What is CashCrate About?

Name: CashCratecash_crate5

Website: www.cashcrate.com
Price: Free to Join
Owners: CashCrate, LLC
Overall Rank:  7 out of 10
Who it’s for: Newbie – Expert


What is CashCrate.com?

CashCrate is the most complete survey website you can find online. I have done many surveys in the past and used Swagbucks, Global Test Market and My Survey but CashCrate is a much better place to actually earn money from taking surveys and referring people in to the program.

In my CashCrate 2016 review I will unveil everything you need to know about being a member of CashCrate and what is the best way to make money with this opportunity.

Here is How to Earn with CashCrate

When you create your account and login to the member’s area these are the sections you are going to see and here is what you need to know about them:


These are real cash offers where you get paid for performing a task such as: testing somecash_crate6 product, downloading an app, doing some research, signing up for some promotion etc… Some of these offers will require you to sign up for a Free Trial with a credit card, however you are still making money by completing the task, just don’t forget to cancel all the free trials you are going to signup for. There are many subscription type of tasks, therefore keep a notepad and record everything you subscribed for and cancel it promptly.


These are typical surveys which you would normally fill out. A good thing you can take many surveys and you don’t get screened out unlike many other survey sites. You will be asked to provide your personal information numerous times which can get a little annoying, but that is just how survey sites work. Surveys usually don’t pay that much anywhere from 50 cents to a few dollars. You will need to put some hours to see your money accumulating.



This comes handy only if you are planning on buying something online from places like: Walmart, Bestbuy, Lowes and many other well known online stores. I found this pretty cool, why not get points for all your online shopping and get extra rewards.

Bonus Surveys

More surveys here, however most of them pay very little like 50 cents but have good giveaways such as: printable coupons for haircut, free products, free subscriptions and much more. I would be very selective in this section especially with all the free trial offers.

Cash Tasks

Other low paying tasks which I would mostly avoid and sometimes this section is not even working, so you can mostly skip this.

Bonus Offers

These are similar to cash offers but there are some offers which offer higher payouts – so definitely monitor this section and again read carefully all the offers where you have to subscribe for a Free trial.

Play Games

Yes there is a section where you can play different online games and earn points for that. Mostly these are low paying games, therefore I wouldn’t spend too much time here.

Watch Videos

These are mostly commercials from different companies. This is also low paying section which I would not bother too much spending time on.

The best money making categories are: Offers, Surveys, Bonus Offers.

CashCrate Referral Program

CashCrate has one of the best referral programs you can ever find for survey websites. It is 2 level commission structure which allows you to maximize your earning potential. As a new member you will get 20% commission from your direct sign-ups and when your referrals also bring in new members you get 10% commission from them as well.

It gets even better. There are 5 referral levels:

  • Bronze: 20% commission from Level 1 and 10% from Level 2
  • Silver: 25% commission from Level 1 and 10% from Level 2
  • Gold: 25% commission from Level 1 and 15% from Level 2
  • Platinum: 30% commission from Level 1 and 15% from Level 2
  • Elite: 30% commission from Level 1 and 20% from level 2

You get more benefits when you move up the levels there are: personalized promotions and payout is quicker than for lower levels.

How to Get CashCrate Referrals?

There are several ways you can get referrals:

  1. You can create a Website like mine. In fact here is a link where you can create 2 Free Websites. You can create very nice WordPress website and blog about CashCrate. This will drive traffic from search engines.
  2. Social Networks. CashCrate gives you good marketing tools to place their banners on social networks like: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+. Social networks are the fastest way to get your referrals.
  3. YouTube. You can create a video about CashCrate referral program and attract free traffic within YouTube channel. This is how I learned about CashCrate in the past.

Here is a video which describes how CashCrate referral program works:


  • Legit site that has been around and actually pays
  • Good referral program
  • Several ways to earn money
  • User interface is very nicely organized
  • Community Forum unlike other Survey Websites


  • Earning potential is not life changing opportunity
  • You have to keep track of all the offers you signed up for and cancel on time
  • Based on numerous comments CashCrate sells your personal info to 3rd party

Overall CashCrate has more positive experience, however if you research online you will also find lots of negative user comments. What you really need to know is that CashCrate can sell your personal information to 3rd party companies and you may get bombarded with phone calls and emails.

You have to also keep track of all the offers and free trials you sign up for. Most people complain since they forget to cancel on time or not reading promotions properly etc.. You have to keep on checking your bank statements and make sure everything looks clean. My personal advise to use American Express card if you have one as they have the best Customer Service when it comes to fraudulent charges.

Here is what in general people are saying:

cash_crate7 cash_crate8

The thing is CashCrate claims they have more than 6 million members and with these many people there always will be problems and complaints. Many issues arise due to the nature of this business where you have to keep track of everything you do, other problems due to the low income potential. And even then this is one of the better survey sites you can use. I have done many surveys in the past and I reviewed many of these companies on this site and all of them have some issues, but CashCrate still is a better opportunity.

Just like mentioned earlier CashCrate or any other survey site is not a Life Changing opportunity, therefore you will never be happy with what you earn as you are going to put lots of hours and hard work for a fairly small compensation.

If you want to earn $2,000 – $10,000 per month and build solid online business then you should read my full review on #1 Recommended Product.

Many people looking for an additional income and start taking surveys online, but that is a wrong direction to take as it will lead you to exhaustion and frustration. I have been there and have realized that. You need to build a proper online business with full training and you will realize how rewarding online business can be.


CashCrate has Email Support but what really stands out is a Member forum where you can interact with other members. This is the only survey site where I have seen an actual forum with live members. You can discuss literally everything from which surveys to take to where to get referrals for CashCrate.


Final Opinion/Verdict

Is CashCrate Legit? – Yes it is certainly a legit survey site you can find online. Is CashCrate worth it? – It really depends on you. If you really want to try taking online surveys then I do recommend it, just keep in mind that actual money is in the referral program and not surveys themselves as they will get pretty annoying after some time.

Also always keep on the lookout for everything you do and what personal information you provide as it may be sold to other 3rd party companies and you will be bombarded with phone calls and emails. This is just a nature of all survey sites. They all build a Contact Info List which they later sell to other companies.

As mentioned earlier CashCrate is definitely not a Life Changing opportunity if this is what you are seeking online. You can save yourself some time and energy and get yourself rolling with an opportunity which will help you build stable residual online income.



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