Is Globallee A Scam? What’s The Deal With This Typical Health MM With Overpriced Products?

is globallee a scam

Welcome to My Globallee Review!

Online money-making opportunities are ubiquitous and on top of the list are multi-level marketing (MLM) companies. This business model does not have a good impression on most people but still, many are joining it.

Globallee Review Summary

Name: Globallee


Founders: Mark McKnight, Lamia Bettaieb and Nauder Khazan

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $49.95 To Register + $299.99 To $499.99 For The Business Kits

globallee logo

Quick Summary: Globallee is a multi-level marketing (MLM) in the health and wellness niche that offers various health products and supplements.

Honestly, nothing makes it on the edge. It’s just pretty standard, typical of those in the said niche and one more thing, this niche is saturated. There are also a couple of reasons why you should not join this company and one of which is its low success rate.

Overall Rating: 3/10

Recommended: No

When it comes to its most popular niches, health and wellness is the number one choice. Perhaps, it's because many people are becoming conscious of their well-being. In this site alone, we’ve reviewed over a dozen platforms in this industry, such as Crush Global, PureTrim, and Juuva.

In this post, we will talk about a similar platform called Globallee.  

What makes it unique? Can you make money from this platform? More importantly, is Globallee legit or a scam?

What Is Globallee About?

Globallee is one of those e-commerce MLMs in the health and wellness niche. It markets various supplements and health products.  

The Texas-based company was founded in early 2019 and is headed by Mark McKnight, Lamia Bettaieb, and Nauder Khazan who have previous experience in other MLM companies.  

They do provide executive information on their website but oddly, for some reason, Globallee’ founders are only presented as “industry experts”. 

globallee founders mark mcknight and lamia bettaieb

Well, maybe it’s to hide the fact that these people are previously involved in some MLMs that were very sketchy and can even be considered as pyramid schemes. 

Globallee’s “industry experts” or the co-owners of the company, Mark McKnight as the CEO, Lamia Bettaieb as the President, and Nauder Khazan as the Chairman. 

Globallee Product Line 

Globallee’s main products are Taka, BeneTRIM, IAccel, Eterno, and Eternity:

  • Taka ($37.44) - Taka is a drink supplement that claims to contain antioxidants, superfoods, natural energy, and delicious flavor. It delivers a healthy feeling of energy, vigor, and mental clarity It comes in TAKA Hibiscus and TAKA Blueberry Lemonade.
  • BeneTRIM comes in coffee and supplement form. It claims to support weight management goals in both pounds and inches — all while keeping you happy & healthy! With 100% natural herbs and plant extracts, BeneTRIM harnesses the best of nature for real fat-blasting and mood-boosting success.
globallee product line
  • IAccel ($ 56.25) - It claims that it contains healthy and natural ingredients that are clinically proven, gluten-free, non-GMO, and safe for the entire family.
  • Eterno - It comes in capsules and a cream form, which contains highly bioavailable nutrients from amino acids, herbs, vitamins, and minerals. These nutrients support natural Human Growth Hormone production to help reshape our bodies and reinvigorate our metabolism and energy levels.
  • Eternity ($61.50) - Eternity claims to be the world’s only all-natural, American-made, bio-identical Progesterone cream. This 100% plant-derived and sustainably sourced formula helps to stop hormonal imbalance before it starts.  

Is Globallee A Scam?

Globallee appears to be legit.  

It comes with real products and a real business and opportunity that allows affiliates to earn by selling and distributing them. Well, for the time being, it is not a scam.  

They’re still pretty new in the business scene and still have a lot to prove. It is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) but it doesn’t mean that it’s illegal. 

Is Globallee A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

Though Globallee has a few drawbacks, it doesn’t appear to be a pyramid scheme in disguise. It’s a business that comes with real products that you can earn from as you sell.  

It requires distributors to participate in recruitment but it is not the sole source of income here. Thereby, it’s not a pyramid nor a Ponzi Scheme. 

If you’re confused between an MLM and a Ponzi scheme, the video below might help you.

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Globallee Compensation Plan

Globallee’s compensation plan combines retail commissions with a binary/unilevel hybrid. Sales volume paid out through the compensation plan is split between initial order and residual order volume. 

Being an MLM, there are affiliate ranks within Globallee’s compensation plan and there are 12, namely:

  • Independent Brand Ambassador
  • Team Builder
  • Team Leader
  • Senior Team Leader
  • Emerald Executive 
  • 1 Star Emerald Executive
  • 2 Star Emerald Executive
  • Ruby Executive
  • 1 Star Ruby Executive
  • 2 Star Ruby Executive
  • Diamond Executive 

You move from one rank to another by hitting certain goals - mainly personal sales and downline sales goals. You also get bonuses for going from one rank to another. 

You get to the 1st rank when you sign up and you hit the second rank when you recruit and maintain 2 commission qualified affiliates. To get the 3rd rank, you have to recruit and maintain two Team Builder affiliates.  

This goes on until the last rank and to reach Diamond Executive, you have to recruit and maintain 3 Ruby Executives and generate 1,000,000 GV (Group Volume) in downline sales a month for three consecutive months.  

  • Retail Sales - Being an MLM with real products, primarily you’ll earn from retail sales. You’ll earn 20% on all sales made to customers. You also get 40% to 50% commissions when you get a preferred customer (someone that buys products at a discount and gets products shipped to them monthly), depending on your rank. 
  • Recruitment Commissions - These are the commissions you earn when you recruit someone into your downline and they buy a Builder Pac. The commission you get depends on your affiliate rank and you can earn between 5%- 20%. 
  • Residual Commissions - This is the money you make from the sales of your downline.
    • On first orders the commission structure is binary. How much you make depends on your rank and how much the people below you make. You get capped at $30,000 a week with binary commissions.
    • The commission structure for repeat retail customers is different and is what is known as a unilevel structure. Again, how much you make and to what level you earn form depends on your rank and how much your downline sells. You can earn up to 6 levels here. 

How Much To Join Globallee?

Joining Globallee’s affiliate membership will cost you $49.95 to register. You can also opt to purchase a Builder Pack at $299.98 or $499.99, which is necessary if you want to fully enjoy the company’s compensation plan benefits. Signing up with a Builder Pack automatically qualifies a Globallee affiliate to earn MLM commissions. 

And if you opt to not buy the packs, then you won't get access to the full compensation plan unless you sell a certain amount of product and get a certain amount of customers that sign up for auto-shipment. 



Honestly, there’s nothing that places this opportunity above other MLMs in the same niche. And there’s not much really to like about Globallee and what it offers. 


Founders Involvement In Pyramid Scheme Coined MLM

Though the owners have MLM experiences in various niches, they were mostly involved in some companies that were very sketchy and can even be considered as pyramid schemes, such as Stiforp.

That’s probably why the company site refers to them as “industry experts” rather than owners. 

I don’t know about you but such involvement can be a red flag because there’s a chance that they might do something fraudulent again. 

Expensive Products

Compared to their price a year ago, there was quite a markdown. However, it’s still pretty pricey as compared to other brands.  

It's unreasonable to sell something that costs more than half of a competitor's product that does the same thing. If I were the customer, I’ll go buy the cheaper ones, as practicality calls.  

The reality is that most MLM’s products and services are high tickets. Probably with the purpose to gain bigger profits but for me, it is a challenge to market such because most people, especially in this scene would go for effective yet cheaper products.  

Low Success Rate

It’s not to debunk MLM's but most of the time, it’s extremely tough to succeed in this business model. Also, a study suggests that most MLM participants on this platform lose money. 

In the case of Globallee, since the products are not that outstanding plus the fact that it’s quite pricey, it’ll be hard to sell and if there are fewer sales, thereby there would be fewer profits. Thus, low-income potential.  

Affiliates have the option to recruit but recruitment is a struggle as well. 

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Training Tools/Support

Joining as a Globallee Affiliate gives you access to the back office, marketing resources, and training. They even have this website domain exclusive for all the materials and tools including training needed for your Globallee business. 

They also host events and conferences for affiliates.

Final Opinion/Verdict

The name Globallee appears fancy and appealing that you may even get intrigued after hearing it but it’s not as interesting at all. 

It’s just one of those high ticket health and wellness MLMs that appears to have no edge over its competitors.  

The good news is that it’s legit and so far, nothing is skeptical about this platform yet. However, changes won’t be in your favor as it would be struggling marketing and selling their products. It’s expensive and considering that there are better, cheaper alternatives make it less appealing. 

The niche is crowded and if you won’t do that good in sales, you will probably need to recruit members to make a profit and that is another hassle!  

What's Next?

As you’ve decided to skip Globallee and find a better alternative as there are indeed many ways to make money online, rest assured I have prepared a better one for you! 

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I hope our Globallee review has helped you and if you have questions or comments, please feel free to share it below. 

Thank you!

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