Is Telecom Plus A Scam? Multi-Service Provider MLM Uncovered!

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Welcome to My Telecom Plus review!

Door-to-door phone salesmen? A box that plugs into your phone socket and then reroutes your calls through alternate networks and then you can get a cheaper rate for your outgoing calls? An opportunity to make money online? All these services in one company alone!

Yes, you read that right. Apparently, a multi-level marketing (MLM) brand like Telecom Plus has it all.

Telecom Plus Review Summary

Name: Telecom Plus


Founders: Not Disclosed

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: £100 ($112.55) To Join The Company

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Quick Summary: Telecom Plus is a multi-service provider company. It uses a multi-level marketing model to recruit customers and distributors. The company has received a couple of awards. However, the only way to earn big is to really work hard. You’ll not only have to find a lot of customers but you’ll as well have to build a team to as well earn from the customers they make. 

Overall Rating: 3/10

Recommended: No

What started as a telecommunication business has evolved to what it is now, a multi-utility supplier that provides a range of services from mobile to broadband to gas and electricity, even to their own prepaid MasterCard. So in this review, we will discuss more of that and examine Telecom plus and see if it’s legit or not. 

What Is Telecom Plus About?

Telecom Plus PLC is a multi-level marketing company that supplies and provides various utilities such as gas, electricity, landline, broadband, and mobile services to residences and businesses. It is based in London, United Kingdom.

It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index.

Telecom Plus was founded in 1996 and started as a telecommunications business before it became a multi-supplier utility. In 1997, they launched its flagship product which was the least cost call routing called the “Smart Box’’. It’s basically a gadget that plugs into a phone socket and then routes the calls to alternative networks at a cheaper rate than British Telecom.  

In the year 2017, Telecom Plus sold its 20% stake in Opus Energy (a gas and electricity supplier) to Drax Group (electrical power generation company) --both are companies in the UK. 

Telecom Plus had been doing good throughout the years. Their total revenue was even £729.2 million in the year in 2015. A big contribution to Telecom Plus’ success was because of Charles Wigoder, a serious UK business mogul and a telecommunications entrepreneur and is now the Executive Chairman. 

However, the original founder was not disclosed but only Charles Wigoder’s name was mentioned in the articles we’ve read. After Wigoder single-handedly brought another company (Peoples Phone) on top, he moved to Telecom Plus to take over after they were founded.

Charles Wigoder of Telecom Plus

With Wigoder’s leading, he made Telecom Plus go public and got them listed on the London Stock Exchange and then turned them into a full-on network marketing company under the name of The Utility Warehouse, using an already established network of agents around the UK to start promoting their services on the ground.

In 2009, Telecom Plus took the award for ‘Company of the Year’ at Quoted Company Awards. They also ranked number 16 on the list of top 100 MLMs in the world. Damn, dude.  

Telecom Plus PLC has two activities:

  • Utility Warehouse- operates a full landline telephony service, mobile telephony (as an MVNO on the EE network), broadband, gas, and electricity (the company is licensed by OFGEM) and a prepaid VISA card (a CashBack card).
  • Telecommunications Management Limited operates a full landline telephony service to small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) customers, as well as operating the 1pMobile consumer MVNO. 

Telecom Plus Product Line

As mentioned, Telecom Plus PLC is a multi-service provider MLM. So they do offer a range of services. As mentioned their flagship product was the Smart Box. 

telecom plus product line

One of the company’s activity is the Utility Warehouse, their marketing arm, sells a handful of utility and telecommunications service which are as follow:

  • Landline telephone service
  • Mobile phone service
  • Broadband
  • Gas and electricity

Phone & Broadband

They still guarantee savings on your landline calls. You also get unlimited downloads and a free wireless router. The home phone service starts at £17.35. You get free evening and weekend calls to other UK landlines and free anytime calls to other Utility Warehouse customers.(Contract-18 months)

  • Standard broadband – up to 16 Mbps – £9 per month on top of landline fee
  • Ultra Fibre broadband – up to 38 Mbps – £14.99 per month on top of landline fee
  • Ultra + Fibre broadband – up to 76 Mbps – £19.99 per month on top of landline fee 


Their mobile contracts start at £8 per month. However, the price is guaranteed not to rise during the contract period. And you can switch to a different price plan at any time, even if your contract isn’t done.

These are their following Mobile Plans:

  • 100 MB data and 250 minutes is £8 per month
  • 1 GB data and 500 minutes is £11 per month
  • 2 GB data and 1,000 minutes is £14 per month
  • 3 GB data and 1,500 minutes is £17 per month
  • 4-6 GB data and unlimited minutes is £22 per month

All their plans have unlimited texts. They also sell mobile phones and you can get them on a monthly repayment plan.


They guarantee to beat the cheapest variable tariffs from the ‘big 6’ energy companies.

Here are their bundles that pair multiple services for savings:

  • Gold Energy saves up to £379 a year for pairing phone & broadband + energy
  • Gold Talk saves up to £398 a year for pairing phone & broadband + mobile
  • Double Gold saves up to £682 a year for pairing phone & broadband + energy + mobile

How To Make Money With Telecom Plus? 

Like other MLM companies, such as Neways and Fuel Freedom International, there are two basic ways to make money. The first is to sell their products and the other is to recruit people. Here’s an outline of their compensation plan:

1. Customer Gathering Bonus (CGB) - Up to 40% per customer. You get paid a "CGB" of £10 when a new customer takes a mobile phone or SIM card, £5 if they take the Home Phone service, £2.5 each for gas and electricity, up to £20 for broadband and £5 if they use an 0800 number. A typical new customer will generate a CGB of at least £20.

2. Qualified Executive (QE) - When you've gathered just 6 personal customers you become a QE. This then means that you are eligible to receive the Customer Volume Commission (CVC) on all of your customers, for as long as you continue to have a minimum of 6 personal customers at the time of commission statement is produced each month. So that's between 2.4-5.3% payable on your customer bills forever.

3. Senior Executive (SE) - To be qualified, you must have a minimum of 10 personal customers and a minimum total of 50 customers in your group. As a SE, your group CVC increases from a maximum of 0.6% to a maximum of 0.7% on all your group customers.

You are also eligible, subject to certain criteria being met, to apply to join the COMPANY CAR Programme, which you could have the benefit of driving a custom liveried BMW MINI. And if you're promoted to SE status within 60 days of joining, you will be recognized with the prestigious title of "SE Gold" and receive an additional £250 bonus in addition to the £250 promotional bonus.

4. Executive Director(ED) - 2.4 to 5.8% commission plus a £500 bonus if achieved within the first 12 months. When you become an ED with a minimum of 15 personally gathered customers, and at least 250 group customers, then your group CVC increases to a maximum of 0.8% on all group customers. You can continue to develop and build your business into leadership positions.

5. Unique Infinity Payments - With an infinite downline and them, in turn, harboring customers, you'll have a massive group of customers, you'll get paid down to infinity on every single one of them. Imagine such an amount of income!

6. Leader Group Customer Bonuses - Once you have reached the level of Group Director or above, you'll be given a payment for every single new customer that is brought in by anyone, anywhere in your team. Another Infinity Bonus which will boost income stream.     

See more of Telecom Plus’ opportunity in the video below:

Is Telecom Plus A Scam?

Well, Telecom Plus. has been operating for more than 2 decades to be considered a scam. It’s established and is a known company in the UK who received various awards. Their products and services are even patronized by people with positive ratings.


Joining Telecom Plus’s business opportunity will cost a distributor £100 to sign up which is about $112.55. And yes, it’s pretty steep for a sign-up fee but on the other hand, there’s a 90-day starter bonus of £100 if you’ll be able to get 3 qualifying customers within your first 90 days of involvement with the company.

Let’s see more how independent distributors are compensated in the compensation plan below.

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Company With Awards

Aside from being a long-standing company that is established in the field of being a multi-service provider, Telecom Plus is also renowned for a couple of awards. 

Aside from their Chairman Charles Wigoder who also bagged a couple of awards as an entrepreneur, the company also received a couple such as being the Company of the Year’ at Quoted Company Awards in 2009. 

They’ve also won a couple of awards from Moneywise such as being the Best Customer Service and Best Value for Money for gas & electricity and also they were the most recommended bundle provider in 2015. And they’ve also been rated Moneywise’s Most Trusted Broadband Provider. 


Hard Work

Yes, the compensation plan is too good to be true and even so enticing that you could reach infinite commissions. However, to achieve that it’ll require you so much hard work. You should have what it takes to pursue such, including skills in sales and the MLM world. You should be pretty much active in building your team and increasing your sales. 

Limited In The UK

The company is pretty successful in the UK but that’s the problem if you would want this opportunity but not in the area. Yes, it’s only limited in that area.

Not Completely Transparent

I was just quite confused that they haven’t mentioned their founder, only the name of the chairman and others. What must have been wrong with its history that they haven’t disclosed it? I hope they could have been transparent with regards to that and other company details. Their compensation is also not readily available on their website.


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Who Is It For?

It’s intended for those who are in the UK, for those who are skilled in sales and MLM opportunities especially that you'll have to work hard in sales and in building a team (recruitment). It could be as well for those who are into promoting multiple services such as telecommunications, gas, and electricity and are fond of other services offered by Telecom Plus.

Training Tools/Support

As a distributor in Telecom Plus, you'll have a personal website. You'll also be receiving regular emails- for information, inspiration, motivation, and recognition. You will as well have access to the best executives to help you if you need assistance in the business. There are also free training sessions. 

Final Opinion/Verdict

Telecom Plus is an established and renowned MLM in the British business industry. However, it’s still an MLM that would compel you to recruit and as well do good in sales. And also it lacks transparency. With that and all I discussed above, I conclude that I am not recommending you to this one! 

What’s Next?

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Thank you for reading this Telecom Plus review! You can read more in our blog to find the best and opportunities to make money online and of course, to learn which programs to avoid.

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