Is Anovite A Scam? – Colostrum-Based Fraud Or Legit Opportunity?

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Once in a while, there’s a good chance that you’ve been approached by a friend or a family member, asking you to join a “great opportunity.”

For those who have experienced it the first time, there’s a good chance that you’ll lend an ear but for those who have experienced this over and over again, you probably do what you always do -- ignore.

Anovite Review Summary

Name: Anovite


Founders: Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith 

Product Type:  Multi-Level Marketing

Price:  $39.95 For The Annual Fee + $499.95 For The Products + $50 Every Month

Quick Summary:  Anovite is a networking company that provides health and wellness products, with colostrum as its main component. It offers a typical MLM business opportunity, which involves selling its products and recruitment.

While it’s legit, there are several red flags that you should be aware of. Find out what those are by reading the entire Anovite review!

Overall Rating: 4/10

Recommended: No

You see, this kind of business is called network marketing and while it’s legit, many people are not interested in this because of many reasons, such as bold claims, aggressive ways of recruitment, and expensive fees.

But like other businesses, not all multi-level marketing (MLM) are created equal. Some turn out to be really good while others are more like a scam.

So, the best way to find out if it’s the real deal or not is to do a background check.

In today’s post, we are going to debunk Anovite, another MLM program that’s making noise online.

Is it legit or another pyramid scheme in disguise?

Let’s find out!

What Is Anovite About?

Anovite is a networking company in the health and wellness niche. It’s almost similar to Orenda International, Vivri, Tiens, Well Beyond, and Vasayo.

Founded by Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith in 2014, the brand is known for promoting colostrum-based products, such as supplements and skincare essentials.

Initially, Dr. Kleinsmith started his study about colostrum back in 1993, under a company called Immune-Tree.

In case you didn’t know, colostrum is the milk produced by mammals after giving birth. It is known for nourishing newborns because of the high protein and nutrients it contains.

Going back, Anovite basically distributes the products from Immune-Tree, with their in-house plant-based in Utah, USA.

To learn more about Anovite, you can watch the video below:

Anovite Product Line

Being a colostrum-based brand, Anovite is famous for its flagship product, the Colostrum6. This is a supplement that claims to be the only “true colostrum certified.”

Other products include skincare essentials, sanitizing mist, anti-aging and workout supplements, and even pet essentials.

As for the pricing, it’s like other typical MLM products which are pretty expensive compared to well-known brands. They do have an edge and that is having colostrum-based essentials.

However, with many cheaper alternatives in the marketplace, it would be challenging to sell their essentials.

This has been proven by many other MLM distributors who have spent so much on their business only to gain little or nothing in return.

Is Anovite A Scam?

Anovite is a legit MLM company that promotes health and wellness products. It may still be new in the industry but being in this niche, it’s hard to survive even for a year.

Anovite, on the other hand, has been in business for more than 7 years, which is a good indicator that it’s legit and it is sustainable.

However, despite the promising products and opportunities, there’s a good chance that it might not be for you!

MLM is a challenging business model and if you’re not aggressive enough in making sales, you might end up losing money.

I’m not saying that you should not join such an opportunity but with my previous experiences with several brands, I realized that most MLM is inviting. Most of the uplines know really how to get their audiences distributors with their flashy cars and lifestyle and a bundle of money but once you dive into the business itself, you’ll realize that you need to spend more and more 

Is Anovite A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

Most people are confused with networking, pyramiding, and Ponzi schemes and no one can blame them. After all, despite one of these business models being legit, the practice of recruitment is sometimes unethical.

However, there’s a huge difference and I’ll discuss it briefly below.

Networking is a legit business model and this is what separates it from the other two. It has products -- tangible or digital -- that they promote and can make money from. While there’s recruitment involved, the commission comes from the sales and not directly from recruiting other people.

That being said, it’s stable as it doesn’t rely on just growing the team.

A pyramid scheme, on the other hand, relies on recruitment. The only source of cash is when you have successfully invited another person to join the company. Meaning, your commission directly comes from the membership or investment fee of your downline.

Meanwhile, a Ponzi scheme promises a big return of investment by just paying a fee. It’s often marketed as a get-rich-quick scheme as there’s no need to recruit or sell anything just to earn. However, since there’s no source of profit (other than the payments of the members), it’s unstable and illegal.

So in essence, Anovite is a legit MLM company, selling quality products and offering legal opportunities to make money.

Anovite Compensation Plan

MLM companies often come with different compensation plans but basically, there are similarities.

For one, they offer retail commissions.

Members have access to their wholesale pricing so when they sell the products based on the company's suggested retail price, they will earn a certain percentage.

As for Anovite, members earn 25% commission from their products and a 25% first order bonus for the first order that their customers make.

Other than the retail commission, Anovite also offers other types of bonuses that members get once their team or downline makes a sale. More or less, it’s around 10% or more.

There are also car or lifestyle incentives when you reach a higher ranking or level and this depends on the sales you make plus the new members you’re able to recruit.

So basically, you earn when you’re able to make a sale and grow your team at the same time.

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How Much To Join Anovite?

To become a member of Anovite, you need to pay $39.95. Other than that, you have to purchase at least 100 PQV (Personal Qualifying Volume), which means that you need to choose packages ranging from $149.95- $499.95.

Another cost you have to shoulder is the “Smartship,” which is what they suggest to members so their accounts can remain active. This means paying $50+ every month or $600 for one year.

In total, you have to pay more than $700 every year.

Is it worth it?

That depends but if you look at it, that’s a huge cost to handle considering that the opportunity is challenging.

My advice? Find a new opportunity, especially if you are a beginner.



Legit Opportunity

Without a doubt, Anovite is a legit MLM company that you can consider if you are into this kind of business model. The brand comes with a somehow unique product you can use as a marketing advantage.


Expensive Fees

There are three fees to handle in total -- the membership fee, product fee, and the fee you need to pay every month to remain active. 

For me, this is just too greedy. I mean, you’ll pay for the membership already plus the products you need to sell so I don’t see why you have to shoulder another expense just to prove you’re active.

It’s too much and I don’t think it’s worth it.

Saturated Market

The health and wellness industry is already saturated and if that doesn’t make it challenging enough, remember the prices of each product. It’s pretty expensive and considering that there are cheaper alternatives online (some from well-known brands), it can make it more difficult for you to grow this business online.

Not FDA Approved

They may have about being “true colostrum certified” but I don’t think their products are FDA-approved. Since you have to take their products orally, it would be better if you’ll choose only those that are “truly certified” by FDA and other authorities.

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Who Is It For?

Since it’s an MLM company, I suggest that you take advantage of it only if you are 1.) experienced with this kind of business and 2.) ready to spend a huge amount for their fees and other potential expenses.

If not, then it’s best to take a better opportunity!

Training Tools/Support

I can’t find anything about Anovite’s training online but like other MLM companies, they might offer training for their members to help them grow their team and make a sale.

As for support, they have a Contact Us tab on their website as well as social media accounts you can reach out to for questions or concerns.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Anovite is a legit networking company that offers quality products. They do have an advantage, especially for those who know the benefits of colostrum. However, other than that, it’s a typical MLM company that’s expensive and full of claims.

They might have mentioned being “certified” but for me, it won’t count as long as it’s approved by the authorities.

I mean, better be safe than sorry, right?

Also, the membership fees are too high and you have to shoulder a $50 smartship fee to keep your membership active. 

Rather than earn money, you might lose more.

On top of this, there’s a study suggesting that only 1% of the MLM distributors really succeed in this business model.

The question is -- are you willing to take the risk?

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Thank you!

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