Is Residual Revenue Secrets a Scam?

Name: Residual Revenue SecretsIs Residual Revenue Secrets a Scam
Price: Free 3 day training, then $167 or $477 monthly
Founders: Jason McClain
Overall Ranking: 7 / 10
Who’s it For: Anyone with a larger budget

What is Residual Revenue Secrets About?

Founded by Jason McClain, Residual Revenue Secrets is an online training program that aims to help you build an online business of your own. It’s based on the notion of starting your own business and not simply promoting other people’s businesses and products. This alone sets Residual Revenue Secrets apart from other program that focus solely on affiliate marketing and the likes.

You are provided a free three day training where you are taught how to select your business based on your own hobbies and interests. The training is easy to follow and will help even those with limited business knowledge, from identifying your customers to creating a solid business plan.

Difference Between Owning Your Own Business and Affiliate Marketing:

If you ever wondered what would it be like owning your own business versus choosing affiliate marketing approach and promote someone’s else product. Here are some key differences:

Your Own Business:


  • Income potential much higher
  • Full Freedom in business operations: marketing, vision, decision making etc…
  • Ownership of the company (can be sold, merged etc…)


  • Requires Initial Investment, in many cases huge capital is needed
  • Have to overlook all business operations: marketing, inventory, customer service, logistics etc…
  • Handle all legal matters
  • High chance of losing a lot of money in case of failure

Affiliate Marketing: 


  • Small Initial Investment
  • No need to worry about any business operations except your own
  • No logistics, No inventory,
  • Still high income potential
  • Much smaller risk in case of failure
  • Customer service mainly managed by the company you are promoting


  • Have to follow all the rules of the company you are promoting
  • Marketing potential is more limited

Both approaches have their advantages and disadvantages but if you clearly want less headache and enjoy your free time – then Affiliate Marketing is a great way to go and here is #1 Recommended Program that teaches you how to get started quickly.

But in case if you feel like you want to start business from the ground and manage every little operation in it – then a product like Residual Income will be a great choice.

Is Residual Revenue Secrets a Scam?

It only takes reading a few Residual Revenue Secrets reviews to wonder if the program is too good to be true. Many wonder whether Residual Revenue Secrets is a scam. The simple and blunt answer is, NO.

Jason McClain offers some valuable information, even in the free three day training videos. The membership also provides access to continual training and a supportive community, but some find issue with this. So, while Residual Revenue Secrets is not a scam, and you can tell that from almost any Residual Revenue Secrets review, the reason some don’t see this program as a viable option is the extremely high costs that are associated with it.

How Much Does Residual Revenue Secrets Cost?

Residual Revenue Secrets does provide you a free three day training to get you up to speed, but you will quickly be opening up your wallet for this program. There are two different tiers of the program and both are actually quite costly.

If you join The Insider Success program as an Apprentice, you will be paying $167 a month. For Inside Access, you will need to pay $477 per month. That’s over $2,000 for the Apprentice level and almost $6,000 for the Insider access. These costs are quite exorbitant for what you are actually getting, but you can at least break up your payments monthly instead of paying it all upfront.

Here are the details very thoroughly explained by Jason McClain on both programs if you are really interested what is included with both tiers:

Pros / Cons


  • The three day initial trial is free and informative
  • Jason McClain is reputable and established in the online marketing realm
  • Product is really legit and has very good training course


  • Extremely costly
  • The program is not for everyone
  • There is a large time commitment

Overall, Residual Revenue Secrets is a solid online training program that can help you get your own online business started. The three day free training program is a great start, and a good gauge for you to determine if the program might be the right fit for you. You will also be learning from a reputable source, which is always beneficial and reassuring.

The only real drawback with Residual Revenue Secrets is the high cost associated with it. There is also a high time commitment, since you will be creating your own business and not just piggy-backing off of someone else’s.


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Who Is It For

To put it bluntly, Residual Revenue Secrets is not for everyone. The program will take a serious time and financial commitment and you have to be fully ready to submerge into the world of running your own online business before you start.

If you are looking to quit your 9 to 5 job and spend time doing something that you love, and are willing to put in the long hours and hard work, then Residual Revenue Secrets might be a good fit. You also have to have access to a starting bankroll, because the costs can quickly add up when you are shelling out at least $167 to just get started.

Training Tools / Support

Residual Revenue Secrets offers an initial three day trial with video training material. The videos are broken down into segments that last between 50 and 70 minutes.

The first video is centered on helping you discover new products, generating a revenue plan, and identifying what your client really needs.

The second video teaches you how to build your business and decide what works best for you in the business landscape.

Finally, the last video is scripted to help you create a solid business plan moving forward. The training is laid out so that it will take all three days and you will need to complete every video all the way through before you are allowed access to the next. This might seem frustrating, but it’s to enable you to pace yourself and maximize learning capacity. The initial three day trial period is a great start, but after that you will need to pay to move forward with the training program, with either the Apprentice or Insider membership.

Final Opinion / Verdict

Residual Revenue Secrets is an online training program that offers a good amount of value. Jason McClain is a highly acclaimed online businessman with a bank account in the millions to attest to his success. He also has several other successful products on the market, which should provide you a bit more relief.

I love the free trial period that serves as initial training. There really are some solid pieces of information to be gleaned from the first three training videos and with an Apprentice or Insider membership you can continue to learn more about starting and maintaining your own online business.

So, Is Residual Revenue Secrets a Scam? – Certainly not, but that does not mean that it is for everyone. $167 or $477 is a lot of money to pay monthly for a training program.

Whether you are willing to invest that sum of money in Residual Revenue Secrets is up to you, but it is important to be aware that these costs can quickly add up and you are not guaranteed success as owning your own business is way harder than affiliate marketing and requires a lot of commitment. 


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