Be the Boss Network Review – (A Total Scam?) Why I Don’t Recommend It?

Be the Boss Network Review Summary

Name: Be the Boss Network


Product Type: Directory for Home Based Businesses

Price: Free

Quick Summary: Be the Boss Network is essentially a directory that matches you by your interests with home based business opportunities. They claim to do all the work to carefully choose the right money making business solution for you. Does this sound to good to be true? In this unbiased Be the Boss Network Review I will uncover what this directory is all about. 

Overall Rating: 2/10

Recommended: No

What is Be the Boss Network About?

Be the Boss Network (BTBN) is essentially a product directory for multi-level marketing (MLM) business opportunities. They have a simplified approach that aims to match you with the right direct selling or home based business based on your interests and passions. 

They use what is called their MLM Directory to match entrepreneurs with the business opportunities that best fit their needs and skills. Let's dig more in to it. 

Is Be the Boss Network a Scam?

While maybe not outright, Be the Boss Network is essentially a scam. This isn’t where you want to look for viable MLM or work from home business opportunities.

In part, BTBN makes money by charging business owners to list their products under a premium listing in the directory, and through commission.

Though Be the Boss Network claims that they research every opportunity before listing it on their site to ensure that they meet standards of quality, the truth is that they make their money from these listings.

There is little consideration into how successful the products listed on BTBN’s are, so you are left at the whim of these other business owners who will surely paint their opportunity as the best option.

When it comes down to it, Be the Boss Network is a scam. They don’t really offer any real value. But in case if you do use it, you will want to do thorough research on whatever product or opportunity you are matched with. This is the only way to keep yourself from being scammed by some of their “business opportunities.”  

Many of the companies that they list in their directory are a total scam. For Example “Empower Network” – they were a complete scam which resulted in their shut down entirely.

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The only credit I will give to the Be the Boss Network is that it is Free to use. There is no cost to join the Be the Boss Network, as it is simply where the matchmaking takes place. That doesn’t mean that the MLM business opportunity that they match you with will be free, though. 

When matched with a business opportunity, if you choose to go forward with it you will be responsible for paying whatever that company charges. But as mentioned earlier you still would want to do another research to ensure that program you chose is not scam as well. 



  • It is free to sign up and use their search / matchmaking feature
  • Your interests, passions and hobbies are taken into account when matching you
  • There are star ratings and reviews for every opportunity listed on their website
  • It helps newbies generate ideas and find opportunities in one place


  • There is no way to determine the legitimacy of the ratings and reviews posted
  • Many of the business opportunities have a terrible success rate and are scams
  • BTBN receives commission for referring you so there is little vetting done
  • Your contact information can and will be sold to third parties

There are a few nice things about BTBN, like the fact that their product is free and supposedly your interests are taken into consideration when matching you with opportunities. There are also star ratings and reviews for the business opportunities listed, but the legitimacy of those reviews often comes into question.

The short list of positives for BTBN is quickly outweighed by the negatives. BTBN assumes zero responsibility for what happens after you contact and start working with any of the companies listed on their site. In fact, they actually make money by pushing you out the door towards those business because they work on a commission basis.

Also, one quick scroll through their opportunities and an expert can easily pick out numerous scams listed in the directory. To add to that, BTBN actually states in their Privacy Policy that your contact information can be sold to third parties. So, expect the slew of spam to start rolling into your mailbox shortly after signing up. 

Who Is It For?

BTBN is looking for anyone that is new to the world of making money online, specifically those interested in MLM opportunities.

This product is good for novices looking for opportunities, but ONLY if you’re willing to do the required research on any opportunity that interests you.

You can use it to generate some ideas, but then take to the search engines on your own and see what’s really up with the “business opportunities” that BTBN matches you with.

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Training Tools/Support

The upside with using the Be the Boss Network is that there is no training necessary. You just sort through the list of business opportunities that BTBN presents to you. If you have any questions you can always refer to the FAQ section of their website, which is honestly quite vague.

The downside is that there is also no support for Be the Boss Network. Once you choose a business opportunity you will be working directly with that company. BTBN steps out of the picture and offers you no support going forward. If something goes awry with that opportunity, tough luck!

You can begin to see where BTBN gets its low ratings from. They make money simply by handing you off to other companies and then wiping their hands clean. If something goes wrong, BTBN takes no responsibility and you’re left hanging.

Final Thoughts

Be the Boss Network is a nice concept, but if fails in execution. The fact of the matter is that BTBN is simply not trustworthy. They make their money by handing you off to other companies, companies that pay to list their products on BTBN.

Do you think BTBN severely vets these opportunities to ensure their legitimacy? The answer is an overwhelming no. One look through their product database and it is easy to see that there are scams and many business opportunities have terrible success rates.

Simply put, this database might be helpful to beginners for generating some ideas and finding a list of business opportunities, but much more extensive research needs to be done before actually signing up for them.

However, it is important to note that even using BTBN as a search engine will result in inputting your email, which will be sold to a third party, leading to a bombardment of spam. Your best bet is to steer clear of Be the Boss Network.

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