Is The Commission Machine a Scam?(What are the Red Flags?)

The Commission Machine Review Summary

Name: The Commission Machine


Founders: Michael Cheney

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing

Price: $47 + up-sells


Quick Summary: The Commission Machine is a 7 module video course on how to find products on JVZOO and promote using Email marketing. While it's a legitimate product but there are many red flags you should be aware of. For unbiased Commission Machine Review keep on reading! 

Overall Rating: 4/10

Recommended: No

What is The Commission Machine About?

The Commission Machine is an online training program brought to the market by Michael Cheney.

Essentially it's a 7-module video course where Michael Cheney teaches email marketing techniques and tools for marketers promoting affiliate products. It’s also implied that the system is so easy—mostly copy and pasting his methods—that beginners can utilize it.

The main issue with The Commission Machine is that they claim you can make $2,642.60 a day on their platform. The specific number is meant to lend specificity and authenticity to the program, but it really makes people question if there is a The Commission Machine scam.

Unfortunately, there are many biased The Commission Machine reviews online  posted by affiliates of the program. If you are looking for an unbiased review, keep reading!

Who is Michael Cheney?

Michael Cheney might be a good person I don’t want to question that but what you will notice is that he has a ton of products just like this one with various other names like: “The Commission Cartel” where he promotes nearly the same hype with claims of huge potential earnings. Some products cost less and others cost thousands of dollars.

This tells me that he doesn’t put a real quality behind his products something to be found in products like: Wealthy Affiliate, but instead he is focused on coming up with 1 quick method and running product launches and making maximum profit out of every new product launch. Here is his full list of launched products found on JvZoo:

So imagine a program like Wealthy Affiliate puts so much effort to make their product stand out with quality new training that constantly gets updated, top support with things like Live Chat etc.. and here is Michael Cheney just launches a bunch of products which cost a lot more and mostly full of hype and one geared technique which can be found for Free online.

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Is The Commission Machine a Scam?

The main issue with The Commission Machine is their outright claims that you can make over $2,500 a day using their platform. Combining that with the fact that The Commission Machine is that it is marketed as being friendly to newbies, leads many to view the product as a scam.

The Commission Machine is not an outright scam. It’s a training program that you pay for once and get lifetime access to. Compared to other products that have hefty monthly fees, The Commission Machine is better in that regard.

However, right on the website, they have an Earnings Disclaimer section. This extremely wordy and hard to find section of the website specifically states that they are not guaranteeing users will make the profits stated on their selling page.

In addition, The Commission Machine does offer a 30 day Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t like the training and don’t realize the results you hoped to by utilizing their product, they will give you your money back in full. It’s a nice feature that can give you some peace of mind in case if you want to try this program.

But having an insider access to JVZOO I can show you that Commission Machine has a whooping 13.72% Refund rate (below 5% is good) which means many people asked for their refund within first 30 days. 


The pricing structure for The Commission Machine is both good and bad. To get access to the training videos, you will just need to pay a flat fee. This is typically $47, but you can often find discounted rates around $19.95. That’s not a bad price for a 7 module training on email marketing, but that’s just the beginning.

Like other training programs, there are costly up-sells. The Commissionology Up-sell will cost you $27 a month. This up-sell enables you to copy and paste the founder’s campaigns and insert your affiliate links. You don’t have to buy it, and honestly you shouldn’t.

You can also purchase Done for You Service for $97. This is another service that will make it easier and faster to put into service. The final up-sell is an exorbitant $1,997. This gives you access to his 7 Figure Franchise.

The nice thing about The Commission Machine is that the up-sells are not necessary to get the training. The bad news is that if you purchase them, you’ll see your costs rise significantly. This is exactly why Wealthy Affiliate shines as they don't have any up-sells and the program is Free to start. 


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  • One-time payment to get access
  • Videos are well put together
  • Easy to follow tutorial
  • Lower cost than other training videos


  • The Ups-ells are not worth it and you don’t need them
  • You will need an existing website and email list to provide affiliate offers
  • The Commission Machine over promises and under delivers
  • You won’t make the money promised
  • Training videos are old information so you’re paying for info that’s available for free

Who Is It For?

The Commission Machine is for individuals looking to take their affiliate marketing career to the next level. Through the training, you will learn how to better promote yourself and your products. It’s also an option for affiliate marketers looking to increase their sales online, or marketers who want to make money by sending converting emails.

It is important to note that The Commission Machine is marketed as a learning system for beginners. This is not the case. You will need an existing website and Email list to put these methods into practice and this is something that most affiliate beginners do not have.

If newbies want to use Michael Cheney's help with Sales Funnels then they would have to buy up-sells which will drive cost much higher. 

Training Tools/Support

The Commission Machine is a video training course that teaches individuals how to effectively utilize email marketing in their affiliate operations. 

There are 7 modules that divulge information to take your affiliate business to the next level:

  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: Research
  • Module 3: Angle 
  • Module 4: Providing Incentives 
  • Module 5: Messages 
  • Module 6: Deploy
  • Module 7: No List Method 

The videos are well put together, but honestly they contain old information that is already out there on the market. 

Obviously for the low fee of $47, you aren’t going to get life changing, insider knowledge on email marketing, but for a program that claims you can make upwards of $2,500 a day, surely they would have to provide some new information.

In reality, most of the techniques and tools divulged are available online, for free. It might take a bit more searching and it won’t be as neatly organized as Cheney’s The Commission Machine, but if you hate paying for free information, skip this one.

In terms of support, the site provides an FAQ that is quite lacking. There are just two questions answered on it, how to make money online and how to contact The Commission Machine support staff. To contact the team, you will need to reach out to their support team by submitting a request.

As mentioned earlier Michael Cheney is mostly focused on launching new products so he doesn’t have time to spend with existing users and provide them top quality support.

Final Opinion

The Commission Machine is a well put together training on email marketing techniques for affiliate marketers promoting products and services.

While the information is useful, there are some glaring issues. First, chances are that you will never see anywhere close to their suggested $2,642.60 a day profit.

In addition, the system is not conducive to beginners as claimed. You will need websites and lists to implement the system, which beginners will not have established already.

Finally, The Commission Machine is simply freely available information organized neatly in a 7 module video training. Even with the low price, this isn’t one I can honestly recommend.

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