is the first sign this program is a SCAM. Think of it this way: If everyone could make money this fast – We would all be rich by now. There is no such thing as quick money – and you have to realize that sooner or later. Unfortunately most people including myself have to go through lots of Scam products before realizing there are no shortcuts however there is the right proven way to build your business and become successful in it.

Wealthy Affiliate does not promote hype but instead offers step-by-step training. The problem is that most people don’t want to work hard and build their business from the ground piece by piece even with full guidance and if you are one of them then Wealthy Affiliate is definitely not for you. It will take at least 3-6 months of hard work in order to start seeing your website making money.

Are There Any Up-sells?

Many programs offer membership at typical price of let’s say $37 per month however once you become a member and invest some time in to it you will discover that in order to move along and grow with the system you would have to buy up-sells which can range anywhere from few hundred dollars to few thousands. Even legitimate products like Affilorama and Google Sniper which I have endorsed have up-sells making them more expensive than initially advertised.

This is what aggravates people the most as they understand that it is a business model to get you hooked in first and then sell you a higher priced upgrade. I personally hate that and do think if there are up-sells they should be disclosed in the beginning.

Wealthy Affiliate has only 1 monthly fee of $49 or $359 a year and no more up-sells. There is another product they have called Jaaxy which is used as Keyword research tool. It is $19 a month and completely optional, you can use internal keyword research tool which is Free until you start making money and only then you can upgrade to Jaaxy.

Is There a Free Trial/Free Account/30-60 day Refund?

Although many Scam programs offer 60 days refund making it safe to try them but there are few that offer no refunds at all. Programs like OMG Machines will cost you $8K and if you didn’t like them – well it’s your problem 🙂 they clearly mention – no refunds at all. So please always make sure it is safe to try the program before you commit to it.

Wealthy Affiliate has Free Lifetime account to give you unlimited time to understand what kind of program it is. You have access to “Getting Started” guide, Free keyword research tool and 2 free websites on siterubix.com domain so that you can immediately get hands on building your website. And once you go Premium it is only month to month billing unless you choose yearly.

What is the Price?

You will be surprised with price ranges in this market. Products like OMG Machines cost $8K and guess what? All their hyped up claims about making $50-70K per month are an absolute Scam. There is nothing better they teach in OMG that Wealthy Affiliate does not offer. It’s all the same Affiliate Marketing or you can promote any type of business online. So don’t fall for highly priced products they simply make it sound very upscale. You will not make money faster by spending more.

Industry standard price for products offering education on Affiliate Marketing is anywhere from $30-50 per month, but many also offer up-sells, therefore do an extensive research first. As mentioned earlier Wealthy Affiliate offers only 1 price of $49 per month or $359 a year.

Does the Program Offer Only to Promote Itself?

Not many new folks who are looking for a program to invest in pay close attention what educational value they will be getting. A typical Scam program will only teach you how to promote itself. They will give everything you need to only promote their solution. It’s a very limited scope which can work for few people but certainly not for everyone.

With Wealthy Affiliate and any respectable program you can build your business in absolutely any desired niche and you will learn various aspects of marketing that should include:

  • SEO/Content Marketing
  • Social Media
  • PPC
  • Email Marketing

Wealthy Affiliate teaches all of this in 7 modules. Although primary approach is focused on SEO in order to gain high Google/Yahoo ranking and attract Free website traffic but you will certainly learn all different marketing techniques in order to implement all possible marketing streams on your website.

Is There Comprehensive Step-by-Step Training?

The only way to start making money fast is by investing your time and money with the right program. You will learn this either an easy way or the hard way just like I did. Marketing is very powerful field and offers unlimited potential when you learn how to implement it right, therefore getting the right training that teaches actual marketing is SUPER IMPORTANT.

Learn with the right folks and directly apply it in your business – that is the only approach you should take. Some people only looking for Free information and always trying to figure everything out themselves. There is nothing wrong with that but you will waste so much time figuring out how to do it the right way. It is better to learn from experience of other people and take only the best.

In fact even with Wealthy Affiliate if you want you can learn everything, build your website and later on cancel their membership, but most successful people don’t do this as there is always new information within the community that you can learn and benefit from. A price tag of $49 a month is not expensive at all.

Is There Good Support Available?

Typical Scam programs have only Email Support. Most of the information you would have to dig up yourself and look up online. This is why cancellation rates are so high with Scam programs.

If I am new and I want to start my business online I want to get help every step of the way. I don’t want to wait for an email response which can take several days or even no response at all.  Always inquire about type of support available and how to get quick help if you get stuck.

Wealthy Affiliate offers 24/7 Live Chat support for Premium members and you can always ask questions directly to the community and you will certainly get really good responses addressing any question or issue you may have. Not to mention there is literally an encyclopedia within Wealthy Affiliate where you can find almost any answer to your questions.

Does This Program Have MLM Structure?

Yes you are reading this correctly 🙂 Many typical Scam programs use MLM structure forcing you to bother your family and friends in order to promote their product. MLM can certainly work for some people but definitely not for everyone. Be very cautious if you want to join MLM program as you may exhaust yourself faster than you see any profits. This is not just my opinion I have personally been part of Vemma and Siberian Health MLM programs. You will read many online reviews sharing how MLM structure is mostly favored towards the owners of the system and upper 1% of members. 90% of people never even make $100 per month.

Wealthy Affiliate is certainly not MLM program and uses very straight forward affiliate marketing approach. You can either build your business in any niche or promote their affiliate program.

So, Is Wealthy Affiliate Scam or Not?

Wealthy Affiliate is certainly not a Scam as it doesn’t have any attributes of typical Scam program. Instead it’s the only All Inclusive deal that has everything you need at 1 price of $49 a month to kick start your online business. I have been looking for ways to make money online fast but came to realize there were not shortcuts I just had to invest my time in education in order to build solid online business and this is exactly what Wealthy Affiliate helps people achieve.





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