Is Freelife International A Scam? Is The Company Gone For Good Or What??

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Welcome to My Freelife International Review!

When it comes to networking companies, one of the most popular products is health supplements. It’s not a surprise though because many people are conscious about their well-being as well as their look.

Freelife International Review Summary

Name: Freelife International


Founders: Ray Faltinsky and Kevin Fournier

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $428 to $1,079.95 For The Quick Start Packs

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Quick Summary: Freelife International is an MLM company that’s been acquired by Youngevity. It promotes health and wellness products that claim to optimize health, reduce signs of aging, and lose weight. It faced controversies, such as the ones against its products.

Learn more by reading my Freelife International review below.

Overall Rating: 1/10

Recommended: No

Therefore, it’s easy to find multi-level marketing (MLM) companies that sell weight-loss products, anti-aging regimens, and the like.

In this post, we’ll talk about Freelife International -- a health and wellness brand that, like usual MLM companies, have weekly bonuses and other incentives for their distributors. It’s attractive enough to join but before you sign up, be sure to read this honest Freelife International review first.

Why? Here’s a hint: the company might just be too good to be true!

What Is Freelife International About?

Freelife International is a multi-level marketing company that promotes health and wellness essentials. It was founded in 1995 by Ray Faltinsky and Kevin Fournier with its headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona.

The brand has expanded and after a few years, they started distributing in other countries, like the United States, Trinidad & Tobago, Singapore, Puerto Rico, the Philippines, New Zealand, Mexico, Macau, Hong Kong, Canada, Bermuda, and Australia.

It’s mainly known for its “Himalayan Goji Juice” but not because of good reasons, and I’ll discuss more of that in a bit. For now, let’s talk about one drawback -- its website.

freelife international gochi juice

I’ve visited its website “” but it seems like the link was broken or taken down. That’s when I visited their Facebook Page.

The last update was in June 2017 and it refers to a new website called Sorvana. I clicked on it and then the link changed to Youngevity but guess what, it did not push through again.

After researching, I found out that Youngevity International has acquired Sorvana International in 2017, which means that they’ve also embraced Freelife International’s products.

Freelife International’s Product Line

As mentioned, their main product is called the “Himalayan Goji Juice.” It costs $174.99 for 4 bottles and it claims to:

  • Reduce fatigue
  • Enhance mood
  • Support mental health
  • Improve sleep
  • Aid immune system

It sounds like a promising health beverage if not because of the issue it’s been involved with.

A few years ago, a Canadian nutritionist named Earl Mindell made claims about the health benefits of the said juice, especially for cancer patients. A reporter of Canadian Broadcasting Corporation named Wendy Mesley even had a hidden investigation where the nutritionist made a statement about its anti-cancer properties.

freelife international product line

However, the investigation found out that 1.) Earl’s Ph. D. is not valid and 2.) his claims were never confirmed. 

In 2009, a lawsuit was filed against Freelife because of false claims and deceptive advertising, involving their products, such as the TaiSlim, GoChi, and Goji Juice. 

In 2010, the brand reached a settlement agreement by making certain that their products won’t be marketed as “raw or unheated.” Perhaps this is one reason why the brand has never lasted long enough.

Anyway, in case you’re still interested with Freelife International’s product line, it includes the following:

  • TAIslim
  • TAIfit
  • TAIwellnes
  • TAIspa
  • TAIhome
  • TAIkids

It cost around $60 per bottle of these products and considering the controversies it’s been involved with, do you think it’s still worth the price? And even if there’s never been an issue, are you still willing to try it knowing that there are other products, most of which are from leading brands, that are way cheaper?

On Amazon alone, you can find similar products under $40.

How To Make Money With Freelife International?

When it comes to the compensation plan or way of making money, it’s almost the same as these MLM brands:

The first option is to sell their expensive products. As a member, you have access to the wholesale price of the essentials so you can sell it based on the suggested retail price (SRP) and earn profit from it.

The other option is to invite people to join the platform so you can form a team. Now, you have to encourage your team to make sales or reach a milestone so you can earn commissions and bonuses from it.

That’s basically the concept behind recruitment. The more people you have under your team, the bigger the chance for you to earn incentives. 

Anyway, since the company’s gone for good, I don’t see any point about discussing its compensation plan but if you’re interested, you can watch the video below:

Is Freelife International A Scam?

Freelife International is not a scam despite the controversy against its products. It’s one of the well-known brands before and the people behind it are legit; not some con artists.

It’s not accredited by the Better Business Bureau though but it has an A+ rating. But then again, there’s no use of getting interested in this brand because it’s gone now. I mean, you can consider Youngevity, the MLM brand that has acquired it but would you really trust a program with concerns against its product?

Also, it might be good to consider Jon M. Taylor’s study about networking companies, concluding that the majority of the MLM distributors lose their money.

If you’re new to network marketing, the incentives can be exciting, especially if it involves cars and travel vacations. However, before you get any of these, you have to spend a massive amount of cash, send messages to people inviting them to join the platform, conduct training for your team, and more.

Yes, all businesses have to endure challenges but it makes a lot of difference is the business model you’re dealing with won’t force you to bother other people or to purchase products every month knowing that those will only end up in your garage.


To become a member of Freelife International, you have to purchase any of their Quick Start Packs, ranging from $428 to $1,079.95.

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Honestly, I don’t like anything about the program. It might be under a new company now but since Youngevity doesn't really have a good review, too.


Lawsuit Against The Company

For one, Earl’s bold claims have caused controversies to the company and I know that he’s not the only distributor doing it. I know a lot of MLM participants who are also doing the same, saying how innovative or life-changing their products are when the truth is far from that.

It’s misleading and what I dislike the most about it is that they often target vulnerable people. 

Although Freelife International has reached a settlement, it’s gone now and if it comes back as its own brand (or even now that it’s been acquired), it won’t be easy for me to trust their program.

Expensive Products

One of the top complaints against MLM companies, the overpriced products. For one bottle of their juice, you have to spend over $50 and the worst part is, its health claims are not even proven.

Worth it? Definitely not!

Also, the slimming products are almost useless if you’re not disciplined enough to live a healthy lifestyle so instead of investing $60 for each bottle, maybe try to invest your time learning how you can commit to a healthy diet and regular exercise.


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Who Is It For?

No one.

If you’re a health and wellness enthusiast and you want to make money out of it, you might want to consider other brands that will let you distribute their products. It would be better if you can find a company that won’t require you to recruit people so you can spend most of your time finding out how to market their products rather than invite your family and friends to join the platform.

Otherwise, you can look for legit MLM companies that are under the same niche.

Final Opinion/Verdict

I don’t recommend Freelife International at all. It’s not been operating for a long time and now, we all know the reason. 

While I know that MLM has always been controversial, companies are operating on networking structures that are not only successful but also have a good reputation. Consider them if you want but if you want peace of mind knowing that you’re not bothering anyone, you can check out my top-recommended option below.

What’s Next?

If you want to make money online but you don't want to:

  • Host a party to sell your products and grow your team.
  • Invite friends and families to join the platform.
  • Purchase products every month

Then I suggest that you join my #1 recommended program. Not to brand but this platform has everything you need, like:

  • Training resources
  • Webinars to help you start your business online
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Comprehensive guide
  • And many more!

I hope that this Freelife International has enlightened you. It’s really hard to trust any program, right? So spending time searching for reviews can really help.

Anyway, if you have questions or comments, please feel free to share it below.

Thank you!

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