What Is a Millionaire Mindset? Easy Guide to Upgrade Your Mind Today!

You have probably heard that more than 90% of people who start any new business adventure usually fail within their first few months or basically within 1st year.

Here is what typically happens

You get very quickly excited about new business opportunity, then you give it a try, experience some hurdles along the way and decide to quit not giving enough time to see if that idea even has potential because it's simply too hard.

Then you try another idea and another one and another one until you get tired of trying random things and decide that starting a business is simply not for you. 

Does this sound familiar? Or maybe you've heard of this before?

I don't know about you but I know that I have started and failed many different business opportunities from selling on Ebay, trying MLM products, day trading Forex, trying various online courses that teach how to make money fast, took online surveys until I realized this: 

Am I looking to just make few hundred dollars a month or am I trying to change my life and find Financial Freedom that would allow me to buy everything I want and be a master of my own time. 

I started researching by reading books like: "Millionaire Next Door" studying biographies of successful people and came to conclusion that they all have this in common: 

  • They had huge motivation to succeed
  • They are passionate about what they do
  • They focused on solving problems
  • They were seeking for long term success (not quick gains)
  • Knowledge they gained guided them to success
  • They knew their own value
  • Lastly, they realized that: "Our Own Brain is Our Only Limitation"

Then I asked myself these 3 questions:

1) What was my real motivation to create passive online income? I realized that If you don't have motivation to succeed then you will give up while trying. I know this because I have given up so many times and I see it around everywhere.

Motivation can't be simply: "I need more money". What do you really want in life if you don't have to worry about money? Is it Freedom? Travel more, Own a house of your dream? Learn a New Language?

2) How much was my time worth? Did my current job compensate well enough? I started to have a strong feeling that I was worth a lot more even though I had decent salary. I knew I was smart enough to have my own business and get compensated well beyond what I was earning at my job. 

3) I needed to create a sellable value. A biggest realization hit my mind like this: My employer was buying my time because I had some skill/knowledge they were ready to pay for. So for me to stand out and be able to earn good online income I needed to create a value that would help other people. Does this make sense?

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So what does this all mean?

When I personally realized all this I started upgrading my mind that I was capable to earn a lot more and I wanted FREEDOM in life. I wanted to live my life and not someone else's. And was ready to gain knowledge so that I could offer a value and get compensated high for it. 

I got a sense of urgency -'Time Passes by Regardless" and I didn't want to be just like everyone else wasting my precious time doing what everyone else does. 

Here is what I started doing to transform my mindset

  1. I decided I wanted to have my own business
  2. I wanted more FREEDOM in my life
  3. I was willing to get proper training and gain knowledge I needed to create value
  4. Stopped overthinking whether it would work or not. I was determined to march towards success

I realized that old system was no longer working and that I needed a new way to approach everything. It's kind of like awakening, when you have been doing something your entire life and one day you just woke up and said ENOUGH! 

I got to do something new and you start digging for information and research everything. Unfortunately there are no shortcuts, but you save so much time by doing things right and moving confidently in the right direction. 

And this is how I discovered Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is all about value and proper training and huge community of like-minded people who are striving to succeed.

This is not some Clickbank product or marketing course or quick hack to make money - this is Online Marketing University that started guiding me in the write direction where I started my business and already enjoying the benefits of doing things right. 

You might be thinking - Vasiliy you are promoting Wealthy Affiliate to me. And I am not hiding that but that is what working for me. And without proper mindset I would have quit Wealthy Affiliate in early stages as well and would have missed on the opportunity. I recommend Wealthy Affiliate because it's genuine program that works today!

If there is another business adventure you are about to pursue then you should consider it and I hope you are going to take some value from this post as this is how I upgraded my mind and started moving in the right direction. 

Wealthy Affiliate is a great program for anyone to start their online journey because it offers FREE account and you can move at your own pace and you have a ton of support available along the way. 

Let me know if you have any questions. Do you have any burning questions about starting online business? Post them below

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