What is The Most Effective Way to Make Money with a Website?

Have you ever wondered what is the most effective way to make money with a website? There are millions of ways small-business-2014you can start business online but the biggest question is – What is the right way to do this? You don’t want to waste your time and spend a ton of money on your online adventure to only realize later on it was not worth your time and money. It can get very expensive from website building to starting your online opportunity if you don’t know how to do it the right way.

I have spent countless hours in the past finding the best online opportunity which would require no initial capital and allow me to build online business in the short period of time.

Here I am going to explain the whole process in 4 simple steps which is absolutely mind blowing when you find out how easy and effective it is to start your own business with this approach. It is very straight forward and super powerful because you can start as soon as NOW and get rolling with absolutely $0.00 out of pocket. Here we go:

Step 1 – Choose Your Interest

Before you create a website you want to decide what to build your website about. It works better if you have an interest or passion for something. This way It will be easier and more exciting to work on your website. What are you most passionate about? Do you have an interest or hobby perhaps? If you are still not sure there are millions of ideas online you can tap in to and find out what interest to focus on for your website.

Step 2 – Create a Website

Once you decided on your niche you want to build a website. Creating a website has become very easy these days. websitesYou no longer need the skills to write a code for the website and you don’t have to pay anyone to build one for you. WordPress is the best thing ever happened for people like you and me to create professional looking website in few simple steps. All you need is the hosting and domain for your website. I recommend SiteRubix for the hosting. It is Free if you use their domain and only $9.95 if you want to register your own.

Step 3 – Attract Visitors

A key to success of your website lies in getting traffic to your website. There are many ways to attract visitors to your website. These are the most powerful ones:

  • Social Networks  (Facebook, You Tube, Pinterest, Twitter, Google +)
  • SEO (organic ranking – FREE traffic)
  • PPC (pay-per-click – most targeted and fastest ways to get traffic)
  • Email Marketing (takes time to setup but can be very beneficial in the long run)

Step 4 – Earn Revenue

Once you have traffic to your website you will start earning revenue. And here is how it works:

Let’s say you choose as a nice to promote DSLR Cameras. You can build a website around: “What is the Best DSLRDSLR_Camera Camera for Beginners ?” You can build your website reviewing 10 different DSLR cameras and helping your visitors to decide which one would be most ideal for them by giving your personal feedback.

When your visitors decide which camera to purchase they will be directed to Amazon website to buy a camera and you will receive commission for their purchase. This is called Affiliate Marketing. It’s the most powerful way to make money online. You don’t need to have those cameras in stock, you don’t care about shipping them – all you need is simply create a website to drive traffic to your camera reviews and re-direct your visitors to Amazon.com and earn commission.

Why Affiliate Marketing is The Best Way to Start Business Online?

  • It is very easy to setup
  • No Initial capital is required
  • No Inventory, No shipping, No Customer Service, No Returns
  • There are millions of affiliate programs for any given interest
  • Commissions are paid as high as up to 70% on many products and services
  • You can target an entire world to promote products

I can’t emphasize enough how simple it is to start making money with a website using million affiliate programs out there. All you need is to get proper training and by that I mean – Step by Step Guide from setting up a website to building your online business with all marketing strategies in place. And this is why Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to do this. You can read my Full Review Here:

Here is How YOU Can Get Started Online 30 Seconds From Now!30-seconds

  1. Go to WealthyAffiliate.com
  2. Fill Out Your Details to Create a Free Starter Account
  3. YOU ARE IN!

You Will Get Access to:

  1. Getting Started Guide
  2. 300,000+ of Real Community members
  3. Live Chat 24/7 for any questions to answer
  4. 2 FREE Websites
  5. Super fast hosting by SiteRubix
  6. Free Keyword Research Tool
  7. Absolutely FREE to Start with No Catches

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P.S. Again, Wealthy Affiliate is COMPLETELY FREE to get started. No catches, no obligations, no smoke and mirrors. I am also going to be in touch with you personally upon joining to offer my support to help you get up and running online.

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