The AWOL Academy Review – Legitimate Course but So Many Up-Sells. Is It Worth It?

The AWOL Academy Review Summary

Name: AWOL Academy


Founders:  Kameron George & Keala Kanae

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing

Price: $99 + up-sells totaling around $15,000

Quick Summary: The AWOL Academy is an online training program on affiliate marketing designed for people who want to start online business. It would have been a great course if it didn't offer these many up-sells. Learn more about AWOL Academy and why I don't recommend it. 

Overall Rating: 4/10

Recommended: No

What is AWOL Academy About?

AWOL Academy is designed for individuals of all experience levels who are looking to build up a business online. The name stands for “Another Way of Life” and is brought to you by some of the people involved in Empower Network which by the way went out of business. 

Who is Keala Kanae?

Keala is an online entrepreneur who has a long story of starting in the business industry and he finally made it with affiliate marketing and then created different courses which eventually led him to creating AWOL Academy. Here is a great video interview of Keala by Business Rockstars in case you want to learn more about him: 

AWOL Academy claims that you will learn how to create solid marketing campaigns following their proven strategies, and also learn how to optimize your campaigns to best impact the bottom line of your business. 

Moreover they claim that you will earn $10,000 within your first 90 days and if you don't make that money you can ask for a refund.  

Does this sound too good?

How Much Does AWOL Academy Cost?

Let me just start by saying that entire AWOL Academy is very well thought out on how to up-sell anyone who decides to give AWOL Academy a try. You will quickly learn below how this is done. I like their creativity: 

PRO ACADEMY (AWOL 101 Coaching) - $99 per month

For just $99 you can get started with AWOL Academy through the Pro Academy. This is designed for beginners and takes you through how to create a sales funnel and how to convert traffic to paying customers. This is a 5 module course which also includes a coach who would be assisting you in the beginning. 

You also learn about a website, domain and lead pages. But this is where you already need to spend money on this: 

  1. LeadPages - $48 a month
  2. Email Autoresponder - $15 a month
  3. ClickMagic tracking system - $12 a month

$99 might not seem like a bad price for a program – and it’s not – but the issue is that you will realize through this beginners course that it will not really get you far and you need to upgrade to their next level of training called Inbox Training –


Here you learn everything about Email marketing specifically how to start an Email list, how to work with it, improve your open rate and how to engage with your audience by building trust with them. Then you move up to the Conversion Academy,


Here the word "Conversion" speaks for itself. Basically you will learn the secrets on how to create powerful content, sales strategies like powerful story-telling techniques, use of images, videos in order to be an authority for your audience which will definitely convert. 

Do you see how you have to buy all these courses because you can't really use one without another one. Isn't this super creative?


Here you will learn about CPA (cost-per-action) ads. Another words AWOL Academy specifically focuses on paid traffic which can derive from: 

  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Bing Ads

You will have to do very accurate cost analysis in order to spend money efficiently so that you don't waste too much money by experimenting with ads. There is nothing much covered on Free traffic like SEO. 


When I reviewed AWOL Academy originally this course was $3,497 but I guess due to popular demand it increased to $5,497. Here you learn everything about management and strategic vision. This course has 3 modules:

  1. Mind Hacks
  2. Wealth Strategies
  3. Solopreneur to CEO

You will learn everything about outsourcing some of your tasks, increasing sales and building wealth with your online business. 

AWOL ELITE -$9,997 

AWOL Elite is the highest tier/up-sell offered by AWOL Academy. You basically get personal coaching by a successful member from AWOL Academy including Keala and Kameron. There are also weekly webinars and lots of other perks here.

All in all, from start to finish the training program costs you over $15,000. I mean seriously you are going to throw $15,000 to someone who you don’t even know if you can trust.

Based on their involvement with Empower Network I wouldn’t trust them $100.  I don’t care even if they created a good program but the fact that it’s designed to get you in with a smaller fee first and then upsell within the program – is a way for creators of the program to maximize their profits.

You may say, but Vasiliy they have a great training program and it may very well worth it....

Well.. Let me break this down for you as a comparison between AWOL Academy and Wealthy Affiliate

AWOL Academy vs Wealthy Affiliate

1. Which Program is More Popular based on Google Search Traffic

This data is based on top 3 most searched keywords using a Keyword Tool called Jaaxy (Free tool included with Wealthy Affiliate. Regular price is $19.95)

As you can see Wealthy Affiliate is more than 2 times popular than AWOL Academy. Next is:

2. Price Comparison

AWOL Academy

  • $99 per month 
  • $15K in Up-sells
  • No Tools included

Wealthy Affiliate

  • $49 per month 
  • NO Up-sells
  • Free Hosting/Keyword Tool

Now which one do you think a beginner can afford? In fact here is more detailed comparison on features between the 2 programs:

So Why can't AWOL Academy offer everything in their program for just $99 per month. In that case they would be on par with Wealthy Affiliate by offering good value for affordable price. But this is not what AWOL Academy is interested in. 

Moreover there is AWOL Academy Affiliate Program which by the way costs $39.95 per month. And it allows you to earn 30% commission from all these courses and also 3% from all your referrals who also sell AWOL Academy courses. So there is MLM element. 

For aggressive affiliate marketers AWOL Academy is a heaven because they can earn a ton of money if someone buys at least half of these up-sells. 

Is AWOL Academy a Scam?

NO - AWOL Academy is not a SCAM and the main reason for that is they do have quite comprehensive training program which can teach a person on how to learn affiliate marketing and hopefully start making money. 

But for me after reviewing more than 200 programs I can tell that AWOL Academy clearly centered around up-sells which is very unfortunate. There are many programs that offer very decent education either for 1 high price like $1997 or monthly fee of $47-$99.

            I am Vasiliy, 

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Are there AWOL Academy Complaints?

Most complains include all the varying levels of the program - the fact that you are upsold every step of the way. Each level provides just a bit of information, but then you are told to learn the real secret to success, you need to move up to the next level of training.

The coach that you get in Pro Academy tier schedules a call session where he supposedly is trying to learn more about you in order to better understand how to help you but in reality they are trying to sense on how to offer you their next up-sell. 

Here is what some of their customer say from
awol academy complains

Although they do have a B rating on BBB with 68 total reviews and 23 complaints. So there are some happy customers and those who complained for number of reasons.  



  • Full refund policy with no questions asked
  • Mentors and coaches available to you
  • Offers legitimate education on affiliate marketing


  • You are subjected to huge up-sells
  • The program training courses are extremely costly
  • There is a heavy focus on paid advertising

One thing that AWOL Academy offers that not all programs do is a full refund policy. With no questions asked, for 14 days after purchase you will be able to request a full refund.

Another benefit is that you are given access to experienced internet marketers who can assist with personal questions and provide advice, but be careful as they can try to lure you in to buying their next tier up-sell. 

However, the few benefits of the program do not outweigh the negatives. The program is TOO COSTLY to offer any real value and you will always be pushed to move to the next level of training to finally reveal the ticket to success.

The training is very generalized in the beginning. There is also a heavy focus on paid advertising, which is not only tricky to master, but also tacks on extra expenses to the overall cost of the training courses.


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Who Is It For?

AWOL Academy is for people just starting out in online business who have thousands of dollars to spare. Generally, people looking to make money online have a limited cash flow to begin, which doesn’t make this program feasible for most.

$99 isn’t a bad price to start, but the value provided in the lower levels of training is very basic. After completing Pro Academy, you will be forced to move up to higher levels if you want to truly find success with an online business.

Based on the astronomical prices, this is not a program that I recommend for anyone, least of all beginners with limited cash flow at the time.

Final Opinion/Verdict

At first glance the AWOL Academy seems like it might offer some value. The website is well done and the training courses are laid out right there. The issue is that the training is generalized and the price tag is just too high for what you actually get from it.

Over $15,000 for a training course like this is just too expensive, especially for beginners who are the ones that might consider using this program.

They draw members in with a low $99 fee for the introductory program and then continue to drain wallets with “advanced” training courses and videos.

Save yourself thousands of dollars and consider one of the other more legitimate and affordable online marketing training courses that will allow you to sleep calmly overnight and not think about all the pressure to upgrade you get from AWOL Academy. 

Let me know if you have any feedback on AWOL Academy below: 

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