Is Smart Dollars Club A Scam – Why You Should NOT Trust This Program

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Welcome to My Smart Dollars Club Review!

When I was starting with my make money online journey, the first opportunity that I found was paid surveys. I thought it’s an easy way to have cash because all you need to do is answer questionnaires in less than an hour and get paid.

However, after trying three or more survey websites, all I ever saved were useless points, which I can exchange for a coupon. In case I want (and allowed) to convert it into cash, I need to spend the entire day answering endless questionnaires first.

Smart Dollars Club Review Summary

Name: Smart Dollars Club


Founders: Undisclosed

Product Type: Paid Survey Website

Price: Free

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Quick Summary: Smart Dollars Club claims to pay you $300 on the first day that you sign up and another $100 when you complete a survey. However, I found out what it’s really about and no… it’s not a paid survey site.

What it is about? How does it really work? Is Smart Dollars Club a scam? All of these answered in this honest review!

Overall Rating: 1/10

Recommended: No

I know it sounds funny but normally, paid surveys don’t pay at all -- and you can ask a lot of people who have tried this about that. And that’s why I don’t consider this online opportunity at all. However, some sites can still be helpful if you need a side hustle.

That being said, is Smart Dollars Club one of them? Can it really pay you $300 after you sign up? Or is Smart Dollars Club a scam?


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What Is Smart Dollars Club About?

Smart Dollars Club is a paid survey website that claims to help you make “$300 on your first day” and give another hundred for signing up using your email address. The site looks good; however, I noticed that it’s missing very important information such as the About Us page, Privacy Policy, and Terms and Conditions. But why? Are they hiding anything? Why does it sound like they want to get your email address?

There’s no way to find out than to try it myself. So, I entered my email address and I was led directly to a page saying that “your $100 is on it’s way”. Yes, “it’s” rather than its -- one indication that the page is likely to be a scam is when it’s full of grammatical errors.

smart dollars club scam

Anyway, I quickly received an email but instead of answering surveys, I was led to an unknown website, like gambling and that’s when I know what Smart Dollars Club is really about.

Unfortunately, it’s worse than a paid survey because you won’t be getting anything at all. Apparently, when you fall again after signing up with Smart Dollars Club and share your email address with the new websites, they will earn a commission. I

This kind of technique is familiar, and by that, I mean using links to get paid. Have you ever heard of affiliate marketing? It works almost the same as Smart Dollars Club wherein you need to encourage a visitor to complete a task, like provide their name and email address.

Don’t get me wrong though; affiliate marketing per se is legal and is one of the best ways to make money online. However, some people use it unethically for their own interest, thus giving it a bad name. Anyway, just to give you an idea of what it’s about, here’s a quick idea of what it’s about.

Affiliate marketing is a process where a publisher earns a commission for promoting a product or service. It is done by inserting a link on content, social media, or other channels and when a visitor clicks on that link, purchase using that link, or complete a task (e.g. sign up for a newsletter) using that link, the affiliate will receive a certain percentage.

It’s a win-win situation for both the merchandiser and publisher as merchandisers get to promote their offers on a bigger market while publishers earn. That being said, you have a higher chance to make a good amount of cash through this business model (without scamming anyone) and if you’re interested, I can help you by clicking this link.

Is Smart Dollars Club A Scam?

Basically, we think that a product or a program is a scam when we pay money and received nothing in return. With Smart Dollars Club, we’re not going to shell out any amount of cash; however, there are still a lot of red flags involved.

Based on my experience, I could tell that a platform is low-quality or downright sham using these three signs:

Lack Of Contact Number And Address

At first glance, I did not see anything shady about Smart Dollars Club’s website because I thought the creator has taken time to design a graphic for it. However, that’s the only thing present on its website. No About Us page, which tells you what the site is about, the people behind it, and their purpose for creating the site. No contact details to call in case of inquiries or concerns. No physical address to check its legitimacy. No social media accounts to follow. No helpful information at all!

Lack Of Terms And Conditions And/Or Privacy Policy

Terms and conditions are important to know the rules and regulations you need to follow and almost any legit website, especially the ones that offer something, such as a job or money, should have it. This is to avoid violating any of their terms which might result in suspended accounts, cancelled earnings, etc. 

Privacy policy, on the other hand, is significant, too. You’ll be sharing your name and email address so you need to know how it will be used. Will it be sold or shared to a third party or not? If yes, are you ready to get spammed by similar annoying programs?

Unfortunately, Smart Dollars Club doesn’t have any of these. No Privacy Policy. No Terms and Conditions. Major red flags!

Lack Of Professionalism

When a website has been careless created -- stolen photos and grammatical errors -- that’s an indication that a website is a scam. After all, the founder of the website does not really care about anything at all unless it's for his/her personal interest.

Anyway, I found out that the graphics on their website has been used by various pages. I can’t tell though it is was stolen or the person behind these sites are the same.

smart dollars club scam graphics 2
smart dollars club scam graphics

On top of these signs are misleading details and bold claims. Smart Dollars Club is not a paid survey website and you will not earn $300, let alone a hundred dollars from it.

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Smart Dollars Club is free but while there’s no need to pay for anything, your data, such as name and email address is at risk. Who knows what else will happen if you sign up for the new websites that will pop up after you verify your email.

To know more about Smart Dollars Club, you can watch the video below:


C’mon! There’s nothing to like about this website so let’s skip the PRO part and discuss its CONS.


Bold Claims

Earn $300 on your first day and another $100 when you complete a survey? Even a legit paid survey website cannot give you this! I mean, when you try to sign up with known survey sites like Toluna, Panda Research, and Pinecone Research and dedicate the entire day answering questionnaires, you won’t be able to get $50 a day, let alone in a month. What more with this website that doesn’t offer any surveys at all?

Misleading Ads

Smart Dollars Club is not a paid survey website. It doesn’t even offer a money-making opportunity at all. From what I understand, the people behind this program will make money from individuals who will sign up for the new websites that will pop up after receiving an email from them.

Too Many Red Flags

No contact details and address. No Privacy Policy. No Terms and Conditions. Seems like Smart Dollars Club has ticked off everything from the “I’m Operated By A Scammer” list. So do yourself a favor. Do not trust this page (and the similar websites shown above) at all!


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Who Is It For?


Final Opinion/Verdict

Smart Dollars Club is a complete BS! And I feel bad for people who fail to realize what it really is. As for you, I want you to give yourself a warm round of applause for doing a good job of reading Smart Dollars Club reviews first before taking any action. There are a good number of legit programs that will help you make money over the internet; however, there are also a lot of scammers online!

So if you want to end your trial and error and commit yourself to a good and trusted platform online, just continue reading.

What's Next?

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As always, I hope I have helped you with my Smart Dollars Club review and if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to drop it down below.

Thank you!

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