Is Atomy A Scam? [Ponzi Scheme In Disguise?] The TRUTH About This Korean MLM Company

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Welcome to My Atomy Review!

Aside from health and wellness, another popular niche in network marketing is beauty. It’s no wonder though since many people wanted to enhance their appearance.

However, like trying cosmetics, it’s important to read reviews first before diving into the opportunity that they are offering -- just like what you are doing now.

Atomy Review Summary

Name: Atomy


Founders: Han-Gill Park

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: Free Membership + Products Every Month

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Quick Summary: Atomy is an MLM company that originated in South Korea. They promote beauty and skincare essentials as well as dietary supplements. They also offer an opportunity for individuals who want to start their business and make money.

Overall Rating: 3/10

Recommended: No

In this Atomy review, I’ll discuss what it’s really about, how you can make money with it, can you really make money with it, and more.


I’ll also share my #1 recommended program if you want to make money online without selling products or recruiting people.

What Is Atomy About?

Atomy is a multi-level marketing company that started in South Korea. It was founded by Han-Gill Park in 2009 and has gained popularity since then.

han-gill park of atomy

I won’t be surprised though since Korean beauty products have made a good impression all over the world. Most of their skincare and cosmetic essentials are made of high-quality ingredients.

However, does that mean Atomy’s products are good as well? Moreover, do they offer a legit opportunity to make money?

Atomy Products

I don’t see anything unique about the brand. In fact, it’s almost similar to other MLM programs I’ve reviewed in the past, such as Neora and PM International. These companies also sell beauty products at a very expensive price.

Anyway, Atomy is divided into seven categories: HemoHIM, Health, Beauty, Personal Care, Home, Food, Etc.

Under HEMOHim are dietary supplements that claim to boost the immune system. Same thing with Health; it includes essentials that support prostate health and stamina, reduce heart diseases, boosts memory functions, and more.

atomy products

For Beauty, it includes skincare and makeup essentials, such as lotions, moisturizers, lipstick, eye cream, face masks, and more. For Personal Care, there’s hand creams, shampoos, and conditioners, toothpaste sets, etc.

Under Home, there are cooking tools, fabric softeners, sponges, dish detergents, and more. For Food, there are coffee, olive oil, ramen, etc. They also sell plastic bags and leaflets.

Like usual MLM companies, the products that they are selling come at a steep price. For example, their Atomy Absolute Cellactive Skincare Set is around $260. That’s a huge amount to spend on skincare considering that many well-known brands are selling similar products at a cheaper price.

expensive atomy products

Atomy Product Reviews

While their products are obviously expensive, there are still users claiming how it helped improve their skin. However, like other brands, there are negative feedback as well and I’ll share it below.

Some user’s skin has benefited from their products while some find it useless. For me, this is just normal because skincare products are not one size fits all. What’s good for other users may not be good for you so I don’t really think that the negative reviews are bad things, especially if it’s just a minor breakout.

However, if it has adverse reactions, such as skin allergies, now that’s an issue to talk about. I’ve seen reviews from users complaining about swollen skin so it’s best to do further reviews before purchasing their products.

atomy positive reviews
atomy positive reviews
atomy negative reviews
atomy negative reviews

How To Make Money With Atomy?

Atomy offers three ways to make money: selling the products and recruiting people.

As a distributor, you have access to the wholesale or discounted price they offer and you can sell their essentials based on the suggested retail price (SRP). The difference between the two rates is your profit.

The next option is recruitment. As an MLM participant, you are required to invite more people to join the platform. Having a bigger team lets you earn commissions, bonuses, and other incentives because the concept is, the more people you have, the higher the chance you have to reach a sales quota.

Atomy Compensation Plan

Atomy follows a binary plan; meaning, their newly-recruited distributors are placed in either right or left leg.

If you want to increase your bonuses, commissions, and incentives, you have to focus on getting a higher rank. This means increasing your Personal Volume (PV) and recruiting more people to your team. 

Here’s a glimpse of their ranking:

  • Sales Representative
  • Agent
  • Special Agent
  • Dealer
  • Exclusive Distributor

I also found out that if you want to start earning commissions, you have to purchase at least 300,000 volume, which costs around $500 and left and right legs should also purchase the same amount every week.

To learn more about Atomy’s compensation plan, you can watch the video below:

Is Atomy A Scam?

The company’s been in the industry for over 10 years and until now, it’s operating in various countries, such as South Korea, the Philippines, Cambodia, Russia, Mexico, and other countries. So it’s safe to assume that it’s not a scam. However, I can’t recommend the company at all.

Judging by the looks of their website, I don’t think they put enough effort into their web design. Yes, it’s just aesthetics but for me, you must present your brand well if you want to gain trust and credibility.

Also, I wasn’t able to find enough information about Han-Gill Park. Most founders of the MLM companies I’ve reviewed in the past are very visible online. He did have a few videos online but still, it would make a difference if he’s transparent about who he is, what he does, and basically, every other important detail about him.

Another concern is the Income Disclosure Statement. They’ve been operating since 2009 so I assume that there’s enough time to gather the income statement of their distributors and share it with the public. I don’t see any reason why they are hiding unless they don’t want the world to know that their distributors are not earning at all.

It’s also unfortunate to know that they are focused on recruitment. While it’s normal for MLM participants to invite people to join the platform, it’s different when they put too much emphasis on recruitment.

Based on their compensation plan, they have to invite more and more people so they can earn commissions and bonuses and often, this makes MLM companies sound like a scam. 

Last but not least, the products. There are too many skincare and beauty essentials in the market and promoting them on a higher price doesn’t make selling easier. As a distributor, you have to know how you will make your products stand out to attract customers. Otherwise, your investment is doomed.

What I Like About Atomy

Honestly, I don’t like anything about the brand. It’s expensive and it’s focused on the recruitment part. For me, if you’re sincere about helping other people start a business, it would be better if you’ll focus on enhancing their sales and marketing skills and expertise.

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To become a distributor or Sales Agent, you just need to sign up and purchase their products that are worth 10,000 PV.

Who Is It For?

Considering the steep prices they have as well as their emphasis on recruitment, it’s ideal to join this brand if you have any experiences with MLM companies in the past. Also, it would be better if you have used their products and you can vouch for its effectivity.

Otherwise, you can consider other options to make money, such as blogging, working as a virtual assistant, or affiliate marketing


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Final Opinion/Verdict

Atomy has been in the industry for more than 10 years, which is a good thing. Some MLM programs won’t even last for a year because of their unethical practices. However, there are still a lot of things to consider before joining this brand or any other MLM company.

First, do you believe in the company and their products? Second, how comfortable are you with recruiting other people to join the program? And third, are you willing to invest a huge amount knowing that there’s only a small percentage to get it back?

If not, I suggest you skip this program and join my #1 alternative below!

What's Next?

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As always, I hope you like my Atomy review and if you have any concerns or you want to share your own experience with the company, please feel free to drop it below.

Thank you!

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