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Welcome to My Qmee App Review! 

Money making surveys are not new in the online earning opportunities. It’s probably one of the most common opportunities that you will likely come across over the internet. But of course, there are certain things you have to consider before signing up for such programs. 

Qmee App Review Summary

Name: Qmee App

Website: www.qmee.com

Founders: Jonathan Knight and Nick Sutton

Product Type: Online Survey Platform

Price: Free

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Quick Summary: Qmee is a mobile application that is also available on a web platform. It enables you to earn money by sharing your opinion and taking part in activities like, researching online or engaging with your favorite brands.

You could also save money in Qmee as you shop online with the best coupons and deals from brands you love. 

Overall Rating: 3/10

Recommended: No

First, check if it is legit or if it’s just another survey/GPT site scam. Though there are a handful of legit ones; there are also platforms that might put your personal and financial information at risk.

Other than being legit, you also have to check the income. While you should not expect a lot from a survey platform, you better go for one that would pay you a decent amount that’s worth your time and effort.

Now, we will look into a mobile application called Qmee, which claims to pay you for taking part in surveys and doing minor tasks.

In this honest Qmee App review, we’ll find out if it’s legit and worth the shot. Will you have booming income from this opportunity or it’s just another app that would make you work for months and give you nothing in return? 

What Is Qmee App About?

Qmee App is a free browser and a mobile app that offers a convenient way for you to earn real cash rewards for sharing your opinion, completing an activity, such as searching online and by engaging with your favorite brands. 

You could also save some money as you shop online using their coupons and with best deals offered to you as you join and use the app. 

The founders vision was to revolutionize the way people and brands connect, thus the birth of Qmee. 

what is qmee about

It was in 2012 when Qmee was founded by 2 experienced and successful businessmen named Jonathan Knight and Nick Sutton. The company is co-headquartered in London and New York and it also operates in the UK, the US, Canada and Australia.

Qmee is available in a web platform and can be downloaded on your iOS or Android device.

Basically, Qmee is for two groups of people -- one group for their clients or the “brands” and businesses who are looking to gather data about people’s internet usage and their opinions on certain topics and the other group is for those who are looking for money making opportunities online. 

For brands and businesses, Qmee helps them to gather information regarding people’s search activities. Having surveys, Qmee provides their site clients to know what people think about a certain topic, product or service.

How To Make Money With Qmee?

To start, you have to sign up for membership by providing your email address or signing up using your Facebook or Twitter account, whichever you prefer.

how to make money with qmee app

Like typical survey websites, the process is free and easy but it’s also important to remember that Qmee is only available for people living in the US, UK, Canada and Australia. 

So, if you’re out of those regions, you can’t take part in this opportunity but on the lighter note, they're still working on expanding in other areas and you can still leave your email for they will contact you once it is available in your country.

After signing up, you can now  start earning but the first thing you should do is to download Qmee’s browser extension. The site’s extension is available for Opera, Firefox and Google Chrome. 

Apparently, the extension works to enhance your web search experience.

Here’s an outline on how you can earn and save money with Qmee:

Earn Cash By:

  • Answering Surveys Online - The main way to make money in Qmee since it is primarily a survey platform. The surveys available are from third-party providers,so most likely you’re gonna be redirected to a different website to answer the survey. 

Sad to say, Qmee has a high disqualification rate, so you have to be patient and not expect a lot when answering surveys since there’s no guarantee that you will be approved.

Your demographics play a big role when it comes to being qualified or disqualified. 

For each completed survey, you will get 0.30 to $1.50, so it’s not a lot.

  • Searching Online - Whenever you are searching for something on the web, Qmee will provide suggested results and when you click on those suggested stores, you will earn money. 

Product-related searches usually allow you to make more money. This feature is also available on the Qmee mobile app.

  • Referral Program - You’ll be able to earn $1 for every person referred to the website, provided they have cash out their first earnings in Qmee. It’s the best way to make money on Qmee because there’s no limit as to how many people you can refer.

Save Money - You can also earn discounts when you shop online with Qmee.  As you make online searches using the browser, you will see ads that come along with coupon codes. You can use these coupon codes to shop and you’ll get as much as a 40% discount.

Spend your Rewards - You can also choose to exchange your money for gift cards such as for Amazon, Starbucks and iTunes. You’ll just have to make sure that your earnings are enough to be able to redeem them.

Apparently, the amount of money you can gain in Qmee is dependent on your activity with the site. The more activity that you are able to complete, the more cash you can earn. But from the looks of it, you’ll probably earn about $5 to $10/ monthly in Qmee.

When it comes to pay-out, you can cash out your rewards with PayPal. 

What’s more amazing is that you can encash your earnings anytime since the site doesn’t have a minimum cashout requirement. So even if you only have about 20 cents in your Qmee account, you can request for a withdrawal.

To learn more about Qmee App, you can watch the video below:

Is Qmee App A Scam? 

Qmee App appears to be a legit money making opportunity that pays. However, you can only gain a few amounts of cashP, which is probably around $5 to $10 a month. 

We’ll also take into consideration that apps like these may hamper your privacy since you’ll be providing confidential details so if you’re skeptical about this, you might think twice first if it’s worth your time.


Joining Qmee is absolutely free. All you need to do is go to the website and sign up, log in details needed, download the extension browser and download the app for your mobile or device and start earning cash even on the go.  But of course, you’ll have to need a good internet connection as everything is done online. 

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Legit App With No Minimum Cash Out Required

As we know, most apps in this kind of platform require such minimum cash out requirement. So, I like the thought that Qmee doesn’t require a minimum cash out requirement. It’s nice that you could withdraw your earnings, even if it’s less than a dollar, since some apps will require you to obtain at least $50 first.

Another thing is that there have been little to no complaints when it comes to getting paid in Qmee. 


Low Income Potential

Yes, Qmee is legit and you can get paid but the problem is that you can only gain a small amount of cash every month. A survey completed will only pay you $0.30 to $1.50, so you can get roughly $5 to $10 a month.

Keep in mind that you might get disqualified, too depending on your demographics. So no survey, no pay.

Perhaps, you can opt for recruiting more people to join because through that you can earn $1 per referral but it would still take you a lot before having a $100. 

Available Only In Some Countries

As mentioned, Qmee is only available for those living in the US, UK, Canada and Australia. So for most countries all over the world, it’s still unavailable. 

Privacy Issues

We can’t totally conclude that Qmee’s privacy policy is bad but there are always risks. As you know, one of Qmee’s earning activities is for members to allow the site to monitor their search activities and also the site’s clients are given access to the data collected from members. 

So as a member, your privacy might be compromised. 

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Who Is It For?

Qmee is designed for those who are looking for opportunities to make “some money” online but it’s not for those who are looking for a full-time source of income. It can be a side job for those who are into answering surveys, doing online searches, and fond of online shopping. 

It’s also only intended for those who are living in the US, UK, Canada and Australia as Qmee is only available in these countries. 

Training Tools/Support

Qmee provides blogs on its website that give out important relevant resources and tips to help members accomplish tasks effectively and ways to maximize earnings. They also provide FAQs for additional information. 

Their customer support is available so you can contact them for questions or concerns.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Qmee is not only legitimate; it’s also an opportunity that really pays you for your efforts. However, it only gives a small amount of cash. The good news is that it pays instantly and that there’s no minimum cash out required. 

Well, it’s good as an extra side income but if you’re looking for a stable source of cash, it’s not enough. It can’t even pass half of what a part-time source of income is. 

Other than the income potential being low in this opportunity, there’s also a high disqualification rate. 

Your privacy might even get compromised since you can’t be sure how secure your data and information is with this website. 

Personally, I can say that my time and effort is worth more than this. So if I were you better skip this one and find better money making opportunities.

What’s Next?

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Thank you for taking the time to read my Qmee App review!  Hope you give a shot on my recommendation and if you have questions or comments, please feel free to share it below.

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