Is Tocara A Scam? [Unbiased 2021 Review] Jewelry MLM Exposed!

is tocara a scam

Welcome to My Tocara Review!

Multi-level marketing (MLM) opportunities are ubiquitous with jewelry as one of its popular niches. 

That being said, it would not probably surprise you when you encounter consultants running around the internet, selling such products, or even offering you the opportunity to join them.

While most MLM companies look appealing, it’s best to be informed and check on what the company is about before jumping. 

Tocara  Review Summary

Name: Tocara Inc.


Founders: Randall Markus

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $42 To $169 For The Business Kits

tocara logo

Quick Summary: Tocara is an ecommerce multi-level marketing opportunity that markets and sells exquisite fine jewelry, such as bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, and more.

Being an MLM opportunity, it offers an affiliate program to what they refer to as Tocara Consultants. This lets you earn around 25% to 40% commissions from retail and recruitment.

Overall Rating: 3/10

Recommended: No

In this post, we will talk about one jewelry company called Tocara. What makes it any different from the ones we’ve already tackled. 

Is it any better or it’s behind them? 

Is Tocara legit or is it a scam? 

These and more are answered in this Tocara review!

what is tocara about

What Is Tocara About?

Tocara is an MLM company that markets and sells fine sterling silver, stainless steel, and gold jewelry. It specifically targets women although they also have a category for men. 

Being a networking company, it offers an earning opportunity to independent business owners they term as “consultants” where they can earn through sales and as well as recruitment. 

Tocara comes with a tagline that says: "Live your style. Love your life." 

All jewelry is manufactured with the highest quality craftsmanship as their priority is to create pieces that are timeless, trendy, functional, and of the highest quality.

Tocara was founded in 2008 by founder and CEO Randall Markus. 

Randall Markus tocara founder


Randall Markus had a long career in the jewelry trade, which includes the manufacturing, marketing, and design side of the business. In fact, each piece of Tocara Jewelry is created in their studio in Montreal, Canada, and designed by Randall Markus himself and by their in-house jewelry designer Nathalie Bégin.

Randall Markus also founded Bijou Chateau Jewelry, a wholesale, manufacturing business in 1979, supplying many of North America’s finest jewelry stores, department stores, television shopping channels, internet retailers, and direct sales businesses.

Before founding Tocara in 2008, Randall Markus had a long time relationship with Avon Products Inc., where he developed his passion for the direct sales industry. Apparently, Tocara is headquartered in Montreal Randall runs his business. 

Apparently, products and the opportunity is only available in Canada and the US.

Tocara Product Line

As discussed, being a jewelry company, Tocara markets and sells a wide range of exquisite fine jewelry that can be made of a premium brand of sterling silver, stainless steel jewelry, and 10K gold. 

Jewelry in their line includes bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, accessories, and more. 

It's almost the same as:

tocara product line

The brand caters to both men and women, with claims that their jewelry is constructed with rhodium-finished sterling silver (.925), hypoallergenic surgical-grade stainless steel, or 10K gold. 

Here are some of their products:


It may be quite expensive but I could say it's worth its quality and beauty. They have a wide range of products, if you want to see more products and designs, check out their website. 

Prices range from $30 and up to more than $100.

Is Tocara A Scam?

Tocara is not a scam. 

It is an established company that’s been in the business for more than a decade. 

Though not a Better Bureau Business (BBB) accredited company, it’s part of the Direct Sellers Association (DSA), which proves more of its legitimacy. 

So it’s legit! 

Tocara is a real business selling real tangible fine jewelry. 

However, being an MLM, there’s still recruitment, making their members focus more on inviting people than making a sale.

Is Tocara A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

We may generalize MLMs as a pyramid scheme because of the recruitment hype but Tocara is a legit opportunity. It is not a Ponzi nor a pyramid scheme as it comes with a legit opportunity and products or jewelry where you can earn from through retail sales.


You may also gain bigger commissions and income as you build your team of downlines who do the same. 

Yes, recruitment is encouraged because signing up would even require you to fill up the consultant space and if you don’t have one, they’ll even lead you to a consultant.

So, it could have the dangers of being a Pyramid Scheme because of the focus on recruitment; however, it is not solely the means to earn money in Tocara, as sales are still a big part of earning. Thus, it is not a Pyramid Scheme. 

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Tocara Compensation Plan

I could see any detailed explanation of Tocara’s compensation plan but I believe just like most MLMs, income will be from sales and recruitment. 


As stated on their website, you can get commissions.


Retail Commissions - This lets you earn 25% to 40% commission on sales through your personal website, social media, or in-person - that's $200-$320 from a typical $800 get-together - it's all up to you how!

Products And Perks - You can sample their collection and get a 50% discount, earn new styles free, qualify for incredible perks and incentives, plus start earning during your first 70 days in business.

On top of your weekly commissions, earn up to $2,000 in free jewelry of your choice with reward coupons, bonuses and so much more!


Fast Start Program - As a New Consultant, you’re automatically enrolled in the Fast Start Program where you can earn thousands in retail jewelry coupons when you achieve personal sales and sponsoring milestones during your first 70 days. 



As an MLM opportunity, Tocara also has affiliate ranks in which Fabulous Trips and Recognition could be as well rewarded. 

How Much To Join Tocara?

Joining as a Tocara Consultant, you have 2 options to choose from, whether you sign up for a Petite Kit or an Elite Kit. Below are the 2 options with their corresponding price and inclusions. 

how to join tocara

  • Petite Kit - $42 for $175 value of products 
  • Elite Kit- $169 for over $900 value of products


Note that kit items are subject to change. 



Established Company

Thinking about it, Tocara was founded in 2008 making it to be more than a decade in the industry, and that’s pretty good standing. However, they are not Better Bureau Business (BBB) accredited taking into consideration, they’ve already been that long in the business.

On the lighter note, they are a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA) which clearly proves its legitimacy. 

Low-Cost Startup

It’s good that starting as a consultant in Tocara is not that costly. With the Petite Kit, you could even have $175 worth of Jewelry costing only $42. Though the Elite Kit costs $169 the products included are worth over $900.



Hard To Sell

Taking into consideration that the Jewelry niche is a bit saturated and there would be a lot of competition, it would be definitely hard-selling Tocara products. You’d probably work hard on marketing and finding the right leads. Or might as well work on hosting parties to get a load of sales and profit. 


Limited To US And Canada

Tocara products are indeed of quality and beautiful and a bit expensive yet it's worth its price. However, it’s just limited to places in the US and Canada. A decade of existence might have as well brought them globally but they are still just limited in the US and Canada.


Recruitment Hype

It’s not to disdain MLM opportunities but Tocara is still a networking company that will still encourage you to recruit and bring others to the program. So other than the pressure to do your sales, you’ll also have to work on duplicating yourself and build a team of downlines.


No Detailed Pay Plan

Yes, they may say that you’ll get a percentage of commission on the Tocara Website but I’ve wished they have placed a much better-detailed Compensation Plan for transparency and clarity.

Insert Image

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Training Tools/Support

As a Tocara consultant, you’ll get free online training, personal coaching, and a supportive network that wants you to succeed. You’ll also get a personal website FREE for the first 2 months. The kit also comes with business materials such as catalogs and fliers. 

Final Opinion/Verdict

In conclusion, I could say that Tocara is a legitimate MLM opportunity that can give a decent income but I believe it’s only good as a side hustle.

Yes, it is a business opportunity intended for those who are jewelry enthusiasts that are mostly women but it can be for anyone who has a passion for sales.

However, it’s not a business for all.

The niche is quite saturated so it would be hard to sell such products. Product-wise, it’s indeed good! However, as a business opportunity, it's still an MLM that is encouraging recruitment.
So my verdict is not.

I am not going to recommend it to you unless you truly believe and patronize their product.

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So that ends my Tocara review. 

I hope you have been enlightened. If you have questions or clarifications, please feel free to share them below.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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