Is Neobux a Scam or Legit? Is It a Waste of Time [A Must to Read]?

Neobux Review Summary

Name: Neobux


Product Type: paid-to-click service

Price: Free

Quick Summary: Neobux is another paid-to-click site that allows members to join for Free and earn money by performing various online activities. The biggest question here: Is Neobux a Scam or Legit and What can you really earn in case you give them a shot. For unbiased Neobux review read my review below: 

Overall Rating: 4/10

Recommended: No

What is Neobux About?

If you are looking to make some money online, you’ve no doubt stumbled across Neobux at some point during your search. So, what is Neobux all about? Well, they are a PTC (paid-to-click) site that allows you to generate income in a variety of different ways. Through Neobux you can make money by:

  • Clicking on the ads
  • Completing offers
  • Playing games
  • Referring people in to Neobux
  • Completing mini jobs

This versatility is what many users like about it. Unlike strict PTC sites or survey sites, there are some options for you.

Anyone can join Neobux and many people seems to think that the PTC site is a great way to make some extra money. But is Neobux actually legit?

Sometimes it’s hard to tell because there are people trying to recruit you for referrals. You can often come across biased reviews. Especially YouTube is filled mostly with Neobux members trying to recruit people. And this is why I am here to give you an unbiased Neobux review.

Is Neobux a Scam?

So, the burning question on your mind—is Neobux a scam or is it legit? We’ll first start out by saying that Neobux is not a scam. They do pay as advertised and users are happy with them fulfilling their promises. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Neobux is a great option for you.

As far as PTC sites, they deliver on their promises. They also offer a variety of tasks so you won’t be stuck taking surveys or clicking ads. You can choose what you want to do, which does add some legitimacy to the site.

The real issue with Neobux is that you won’t make any legitimate income. What I mean by that is that you are not going to quit your day job by hopping on the Neobux bandwagon.

You will make a few dollars on the side that might buy you lunch or a tank of gas, but chances are that you will not be supplementing any income. I wrote a post discussing what can you really earn from survey sites. You can read it here: 

So, if some spare cash is all you’re looking for from Neobux, you might be happy if this is how you value your time. If you are thinking you’re going to build up a massive savings account, you’ll probably think it’s not legit. This one all comes down to expectations and perspective!

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How Much Can You Earn with Neobux?

I have done more research on this and came to conclusion that many people are happy with just making $11 for the entire month. Here is a review from TrustPilot:
neobux user review

So obviously this program caters to either college kids who just want to earn some change and International customers from countries where even small dollar amount would be considered as some type of income. 

Every ad that you click on Neobux you earn 1/10 of a cent. So practically you can earn around 60 cents per hour. This is without doing any referrals. So is your time worth 60 cents per hour?

And What About Referrals?

Yes you can get direct referrals by using social media or YouTube or rent referrals directly from Neobux and literally pay for them. You will be given a dashboard to monitor your referrals activity and will have an option to either recycle them or extend them in case they are active. If you really want to learn more about Neobux and their referral system here is a video to watch: 

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One of the great things about Neobux is that it is free to join! Woo! For once you aren’t paying an arm and a leg to join a program or get training that should be provided for free anyways.

That's right there might make it worth it for you to join Neobux. However, it will cost you your time—and a lot of it if you plan to make any worthwhile income. When you do the math, you’ll probably see that you’re hourly rate is abysmal.

You can upgrade for $90 per year to the Gold membership, but it’s really not necessary. Also, there is the off chance that Neobux might cost you if you sign up for the offers. Many of them are “free trials” but they take your credit card and will charge you after the trial period ends if you forget to cancel the membership.

That’s just something to keep in mind. Adding reminders into your smartphone calendar is one way to avoid getting charged! If you avoid completing these offers all together, you won’t even have to worry about it.



  • It is free to join
  • There is a variety of tasks to choose from
  • They pay when and what they promise
  • Anyone can join
  • There is a member forum for support
  • You see real dollar value next to tasks, not points


  • You won’t make a lot
  • Your hourly rate will be low
  • You might get stuck paying for offers if you forget to cancel
  • They don’t use a well-known and popular payment site like PayPal or Payoneer

In Case You still Want Neobux Strategy for Beginners

But what is the best way to make money using Neobux? You won’t get training on this, but are probably wondering what is the best Neobux strategy? There are some strategies to employ if you are looking to make the most money from Neobux.

First, you should avoid the referral system. Either way you will be paying to rent referrals, or to drive traffic to your referral membership site. You shouldn’t be spending money on a free site like Neobux, so just avoid it.

Clicking ads is the best way to make money on Neobux, which makes sense because they are a PTC site. Playing games is another way to earn money, but you will typically only earn $0.0005 per game. That’s not worth your time. Completing offers is another way to make money, but again, you need to make sure you aren’t signing up for a recurring billing offer.

But honestly I looked in to all this and find it such a waste of time. I mean I’d rather either work on building solid online business or not do this at all. You don’t get any satisfaction by earning pennies, after some time you start thinking: “Why am I Doing this?”

Final Opinion/Verdict

So, is Neobux worth your time? It really depends on what you are looking to get out of the system. If you want to kill some spare time and get an extra $30 to $70 a month, then Neobux could be right up your alley. If you are looking to supplement or replace an income stream, Neobux is not the right fit.

My advise to you - stop wasting time on finding quick fixes. This all eventually leads to frustration. It's better to invest some time in learning how you can earn money online from your desired niche. It's much simpler than you think and by focusing on the right training you will be moving forward and will realize how rewarding it feels to finally start making money online consistently. 

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