Examples of Wealthy Affiliate Websites – Free Website and Hosting with Free Membership. Get More Details

You may have probably heard or even researched about Wealthy Affiliate and their training program but still wondering what are the Examples of Wealthy Affiliate Websites?

In this post I will talk about what it takes to create a website within Wealthy Affiliate and discuss some of the cool features offered with their membership not found in many other programs.

Before we get to the actual website examples here are  7 coolest features that are included with Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership:

1) Fastest WordPress Website Builder

Wealthy Affiliate offers the fastest way to create a website literally under 30 seconds. They have simplified the entire process of building a website using WordPress.

You can choose from many given templates and build your website instantly either on their own siterubix domain or register your own domain. Here is a quick video how fast you can create a website: 

2) FREE Hosting

Wealthy Affiliate offers Free hosting and allows to create 10 websites for Premium members and 1 FREE website for FREE members and they can be all managed within member’s area. It’s very cool that you don’t have to pay anything extra for hosting which is not the case with most other competitors. 

Wealthy Affiliate uses Amazon S3 platform for hosting making website's speed blazing fast. 

3) 1 Free Website with Free Account

If you want to create a simple website and don’t really care much about website domain name then you can take advantage of 1 Free website offered by Wealthy Affiliate with Free membership.

Your websites will be hosted on siterubix.com domain. Free account is not a Free Trial it is Free membership. This is what it looks like. This is just a sample page:

free wealthy affiliate website

4) Top Website Security

In today’s era you might have heard many famous website being hacked all the time. Wealthy Affiliate takes security measures to the top level. Servers where websites are hosted provided by Amazon. Amazon has very advanced network architecture ensuring no one can hack their system and get to your website.

On top of this Wealthy Affiliate incorporated SPAM blocker and SSL security to ensure all communications with your website are encrypted. WA also performs a backup of each website that you create. And they also advise their customers to perform backups either through WordPress utility or Dropbox account.

5) 24/7 Support via Live Chat and Community

One of the reasons people love Wealthy Affiliate especially if you are new to website building or online marketing is their Support.

There is 24/7 Live Chat for Premium members and Community Support of close to 1 million members. You will never have a feeling that you got stuck in any part of the process. This level of support was one of the reasons I hosted my website with Wealthy Affiliate.

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6) Online Marketing Encyclopedia

Wealthy Affiliate has an encyclopedia within member’s area that has answers to literally any question you can think of about marketing or website building. You will find lots of useful answers which have been put in to testing by fellow members.

There are also training guides with step-by-step tutorials, or you can even post your specific question and get it answered directly.  Many of these features are more helpful than searching Google.

7) Free Keyword Tool

If you want your website to rank in search engines and get top ranking then you may have probably heard of keyword research tools. There are plenty of them online.

They really help you find low competition keywords that will help you drive traffic to your new website. Wealthy Affiliate offers Free keyword tool called Jaaxy with their membership. This keyword tool will not only show you competition for any given keyword – it will also give many suggestions and display other competing keywords to show what people are really looking for online.


So what kind of websites do people create in Wealthy Affiliate? It really depends whether you promote Wealthy Affiliate or create a website in your own desired niche. Let's look at some examples below: 


This website was created by Wealthy Affiliate member in WordPress. Basically you can purchase your Football Snack Helmets if you are a football fan. When you select your team and ready to buy a snack helmet – it will redirect you to Amazon to make a purchase.

Website owner will make commission from Amazon once you buy a snack helmet. This website makes really good money and this niche is very hot especially during football season.


Here is what my website looks like.  This is a blog type website for people who want to create a blog.  I promote Wealthy Affiliate because before I got to know them I had tried many Scam programs and wasted a lot of time. Now I know what I am doing and I see great results. I used ThriveArchitect to design this website. I think it looks quite professional. 

Here is the thing about WordPress themes. There are few thousands of Free Themes available online. Most of them are pretty basic however they do the job. But if you want to get more premium feel then you can use 3rd party websites and buy for like $100 any premium theme you want.


This website was created by another member of Wealthy Affiliate fairly recently. This website reviews different baby monitors and directs people to Amazon to make a purchase.



This website is in Make Money Online niche similar to mine. Kayin did a great job designing his website and providing lots of quality content for new and experienced marketers. 

As you can see Wealthy Affiliate uses WordPress and you can create essentially any website you want for Free. There is absolutely no reason to use any expensive services like wix.com or web.com – it can all be done for Free.

Also Wealthy Affiliate puts a huge emphases on content creation, so there is a huge focus on user experience and SEO. 

I hope I gave you some ideas and insights on what Wealthy Affiliate websites look like. For a full list of features for both Starter and Premium memberships check out below: 

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