Is American Consumer Panels Scam Or Legit? Make Money With This Side Hust

Welcome To My American Consumer Panels Review!

Perhaps, you’re looking for easy ways to make money online and maybe that’s how you’ve come across American Consumer Panels.

On the surface, becoming a product reviewer for this company can be considered as a great opportunity to earn some additional cash on the side.

American Consumer Panels Review Summary

Name:  American Consumer Panels


Founders: Not Disclosed

Product Type:  Product Testing Service

Price:  Free To Join

Quick Summary: American Consumer Panels claims to be a product testing service that gives opportunities to earn money at home. It also helps businesses gain valuable data to further develop their products for customer satisfaction.

However, the question remains, is it a trustworthy website or a plain scam?

Overall Rating: 1/10

Recommended: No

But, be reminded that most of the things on the internet seem too good to be true, making this kind of scheme suspicious.

That's why I'm going to review American Consumer Panels. Read more to learn the fundamentals of this company and find out whether this one's a real deal or not.

What Is American Consumer Panels About?

American Consumer Panels is one of the companies that claim to offer product testing services and product development for consumer products. 

It recruits product testers who give feedback on products from partnering companies.

Basically, product users' feedback and review obtain the valuable data and opinions that are necessary to create better decisions.

It’s almost like:

This research and data collection analytics is outsourced to sites such as American Consumer Panels, for many companies.

Such websites will gather numerous home-based product testers who will give a thorough run-through in exchange for money.

That's the reason why it was being considered as a choice for those who wished to earn extra bucks on the side as a tester.

With the case of a product testing website, a market research process involves such procedures as follows:

  • New Product Ideation

  • Concept Evaluation And Validation

  • Product Definition

  • Experience Definition

  • Product Positioning and Marketing

  • Launch of Product

  • Product Evaluation

In becoming an in-home product tester, application to become a product tester is a must. Then, you can now give feedback on products assigned to you on a site.

No need to spend because it's free, to begin with, you can just proceed to complete your detailed consumer profile. This profile will guide the company to figure out what products you can test.

You may not receive a reply from American Consumer Panels right away after signing up. But, an absence of response after 3 weeks could imply that your profile doesn't match any projects.

However, if you'll qualify, American Consumer Panels partnered companies will send you products to test at home. There are also possible surveys and questionnaires to complete to help them gather feedback about their products.

These will help them make beneficial adjustments one way or another.

American Consumer Panels Product Line

Becoming a product tester on American Consumer Panels means completing each task sent to you.

You need to sign and send back non-disclosure agreements for a real product testing website before products for testing are being sent to you.

Your task as a product tester starts upon receiving the product. The possible tasks include the following:

  • Unpacking

  • Reading Instructions

  • Journaling

  • Giving Online Feedback

  • Using The Product For A Certain Period

  • Writing Reviews

  • Taking Pictures Of Products

  • Documenting Your In-Home Usage

  • Attending Meetings

  • Using MFour’s Mobile In-Home Use Test Technology

Unfortunately, the truth is that upon signing up, they won't contact you. But, during registration, you will be asked to set up your profile wherein you'll be handed off to legit survey sites via their referral link. Then, people behind American Consumer Panels earn a referral fee from doing so, yet wouldn't be able to contact you again.

Is American Consumer Panels A Scam?

Even if the website claims it is a verified member of the Federal Trade Commission Guardian, it is evident that product testing is not the core of its existence based on most reviews of American Consumer Panels.

Although it is free to become a product tester, don't get easily lured since it is only a bait. It is not exactly what it promises to be. They don't have contact names, CEO or principal operators, or even Better Business Bureau files.

The company is making you believe they're a legit product testing site. Most users confuse this site for the American Consumer Opinion Panel which is a different company.

The American Consumer Opinion Panel started operating way back in 1978. In 1998, it launched its online surveys, and indeed it has legitimate payouts for its members for product testing and in-person focus groups.

Meanwhile, the American Consumer Panel is a luring fraud. 

Most users are complaining due to receiving lots of spam messages right after they signup on this website. They're only good at redirecting you to paid survey sites. Once you sign up on these legit sites like and VIP Voice and upon accomplishing your mission, you’ll never hear from this company again. Therefore, it's apparent that American Consumer Panels is a mere scam.

Is American Consumer Panels A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

Although American Consumer Panels is considered a scam, yet it is neither a pyramid scheme nor a Ponzi scheme. Since there's no starting fee involved in joining this company.

But for a better understanding of everyone, here's a clear definition of these two schemes:

A pyramid scheme is a scam where members will pay a membership fee and be given products they can sell. Oftentimes, these products are expensive yet have a low quality, which is hard to sell. Also, recruiting members is another opportunity that the company offers to make money. The moment they successfully recruit a member, a commission is expected to be received.

Meanwhile, the Ponzi scheme on the side doesn't involve products. It is a scam in which members invest money with the aim of a higher return. Likewise, recruiting members is possible. This technique will enable fees from the newer members to be used as payment for older members.

American Consumer Panels Compensation

American Consumer Panels claim that its product testers earn from $25 to $45 per hour. According to the website, your pay lies in the project you undertake. Some products testing projects make more money than others.

Likewise, the company claims to offer a part-time position to its product testers that allows them to work 15 to 20 hours weekly. 

Payment for every assignment is made upon the completion of the project and withdrawal of payment can be done either by check or direct deposit.

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How Much To Join American Consumer Panels?

Signing up on the website is free and the application starts with a detailed consumer profile. The consumer profile will guide the company in determining the products you may be able to test.



Ignites Curiosity

It is not a good thing to consider but I end up including it because they've effectively lured the imagination and curiosity of potential members in signing up.

Nonetheless, there's nothing pleasant to follow. This company will more likely bring disappointment in the end.


It’s All Spam

There are many complaints about receiving lots of spam emails right after they signup for this site. Supposedly, they'll ask you for your email address to inform you of your application status, but rather they kept on receiving unnecessary and distracting spam emails. Who will become happy experiencing it?

No Information About Owners

If you'll try to navigate around the entire site, you wouldn’t be able to find the real owner or CEO of the site. They have also added a separate “About Us” page, but when you go there, you will not find any info related to this.

Even checking the ownership of this site through examining its whois record, wouldn't be of help. Therefore, it seems that the public can't see who the man behind this company and that is a red flag.

Fake Address

Upon checking their Whois record, you can verify their address as shown on their contact us page. One World Trade Center is the written address on that page.

However, if you'll look into the Google Map, and the latest list of tenants, you wouldn't find such an organization that is working there. It only signifies that their address is fake.

Fake Domain Age

In checking the age of its domain “, you'll find that the site was claimed to be registered last 2006. To validate their claim, you can check this. Only to find out that the domain was actually registered only in 2015.

You might wonder what benefit they will obtain for showing the domain registration date of 2006. It is because, most people believed that the older the domain, the higher its credibility.

Tons of Negative Reviews

When you come across the internet, more than 90% of the people are complaining about this site. The complaint is common; the site is a scam.

Fake Trademark

American Consumer Panels site uses a trademark symbol everywhere on the site.

If you were to verify whether they are right in claiming this or if it is only fake just like other things, you can move to the official site to test whether the trademark is registered with them or not. And just as what is expected, there's nothing related to this.

Fake Press Releases

They've stated on the FAQ section that they've been featured in various famous publications. But it's not a big deal, there are lots of services over Fiverr and Upwork where you pay $50-$75, and they will write a press release for you and distribute it to various online publications.

Therefore, American Consumer Panels being featured in well-known publications is meaningless. Money can work to modify the truth and to avail of such services.

False Promises

They even claim to pay $25 to $45 per hour for testing a product. That’s too good to be true! Even the most legitimate and product-tested company wouldn’t pay such an absurd amount. You could only expect $1 to $5 for testing every product and then write a thorough review.

Information Selling Business

Some people even believed that American Consumer Panels is selling your information to other survey companies and those companies will then send you different surveys.

So, it's better to not share personal information with any suspicious platforms. It's best

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Training Tools/Support

There is a phone number listed on their Contact Us page (917-677-2043), however, there are no reportedly response taken. Also, they have generic email addresses such as [email protected], careers@, and [email protected], but I'm not confident that you'll get a response from those either.

Their About Us page has its mission and values, which include being a verified member of FTC Guardian, as well as acting with integrity, honesty, and respect. Yet, I'm afraid you can't trust any of their claims yet, for they're just full of flowery words but lacks immediate action.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Right from the start, American Consumer Panels was not a legitimate business. It is not an ideal way to secure a side income. If you were to dig deeper into this company, you'll figure out all the shady aspects that decrease its credibility. It lacks the actuality of being a genuine product testing website and most of its users attest it through their unpleasant experiences coming from receiving tons of spam emails, no support, hidden owner identity, fake information, negative reviews, false promises, and selling of personal information. 

That being said, I don't recommend joining American Consumer Panels. There are way too many red flags that are enough to stop you from entering this mess. Their absurd claims don't meet what you need to keep going in life and business. If you wish to seek a side job, there are decent alternatives that you can consider.

Just be reminded, that making money doesn't happen overnight. There are even no shortcuts for it takes a lot of hard work.

What's Next?

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Thank you for reading our American Consumer Panels review. If you have questions or opinions, we would appreciate it if you share them below.

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