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Product Type:   PLR products

Price:   As low as USD 39

Quick Summary:  IDPLR is a platform that offers a wide range of PLR products that you can use to market your products and services or to sell to others.

Compensation Plan: You get access to and use of all PLR content in marketing your products, services, and businesses. You can use it for your own, or you can modify it to sell it to others.

Overall Rating: 4/10

Recommended: Yes

Welcome to my IDplr Review!

In a world where content is king, how are you going to grow your business when you are not skilled in creating one?

The good thing is that there are various answers -- you can outsource people to do this for you or turn to platforms, such as PLR or Private Label Rights.

This program offers various content, such as videos and articles, which you can use for your own business or for your client's.

Either way, it can be profitable but does that mean that you can consider it as an investment?

What kind of programs offers this?

In this post, we will talk about a PLR platform called IDplr.

What is it really about?

How does it work?

Is IDplr a scam or a legit program that you can make money from?

What Is IDplr About?

IDplr is a platform where you can access a wide range of PLR content that you can use in marketing your products or business online.

You can simply visit this site, create an account and download the products you like.

Private Label Rights (PLR) products are contents that are created by someone and released as PLR content.

Once you purchase the products, you can use or sell them as your own. You can modify or rebrand it, so it can cater to your client's needs. 

PLR products can be sold as is or can be packaged with other products too.

IDPLR offers 12600+ plus products and still continues to grow.

You can modify the products so they may fit what you need. You can just edit the graphics according to your branding and style, change the sales letter, or you can even place your name on the sales letter.

You can sell hard copies too.

You can also give out some free content to your clients and email list subscribers as a giveaway in exchange for their subscription. But be sure to check which of the contents can be used as giveaways.

IDplr is useful for people who have no idea how to create content, or do not have the resources, or even have time to do their content.

For someone like me who does not have any artistic cell in my body, PLR products are of big help, since I don’t have to make content from scratch.

These are handy and save you a lot of time and effort in promoting your products and services. So you can just focus on managing them.

PLR products consist of various categories ranging from graphics, templates, articles, ebooks, videos, software, and even music. 

The products in these categories also have wide variations of topics and choices. These are saved in zip files and usually in different file types so you can use them in different ways. 

PLR products are categorized with the product description and with the list of what you can and cannot do. 

IDPLR can be used for other purposes like building your email list and email content, your website contents, social media feeds, the creation of products, and sales promotion.

It also offers some bonuses like 3D eBook cover creator, WordPress page builder, as well as 10GB of hosting.

Moreover, there are some bonus resources based on what kind of membership you availed. Some of these are web hosting, access to PLR articles, PLT training courses, cover creator, etc.

So, if you are looking for content that you can use for yourself or sell to others, then IDPLR is what you are looking for. 

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Is IDplr A Scam?

IDplr is not a scam. PLR products are for those who want to use the resources for the long term. These are used by people who are serious about marketing their products online. 

Although you might encounter some products that do not meet your expectations, that doesn’t mean that they are scammers.

But if you do want to have an unlimited kind of resources, IDPLR is a big discount. You just have to pay once and you will have unlimited access to various products that you can use for a long time. You save a bit of money.

It is cheaper than buying resources individually if you're going to use PLR materials on a long-term basis.

Lastly, for those who are still unsure if this is for you, you can try out IDPLR for free. They offer a free membership that lets you download two of their products.

From there, you can choose to upgrade and continue using their platform.

IDPLR is the largest PLR site since 2008. It has 12,590 different PLR products and has more than 76,000 memberships already.

There are a lot of platforms that offer PLR products but IDplr is one of the best choices out there.

How Much To Join IDPLR?

In order for you to have access to all its PLR products,

You will have to purchase a membership, it can be for as short as 3 months, 1 year, or if you want to have it for a lifetime.

Here are the membership plans available:

  • Free Plan: IDplr offers a free plan with limited features. Free members have access to over 200+ PLR articles and video tutorials.

  • Gold member Quarter plan: Only USD 39 for a three-month Gold Membership plan.

  • Gold Member Yearly Plan: Only USD 69 for a full-year Gold Membership.

  • VIP lifetime plan: A one-time payment of USD 79 will give you lifetime access to IDplr.

Once you avail of the membership, you will have unlimited access to all the products available on the platform.

For Gold membership, you get to access and download with no restrictions.

And as I've mentioned, IDPLR offers free membership too, where you can preview and download products from the free products category.

Take note that free PLR products might be of lower quality than premium ones.

You can never compare free products to paid ones. 

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Value For Money

You can save a bit of money since you just have to pay once and you'll get access to a lot of PLR products. Instead of buying single or individual products. It is definitely value for your money.

Wide Range Of PLR Products

You'll get unlimited access to its wide range of products. These products are updated regularly so they may cater to your upgrading needs. 

Lifetime Membership

IDplr offers a lifetime membership where you only need to pay once and you'll have to use its products for life.

Other Bonuses

Depending on your membership package, you also got to have other bonuses such as 10 GB web hosting, 3D ebook cover creator, 200,000 plus PLR articles, and some PLR training videos too.

Offers Products In Packages

You can offer PLR products to your Clients as packages, as the products usually go in different packages.

60 Money Back Guarantee

There's a 60-day money-back guarantee if you choose not to continue using their platform, which is a good option for newbies or anyone who is not satisfied with the platform.


Low Quality And Outdated products

You might find some outdated products that have been added for a long time now.

Technical Issues

You might find some minor technical issues but probably have been resolved by now.

Unclear Product Description

Some product descriptions were poorly described, making it hard to know its product contents.

Poor Customer Support

If you encounter some issues. You shouldn’t expect that the support will answer it right away. You will have a few hours to get the reply.

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Who Is It For?

This platform can be used by bloggers, affiliate and social media marketers, email and video marketers, YouTubers, content creators, freelancers, paid advertisers, e-commerce owners, network marketers, digital products creators, and even local business owners in promoting their crafts, services, products and the likes.

This platform can help them save time in creating their content and products. IDplr offers many types of content that they can copy, modify, use and sell that it is so hard not to have it, especially if you plan to use it for a long period of time.

Since these are ready to use, you won't have to start from scratch when you do your content. And if you do know how to create one, you can just modify it that suits your branding and style, that's half the work done.

Training Tools/Support

For those who need help in using the PLR products properly, IDPLR has 46 training courses that will help you with some general and troubleshooting stuff to help you through the process of maximizing its contents, in order for you to make money off it by using or selling it.

And if you ever encounter an issue in accessing the platform or on the product. You may reach Customer Support for assistance.

Final Opinion/Verdict

So, overall, IDPLR is a useful resource platform for PLR products. Since it offers a wide variety of products that can be used for marketing your products and services. It will be a great help to online marketers out there. 

Also, it's really a value for money, since you'll have a wide range of available PLR products in exchange for your membership. And you get to check it out for free, and if you decide that you no longer want to access it, there are 60 money-back guarantees for you.

IDplr has a lot to offer but it’s not for everyone so if you’re looking for another option, you can continue reading my best alternative below.

What’s Next?

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Thank you!

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