What is Nerium About – Is it a Real Business Opportunity?

Name: Nerium
Website: https://www.nerium.com
Price: $49.95 for Brand Partner Launch Kit, plus product costs
Founders: Jeff Olson
Overall Ranking: 3/10
Who’s it For: Newbies


What is Nerium About?

Nerium is a company that sells beauty products through “Brand Partners” and is essentially an MLM business venture. The products that they sell range from the NeriumAD Age-Defying Treatment, to other beauty products and creams. These products apparently go above and beyond other creams, due to their use of oleander extract, which has been tested through third-party clinical trials.

The business opportunity here is to become a Brand Partner. These Brand Partners act as independent consultants to sell the Nerium products. Multi-level-marketing also comes into play, because you can also generate income by recruiting others to become Brand Partners.

This review will mostly focus on the business opportunity that Nerium has to offer and whether it’s worth investing your time and money.

Is Nerium a Scam?

The negative Nerium reviews 2017 that are surfacing throughout the web, as well as the Nerium reviews complaints, really makes you wonder whether Nerium is a scam or legitimate. There are many complaints throughout Nerium reviews, mainly centered on their business opportunity.

First, the cost to become a Brand Partner is exorbitant. You will have to front $49.95 for a Launch Kit, and then purchase the product on top of that. We’ll get into those costs in more detail later, but one of the main issues with Nerium is that there are monthly purchase and sale requirements. In order to make money, you must keep your account “active” and that means either selling a certain amount of product a month, or simply buying it even if you don’t sell it. This tactic is dishonest and adds additional costs to their system.

Additionally, Brand Partners are also known for being pushy, because they work on a commission basis and are forced to sell very expensive product.

Does this mean an outright Nerium MLM scam is taking place? No, but there are some shady business practices taking place. This is definitely a product-based pyramid scheme that guarantees no financial results and is something that you should steer clear of.

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Right away the price will cause most interested parties to turn away. The Brand Partner Basic Kit will cost you $49.95. That might not seem too overwhelming, but that Launch Kit contains zero product, and simply has some marketing materials to help guide you.

The smallest pack of product, the Starter Pack, costs $249.95 and includes only three bottles of the Nerium night cream. There is also a Bronze Pack that costs $499.95 and contains 5 bottles, a Silver Pack for $999.95 that contains 16 bottles, and the Gold Pack that costs $1,749.95 and includes 34 bottles. Beyond that, the Nerium Edge, which is a subscription to online resources, will cost $29.95 monthly. You’re talking about an upfront cost of over $300 just to get started selling. That is a hefty expense to front, especially because you are stuck selling these expensive bottles.

Pros / Cons


  • You are selling an actual product
  • You can sell through whichever means you prefer


  • The startup costs are extraordinarily high
  • There is an MLM aspect
  • There have been Nerium skin care complaints with the product
  • There are monthly purchase/sale requirements
  • Brand Partners are often pushy and resort to selling to their friends and family

When you look at Nerium, you might be excited to find a business opportunity where you are selling an actual product. Additionally, you are able to sell NeriumAD through whichever means you prefer, which is a stark contrast to some other business opportunities that limit you to home sales or face to face interactions.

Those benefits aside, the list of negatives that come with Nerium is much longer.

First, the product that you are selling actually receives many complaints. People either experience rashes or acne, or see no difference in their skin at all. This is not okay when they are paying such a high cost for a face cream.

You want proof? Just Google: “Nerium Complaints”. Here is what BBB has to say:

Nerium Complaints

If you also want latest reviews on the product and the entire Brand Partner experience – a great place to check them out will be Amazon. I decided not to post any examples of negative reviews, but they can be all found on amazon.com. Basically you will see some 42% of happy people and 32% of unhappy people who did not only review the product but also reviewed the whole experience of being a brand partner.

Beyond issues with the product, the MLM aspect of Nerium, as well as the incredibly costly startup expenses make it very difficult to get behind this business opportunity. When monthly requirements are added to the mix that is where this product completely fails on the legitimacy scale. With members paying upfront for the product that they receive commission on, there is no need to require them to buy a certain amount of product every month, whether they’ve sold it or not.

But the thing is – it is very common among MLM companies to upsell their own Brand Partners and train them to upsell everyone else around them.

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Who Is It For

In all honesty, I cannot recommend this program to anyone. The startup costs are large to begin with, but add in monthly requirements and the business opportunity seems even less appealing. However, if you think you have a great network and the ability to move this type of beauty products while also recruiting other Brand Partners, then you can certainly try it, although today in 2017 there are way better options to start your business online.

Training Tools / Support

With Nerium, there is actually very little training provided. In the Basic Partner Kit, you will receive personal marketing websites, marketing materials, an online business center, a success planner and a compensation plan.

Additionally, you are given training materials. However, all of the training that you receive basically teaches you pressure selling tactics and when the audience is your family and friends, this can lead to strained relationships.

If you spring for the Nerium Edge, a $29.95 monthly subscription to their online resources, you will get access to a few more training materials. This provides entry to the Communication Center where you can ask questions, as well as a subscription to the Success Magazine that provides additional tips and strategies. However, with the cost of the products, making members pay even more per month to get access to more training materials and support seems shady.

Final Opinion / Verdict

To put it simply, Nerium is not a legitimate business opportunity. There are of course anomalies where Brand Partners do generate real income, but those people are few and far in between. In reality, you are much more likely to find yourself stuck with expensive product that you cannot sell, which resorts to you trying to push it on family members and relatives to meet your monthly requirements and keep your account active. Take my advice and stay away from the Nerium MLM business opportunity, especially when there are more legitimate opportunities available.


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