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FlexOffers Review – Legit Affiliate Network With Multiple Recognitions [But Is It The Best Platform For You?]

flexoffers website

Welcome to My FlexOffers Review!

I’ve searched for various ways to earn online and without a doubt, monetizing your blog with the help of an affiliate marketing program really helps -- as in big time!

You can see a lot of bloggers and marketers posting proof of payments they receive from their chosen platforms, and the best part is: it’s more than just a hundred dollar!

FlexOffers Review Summary

Name: FlexOffers

Website: www.flexoffers.com

Founders: Alexander Daskaloff

Product Type: Affiliate Network

Price: Free

flexoffers logo

Quick Summary: FlexOffers is an affiliate network that offers money-making opportunities for both publishers and merchandisers. They work with several affiliate programs and offer various ways to earn using their platform. They have received various awards and recognition and also a few complaints from their very own users.

Find out what you need to know before you join this affiliate network by reading this FlexOffers review.

Overall Rating: 8/10

Recommended: No

It’s no secret how you can make massive amount with affiliate marketing especially when you have stable traffic generated to your site every month. However, not all affiliate marketing programs are created equal and for you to maximize your earnings, it’s crucial to choose the best one.

In this guide, I’ll give an honest FlexOffers review so you can decide whether this program is right for you or not. For the meantime, you can also check the other legit money-making platform that most marketers are using nowadays.

What Is FlexOffers About?

According to their website, FlexOffers “is an award-winning affiliate marketing network” that gives revenue opportunities for both advertisers (merchant) and publishers (marketers).

what is flexoffers about

They take pride in giving an advanced payment method called NET 7, which basically means that the publisher will receive the payment in 7 days or one week. This is favorable for affiliates who don’t want to wait for a month or so to receive their commission, which is, by the way, usual when you work with affiliate programs. FlexOffers.Com also claims that qualified affiliates have access to millions of offers that can be marketed in web content, email campaign, social media, etc.

There are also over 12,000 affiliate marketing programs to choose from, thus giving the marketer a vast option on what to promote on their website.

As for the advertisers, FlexOffers claim that they can help them expand their market by promoting their products and services. Apparently, the affiliate network follows “established marketing standards” so merchandisers can have the growth and increased number of sales they need.

But before we get into details with FlexOffers, some of you might be confused with affiliate marketing network and affiliate marketing program. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. These two are often mistaken as the same thing; however, there are major differences in how it works.

Affiliate Marketing Programs VS Affiliate Networks

An affiliate program is managed and hosted by a single organization that pays its publishers directly. They have their own “offers” -- the term used for products and services -- to promote. Often, it is developed with the help of affiliate software, which is also a different thing.

Meanwhile, an affiliate network also gives commissions to publishers for promoting products and services; however, rather than managing their website alone, they are hosting various affiliate programs within their platform. But this doesn’t mean that you’ll be signing up for different programs when you decided to join an affiliate network as you can work with several offers just by registering once.

Basically, FlexOffers.Com works almost the same as Rakuten Marketing, a New York-based affiliate network.

Who Founded FlexOffers?

The person behind FlexOffers is Alexander Daskaloff, who is also its current CEO. Founded in 2006, it started as a credit card affiliate channel and now, it’s one of the most reputable affiliate networks. In fact, it was recognized by mThink Blue Book survey in 2015.

Today, FlexOffers was chosen by retail giants when it comes to promoting their affiliate programs, and this includes Macys, Reebok, IHG, AT&T, Aldo, H&M, Gap, Nike, and a lot more.

flexoffers publishers

How To Sign Up With FlexOffers?

FlexOffers is a promising affiliate network that has proven so much in the marketing industry, thus it’s only fair if they have a slightly strict application. When you want to earn as a publisher, you have to share personal details, such as your email address. 

how to sign up with flexoffers

Before you proceed, you have to click the verification link sent to your email, which will lead you back to the application process. Apart from the personal information, you also need to share the channels where you’ll be offering FlexOffers’ links and banners, and these can be in your own website, the ads that you purchase, email campaign, software application, social media, your network, and others.

flexoffers banner

You will also be asked with other sets of questions depending on the channels you’ve selected and you’ll have to give as much detail as you can to increase your chance of getting approved. Once you’re done, with the process, their “compliance department” will verify and assess the answers and you will receive a notification via email in one business day. The email, from I understand, will tell you whether you’re approved to earn as a publisher or not.

If your website is still new or has little content, you’re less likely to be accepted, therefore, it’s best to work on it for a couple of months or so before you join FlexOffers or other affiliate networks. But if you want to start earning as an affiliate marketer even if you’re a beginner, I have another legit program for you!

How Do You Earn And When Do You Get Paid With FlexOffers?

FlexOffers provide more than one way to earn as a publisher, such as:

Cost-Per-Action (CPA)

Also referred to as cost-per-lead, the merchandiser will pay you for completing a certain action or task, such as registration, newsletter subscription, etc. This gives the advertisers the necessary information they need from their prospect such as their name, email address, phone number, etc.


As the name suggests, you will only receive a commission after a sale takes place. This means that you have to promote the product in your content, social media, etc., and another individual has to purchase the product and/or service using your link. 

Referral Revenue

You can also earn a commission based on the number of the successful publishers you have referred in the platform. For instance, if you sign up using this link, I will earn a small percentage and you can do the same after your account has been approved. It’s that easy!

As for getting paid, there are two payment solutions present with FlexOffers: Net 7 and Net 30.

Net 7

For publishers with high-converting traffic, they can be paid on a Net 7 basis. This means that they’ll receive they can cash out a week after the invoice has been sent.

Net 30

Meanwhile, most publishers will receive their pay 30 days after the invoice has been provided.

However, according to their page, FlexOffers pay on Net 60 terms. This means that their commission is processed after two months (60 days) and that you should reach a certain threshold first before you can withdraw your earnings.

flexoffers payment schedule

For publishers living in the U.S., they must reach $25 before they can cash out. Meanwhile, for those outside the United States, the amount they need to acquire before they can withdraw it depends on the payment channel they choose. For example, if you want to get paid via PayPal, you need to have $100; $5,000 for Wire Transfer; and $25 through Payoneer.

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Is FlexOffers A Scam?

Considering all the things mentioned above, especially the awards they’ve received, I can say that FlexOffers is not a scam. It’s 100% legit and it’s one of the most trusted affiliate networks when you want to make money online. However, it’s not a one-size-fits-all. You have to really find out if this network will work for you or not prior to signing up.

This will help you avoid wasting time on the wrong program. It also pays to know the complaints against them so you know what to expect. For instance, some publishers complain about not receiving their pay and poor customer service, like the cases below:

flexoffers complaint
flexoffers complaint

But then, there are also good reviews from FlexOffers publisher:

flexoffers good reviews

You can check more of the feedback by clicking this link or know more about FlexOffers by watching the video below:


FlexOffers is free; meaning, you don’t have to pay for anything when you want to join as a publisher. But if you’re a merchandiser and you want to promote your products and services, of course, that’s a different thing and you can learn more of it by clicking this link.

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Open To Various Niche

With FlexOffers, you’re not limited to one niche alone. They have more than 10 types of affiliate programs to choose from, such as careers, digital products, financial services, telecommunications, and the list goes on.

flexoffers affiliate programs

Lots Of Well-Known Brands To Promote

One thing that makes the publisher’s life easier is by having well-known brands to promote. With FlexOffers, you can work with different merchandisers who have already made a name in their respective industry.


No Training Is Available

Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or a newbie, having proper training is crucial so you can improve your content, generate more traffic, and effectively convert sales and/or actions. Unfortunately, despite being a well-known affiliate network, FlexOffers won’t be able to guide you with your growth and development. They do have affiliate managers though who might be able to help you with your concerns.

But still, having a step-by-step guide is crucial when you want to succeed with affiliate marketing, and you can get this for free with Wealthy Affiliate.

Huge Threshold

Aside from the fact that you need to wait for 7, 30, or 60 days, you also need to reach their required minimum amount before you can withdraw your earnings. And remember, if you’re living outside the US., this depends on the payment option you choose. 

Not Suitable For Beginners

If you have just created your website and you have little to no content and good traffic, FlexOffers or their merchandisers may decline your application.

Who Is It For?

FlexOffers is ideal for those who have already created a website and has generated good traffic to it. Since this affiliate network is trusted by the biggest companies of today, it’s only fair for them to have standards when choosing their publishers.

If you’re just beginning with affiliate marketing, it’s best if you can choose an affiliate program first who can guide you from the beginning and even when you are starting to earn. With Wealthy Affiliate, you can have all that! And aside from the training, you can also share your opinion, ask questions, or just make a connection in their live community.

Final Opinion/Verdict

FlexOffers has created a good reputation when it comes to affiliate marketing and without a doubt, it’s one of the best affiliate networks you can consider. But then again, it’s not meant for all types of marketers, especially for those who are just starting their online business.

You have to gain the right amount of traffic first before you get approved and once you’re a publisher, you need to work on your content and campaign so you can reach their minimum threshold.

Nonetheless, it’s just fair since all organizations have their own terms and conditions, therefore it’s just right to find out if this platform will suit your needs and requirements first before you sign up.

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