August 27, 2016

What is – What You Really Need to Know

Name: SFI Marketing Groupsfi_home_page2

Price: $0 Starter Membership + up-sells
Owners: Gery Carson, Carson Services, Inc
Overall Rank: 5 out of 10
Who it’s for: Newbie – Expert


What is SFI? also known as SFI Marketing Group or is one of the oldest online marketing organizations that markets different products through it’s own Ecommerce platform called Tripleclicks. Members of SFI can re-sell products offered on and receive up to 45% commission.

SFI was created by Gery Carson and has been around for 18 years now and it is owned by a company called Carson Services Inc. SFI is very proud to stay this long on the market unlike many other similar companies and moreover SFI is a Bronze Member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

This review specifically focuses on pointing out all the pros and cons of this program, what you need to know to have an informative decision whether this program is worth a try.

3 Ways to Make Money with SFI

SFI promotes 3 methods to make money with this program. Here they are:

1. Internet Sales

You can sell products from and receive 45% commission from sales. You can also invite vendors to sell their products on and receive royalties every time they have a sale. Lastly sell your own products on and have other affiliates re-sell them.

2. Team Sales

This is typical MLM approach. You refer people in to the program and receive “override commission” up to 12 referred members in the downline. You will make money whenever anyone in your downline buys something from

3. Profit Sharing

When you accumulate 1500 VersaPoints (points assigned for different activities within SFI) you will be entered in to Revenue Share Pool where every month SFI sets aside certain percentage of their revenue from Tripleclicks sales and splits these funds among the members who maintain 1500 VersaPoints monthly.



  • SFI has been around for almost 2 decades. Legit company
  • Offers Free account, not a free trial
  • Lots of great training resources within member’s area
  • Not a Get Rich Quick program, does not promote hype of overnight profits
  • Good Community Support especially for newbies


  • Typical MLM company
  • Up-sells within member’s area
  • Will you really buy anything on Is it better than Amazon?
  • Really tough to make a real earning with this opportunity for most people

Although SFI doesn’t like to be called MLM but they have all the signs of multi-level-marketing program. If you ask why I don’t like MLM? Well the owners of the system are the ones who make REAL money and you will be fighting hard to earn your small portion. And moreover your freedom is limited on what you can usually do within MLM, in this case you have to re-sell products from What if I don’t like I have been part of several MLM programs such as Vemma, Siberian Health and Amway. They all have great products but it is absolutely hard to start making money with MLM especially for newbies.

Here is What to Expect as a Member of SFI

SFI offers a free account right? But do you want to be successful? These are some of the nicely crafted up-sells you will need to buy in order to promote this program:

  • Triplecards – $4.13 for 50 cards
  • S-builder co-op – $22 per month
  • Domain – $129
  • Magnetic sign for the car – $32.99
  • SFI T-shirt – $16.99


These are only a few, there are many more. As an affiliate you will be recommended to get all these products to promote SFI effectively. SFI has many affiliate partnerships with other companies where they directing you to buy different products to promote SFI. Also quite honestly these are all very old techniques to use these days. You will be advised to hand out postcards to your local Pizza shops, ordering a magnetic sign for your car, wearing a T-shirt and of course bothering your family and friends about this amazing opportunity. Here is a glimpse of their marketing methods:sfi_promote_to_friends

The only thing I kind of liked was S-builder co-op where you can buy for about 72 cents a day an entry to participate in SFI global marketing campaign that will help you get sign-ups. This might be a nice option, although members of SFI in the forum share mixed results and many state it would not be enough to build a sustainable income.

Have You Heard of

SFI claims they have a huge Ecommerce website with more than 90,000 products and they operate in over 160 countries worldwide, but have you heard about before? I don’t think so however we all know what is.

First of all this website designed very poorly, it looks like it was built about 10 years ago and has not been updated much since then, but let’s say we don’t care about this. Now imagine if SFI members get 45% commission from sale then what are the prices on Here is a quick simple comparison:



You can Google any product from and see for yourself a huge difference. Ecommerce websites these days are fighting to offer lower prices but definitely not because it is designed specifically for its members to sell products at super high prices. Why would someone buy anything there when it’s almost double the price. And moreover filled with lots of products you will have to find a real use for. You can’t just go there like on and buy anything YOU WANT TO BUY. Companies like Amazon, New Egg offer 4-5% commission but they guarantee the lowest price possible and this is how it works TODAY.

SFI doesn’t offer any unique products like other MLM companies such as: Vemma, Amway, Herbalife therefore there is no reason you should overpay for the same products you can buy elsewhere online.

If you want to learn more about the program that really works today you can read my Full Review on #1 Recommended Product Here:

Training/Tools Overview

SFI has everything you need to promote their opportunity in both old-fashioned MLM style and also Online. If you like MLM type of businesses and like personal interaction then this is what you will do:

You will be asked to hustle your friends and family and anyone you meet outside with this type of approaches that include: handing out postcards, social media, personal interaction, email marketing, regular mail and much more. To me this is the most annoying thing you can do to your family and friends –  having them to buy overpriced products from or join the program and become a hustler just like yourself 🙂

There is also separate online marketing aspect but it is not even close to what Wealthy Affiliate offers. You will touch base on some of the elements that include blogging, PPC, Social Media, some SEO, but this is not the most effective way to promote your business online as you will have to do lots of researching yourself rather than learning effective methods that work Today. Don’t take my word for it you can create an account with SFI and check it out yourself.


What I liked in SFI was support. You will get support from your sponsor. I also found member’s forum to be very well organized and it has lots of good quality information not just how to promote SFI but how to build business in general that includes marketing techniques as well as psychological aspects of how to keep on going forward and not giving up.


This is one of the largest forums I have seen, but the biggest problem is that you are bound to re-sell products offered on, you can’t choose which affiliate program to use and which products to re-sell and that is why SFI is MLM where it will be very tough to start seeing real results. The owners of SFI are the ones who make most of the money and their affiliates help them every step of the way.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Is SFI a Scam? Not really it is legit online opportunity which trains people how to promote SFI to others and re-sell products from Is SFI worth it? I personally didn’t find this product to be a great business opportunity that will work for most people in today’s market. You should not be bound to any Ecommerce website or any particular approach and have a freedom to re-sell what you want and how you want it And this is why Wealthy Affiliate uses more simple but far better and effective approach to build online business.

Time is most important and this is why you want to invest it wisely with opportunity that will give you multiple tools and multiple options to build your business in any desired niche whether you want to sell clothes online or maybe promote some fitness program or like cooking or any other interest you may have. You can build your business around hundreds of niches and become successful very quickly.

I hope my review helps. I welcome anyone to share their thoughts on SFI below.



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