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Have you heard of online platforms that guide people in attaining financial independence and security? Probably yes since these are typical online; however, how can you guarantee that these platforms could give you the chance to spin your life 360 degrees? Most importantly, how would you determine if it’s legit or another scam that sugarcoats lie?

The Elevation Group Review Summary

Name: The Elevation Group


Founders: Mike Dillard

Product Type:   Financial Education Firm

Price:   $197 For The Monthly Subscription + $1497 For The Annual Subscription

Quick Summary:   The Elevation Group is an online platform that gives its members strategic methods and guidance throughout their financial journey to aim for financial stability as soon as possible. 

All they have to do is to follow the given tips and apply them productively in their lives.

However, is it something reliable and legitimate to depend on, or is it another fraud that everyone must be aware of?

Overall Rating: 3/10

Recommended: Yes

In this post, I’ll talk about a website called The Elevation Group.

It claims to bridge you in the direction of your desired financial stability. Learn more regarding this online financial education firm as I begin to discuss the details below.

What Is The Elevation Group About?

The Elevation Group is the world’s fastest-growing financial education firm, which is focused on imparting knowledge on how to gain wealth and maintain financial security despite challenging economic times. 

It will help you get private access to investing strategies that are usually used by rich people, and the contacts needed for you to take advantage of.

The Elevation group consists of wealthy and experienced influencers. In fact, 10% of the group's influencers are the ones producing 90% of the world's wealth. One of its missions is to provide guidance and assistance to the average individual to attain full comprehension of financial growth that was employed by the privileged people.

By being a member, you can benefit from exclusive tips and information on how to manage your finances, how to grow your investments, and how to establish a private bank where you receive a benefit of tax-free retirement, guarding assets, and how to purchase and sell gold and silver to serve as a hedge against inflation. 

Membership will also equip you with the techniques to develop a family legacy and how to empower the youth towards good financial management.

Back in October 2010, the company was founded by Michael Dillard, who may or may not be a real person. I did a background check about their founder but unfortunately, other than their website, there are not reliable sites that talk about him. That’s one red flag!

Any, the headquarters of the company is located in Austin, Texas.

So can anyone join?

Although everyone is welcome to join, the membership fee restricts them from doing so. Those who were more privileged can afford this platform's service. Those aspiring people who opt to set themselves way higher than before and to attain success in managing and amassing their wealth are the ones who are likely expected to sign up as a member.

If ever you're interested to sign up as a member, then I will discuss more this platform.

Getting started on this website is very easy. All you have to do is visit the Group’s main website and choose your preferred payment. The two available payment choices are monthly and annually. There are also different available modes of payment like credit cards. It has an easy, straightforward, and secured payment procedure. Just click the "complete my purchase" right after making the payment and you're done.

Is The Elevation Group A Scam?

No. The Elevation Group is certainly a legitimate financial education firm. Although they're not accredited, still, they are listed on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website. Thus, they have an A+ rating at the time of this review. Even by checking at their offered services, everything is straightforward. No one obliged you to pay anything and if you do, you will get all the services that you have subscribed to.

Another fact is that it has been on the market for more than a decade, if it is a scam it should have been shut down by the authorities a long time ago but it's still working well up to this point. The group even continuously attracts more success-oriented users.

With regards to the fees, it was reasonable since it was likely a form of savings. It is also one of the few platforms, which offers a money-back guarantee. You can revoke their services and get a refund after 30 days of their unsatisfactory service. A fraudulent company won't be doing this, in that case, The Elevation Group only proves its legitimacy.

Finally, it provides all the services that it promised to offer. It has videos and different tactics that are indeed helpful to wealthy aspiring people. The feedback online was pleasant to review.

It’s almost the same as Elite Marketing Pro, Easy1Up, and Income Shift Pro.

Is The Elevation Group A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

The Elevation Group is a legitimate platform. It is neither a pyramid scheme nor a Ponzi scheme. 

Since schemes are rampant nowadays. Here's an explanation of two schemes just to help you be mindful.

A pyramid scheme is a scam, which involves money. Members will pay a fee in return they'll get products that they can sell. Unfortunately, these products are expensive yet have a low quality that is hard to sell. 

Likewise, another chance to earn is by recruiting new members. If ever they successfully persuade others to join they'll get a commission.

A Ponzi scheme, on the other hand, also involves money but without products. Members invest money hoping for a higher return. Recruitment of members is also possible. Payment for older members came from new members' fees.

To learn more about Ponzi and pyramid scheme, you can watch the video below:

The Elevation Group Compensation Plan

After paying for the membership fee and becoming an official member of The Elevation Group, they will let you benefit from the following privileges:

● Gain access to tactics that allow building homes sooner than you anticipated.

● Generate wealth in the new economy

● Create your own bank, protect your assets, and enjoy a tax-free retirement

● Maximizing investment opportunities by winning credit score

● Protect yourself and your loved ones from politicians, pirates, and other financial predators (Part 1 and Part 2)

● Asset protection techniques of the rich that everyone should employ

● Building a cash flow empire with Real Estate

● Increase your monthly cash flow with a home business

Unlike other platforms, The Elevation Group was amongst the few that had 30-day, money-back guarantees in case you're not satisfied with their service.

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How Much To Join The Elevation Group?

If you have an interest in joining the Group, you can choose whether to subscribe to a monthly or annual subscription to access its premium services. The monthly subscription is worth $149, while the annual subscription is worth $1497. Therefore, an annual subscription is by far a better option compared to monthly subscriptions.

Likewise, products or strategies have corresponding fees to procure:

● Black Box Course - $2,497

● Elevation Banking - $9997 (one time payment)

● EVG Real Estate Course - $2,000+

● EVG Crypto Course - $497

Who Is It For?

It is open for everyone but practically speaking due to its expensive fees, most people can't join. Nonetheless, this financial education platform is a match made for:

● Those who want to smartly invest their hard-earned money and become rich in the process just like others who successfully fulfilled it;

● People who pay in building a portfolio of true wealth and aims similar access to investing strategies used by the rich, and the contacts needed to take advantage of them;

● Passive income seekers who desire to take their active income to generate passive income and have it surpass what you actively make at a 9-5 job;

Take note though that there are technical terms so it’s good that you have at least a basic background about investments before joining.

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Training Tools/Support

The Elevation Group has a support team on standby that is ready to assist its users any time of the day. You can contact their customer care team if you have any inquiries. Expect their response to you as soon as possible. 

You can also reach them via email or call. If you prefer sending an email, the maximum time you will need to wait for their reply is 48 hours.

It can be an option to subscribe to the EVG newsletter where you will get advice from rich speakers weekly. You just need to provide your first name and email address.

Final Opinion/Verdict

The Elevation Group is absolutely a legitimate online opportunity to cater to and develop the potentials of its members to achieve financial independence and security. 

The fear of waking up one day with bankruptcy, debts, and poverty in total will be addressed on this platform. It enables people to be driven by helpful strategies to continue learning and striving hard to survive amidst economic instability.

However, not everyone is fortunate enough to be given a chance to join since it has quite an expensive fee, to begin with. Not because the platform itself gained praise for their effective and efficient service and even having successful speakers doesn't guarantee you that you will become one.

 After all, it takes your own initiative and effort whether to apply your learnings into beneficial action or to just store it worthlessly on your head without having the plans to make an advantage out of it. 

Also, it’s worth knowing that based on the reviews of the members, you need to know about an investment before purchasing the program.

What’s Next?

Seeking guidance to make your money grow and foster online is possible; yet, it doesn't involve a simple and easy process. If it is, then everyone might be spending unnecessary money due to successful investments, businesses, and any money-making opportunities. 

No one will be conflicted to handle their wealth if that's the case. In that sense, you need to maximize your time and effort, we offer to you a top-recommended program as a key to accomplish it.

You can explore the following if you sign up: 

  • Training resources
  • Webinars to help you start your business online
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Comprehensive guide
  • And many more!

Thank you for reading my "The Elevation Group" review. Please don't hesitate to share your insights or ask questions in the comment section below.

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