Easy Retired Millionaire Review – Why You Should Never Trust This Automated Money-Making System

easy millionaire retirement scam review

Welcome to My Easy Retired Millionaire Review!

A lot of people dreamed about retiring on an early age; however, not everyone has the opportunity to do so. Despite the presence of a stable source of income, saving enough money to cover all expenses when you’re done working is pretty challenging especially with the economy nowadays.

Easy Retired Millionaire Review Summary

Name: Easy Retired Millionaire

Website: www.easyretiredmillionaire.com

Founders: Cris

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Program

Price: $47 To Become An Affiliate

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Quick Summary: Another ClickBank product that’s questionable in many ways, Easy Retired Millionaire is an affiliate marketing training platform that claims to help you make massive amount of cash as soon as you purchase the program.

Apart from the exaggerated claims, the said platform has many red flags to watch out for which I will discuss in a bit.

Overall Rating: 1/10

Recommended: No

Because of this, most of us fall for schemes that claim to help us make cash quickly, such as the online platform called “Easy Retired Millionaire.” In just a few clicks, the company assert that you can create thousands of dollars every week.

  • But how true are these claims?
  • Can you really make money even without doing anything?
  • Is Easy Retired Millionaire a scam or a legit program?
  • These and all the other questions you are dying to ask -- answered!

What Is Easy Retired Millionaire About?

When you look at Easy Retired Millionaire’s website, you might only end up feeling more and more clueless. No “About Us” page, no contact details, no blog posts, and nothing else except a video that I’ve seen a dozen times from other similar websites. The video will not explain what their system is really about rather, it will tell you how you can make an insane amount of cash in just a few clicks.

If you analyze the video or in case you have purchased the program, the opportunity that Easy Retired Millionaire offers is affiliate marketing, which, by the way, is legitimate; however, there are a lot of programs using it as a disguise to conceal their fraudulent or low-quality platforms.

In case you’ve never heard of affiliate marketing or you just want to understand it even more, affiliate marketing is a method that allows affiliates (publishers) earn a commission by completing a task given by the advertiser. It can be anything -- getting leads, signing up forms, creating a sale, etc. It is not a get rich scheme but it is possible to make good money out of this program, or even a passive income if you have committed fully to it and you’ve found the best affiliate marketing platform that suits your needs.

Is Easy Retired Millionaire A Scam?

Easy Retired Millionaire is another ClickBank product that, although not a scam, is low quality. It is legit in a sense that when you pay, you’ll receive a product; however, it may not deliver any of its promises. After all, Easy Retired Millionaire has a lot of red flags to consider, such as the pop up message that says how Chris, the owner, has earned $35k using an autopilot, how an “evergreen” course can help you create money in just an hour, and his “3-Step Trick” that he has never explained in the video.

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Like the other lousy programs I’ve reviewed in the past:

The claims are exaggerated and unbelievable especially when he said that you will get $15,000 every week, which is $60,000 a month, while he only earns $35,000.

First, why would the owner allow you to make more money than him, and second, despite all the advancements today, you cannot just make that massive amount in just a few clicks.

Other than that, the testimonials are either sketchy or scripted… or both. I don’t know about you but after a couple of years debunking scams, I can easily sense when that person’s testimonial is a fake or not.

And to confirm my suspicions, I will just visit a famous freelance spot for those who want to hire an effective spokesperson, Fiverr. Here’s just one actor paid for telling a fake testimonial.

easy millionaire retirement fake review 2
easy millionaire retirement fake fiverr actor

Aside from this, the website also cleared “Ryan Wise” is a pen name. I don’t think the name was mentioned anyway but whoever he is, I don’t think it makes any sense to use a pen name if you are marketing a business or selling a product unless you don’t want anyone to reach you when they have a complaint or worse, they want to sue you.

easy millionaire retirement fake owner

And “Chris”, who is supposedly the owner of the program, has not disclosed anything about himself (not even his surname), so without a doubt, this is another fake name. How can you say Easy Retired Millionaire will work when you know nothing about its founder or the system at all?

Another red flag is the confidentiality of your personal information. It says that your email address, name, and telephone number will be shared to a “coaching partner” who will try to spam you with their lousy, useless products.

easy millionaire retirement scam review

You can watch the video below to know more about Easy Retired Millionaire.


Easy Retired Millionaire costs $47, which, by the way, is cheap if you offer a quality affiliate marketing training program; however, for a system like this, it’s a total waste of time and money.

While you can definitely know how affiliate marketing works and the techniques you should use to generate good traffic and earn massive commissions for free, you cannot ignore the fact that you need assistance.

Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran in this field, a step-by-step guidance is crucial as well as an active community that will help you grow your business. If you’re interested in this concept, I suggest my top recommended program. You can sign up now for free and receive almost all the training and tools you need.

The best part is, you’ll have all the necessary details about the company such as the real owners, real reviews from its members, and a lot more.

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60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Thanks to ClickBank, you can have a refund within 60 days should you realize that Easy Retired Millionaire is not worth your time and money. Perhaps, this is the only thing I like about the program.


Fake Owner

No other details provided about the owner except the name “Chris”. You can’t follow him on any of his social media accounts nor send him an email in case you have questions or complaints.

Fake Testimonials

Paid actors sharing their supposed-to-be experience and earnings? You’re not even certain if they have purchased the product in the first place.

No Information About The Company At All

One of the best ways to do before purchasing a program or even signing up for it is to know as much details as possible about it. How transparent are they with their clients? Do they have a good reputation? Or you can’t answer any of these questions because they don’t share anything about the company and the system?

Using “Autopilot” System

Many scams or get rich quick schemes will attract consumers by claiming that they have an automated system you can use to create an income. First of all, any legit affiliate marketing program will not offer you such system simply because you cannot earn in just a few clicks. 


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Who Is it For?

I don’t recommend it to anyone. If you believe in the power of affiliate marketing in terms of helping you create money or even a passive income, you should only consider legitimate systems such as Wealthy Affiliate.

wealthy affiliate reviews

Like other legit programs, it has a number of pros and cons, too but no one can deny the fact that it has helped a lot of people grow their online businesses. But, you have to really dive into the training, be active in the community, and apply the things you’ve learned to your website to make it work. If you really want to know if Wealthy Affiliate is a scam or if it’s even worth your time, the best thing to do is to try it yourself.

Training Tools/Support

The training provided by Easy Retired Millionaire will cover the following:

  • Making money online using CashCrate -- a legit platform that rewards you for completing tasks such as answering surveys.
  • Creating a car listing on Craigslist; however, instead directing the visitor to a real car listing, he/she will be lead to an auction site that will require them to become a member. This, in return, will reward you with a commission for a successful sign up.
  • An outdated method that involves submitting articles to Squidoo, which has been bought by HubPages in 2014 by the way,to generate traffic.
  • Introduction to ClickBank.
  • Building your own list through your own affiliate program, solo ads, purchasing ads from Webmasters, etc.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Easy Retired Millionaire is not a scam; it will provide you a product for the $47 you have paid for. However, it’s a waste of time and money. The program doesn’t explain what it reallys is in the first place and that alone should be enough to scare you away.

If you really want to make money online, especially by using affiliate marketing as a method, then you should trust only those who have proven their transparency and efficiency, such as Wealthy Affiliate. This affiliate marketing platform will help you make a good amount of cash especially if you believe in hard work, which may be a downside if you’re not. You see, this system won’t work in just a few clicks and it will not send a thousand dollars to your doorstep in just a few weeks; rather, it takes time and effort. The good news is: it can replace your regular job or even help you create a source of passive income.

What's Next?

Tired of looking for the best program that can help you create legit and real money online? Don’t worry, I got you! As long as you are willing to trade your time and effort, you will get desired results from our top-recommended program.

On top of this, you will enjoy several perks, such as:

  • Training resources
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Comprehensive guide
  • Webinars to help you start your business online
  • And many more!

If you want to know more about this program or have any questions and comments about this review, please feel free to share it down below and I’ll do my best to respond in the soonest possible time.

Thank you!

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