Is Kidazzler Legit – Legit Free Parenting Apps That Pays You?

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Being parents, you always see to it to give the best for your children. And for those who are looking for an online opportunity, wouldn’t it be nice to find something that is both money-making and kid-friendly?

Kidazzler Review Summary

Name:  Kidazzler


Founders:  Alex and Julia Rehman

Product Type:  Online Directory and Mobile App

Price:   Free

Quick Summary:  Kidazzler is an online directory beneficial for parents who are looking for kid-friendly establishments. 

It’s available in a mobile app, which utilizes crowdsourcing to find the most kid-friendly businesses where parents can get resources on and contribute to these businesses and at the same time, gain commissions if those businesses are locked with their names as a contributor. 

What does that exactly mean? Will this offer legit cash or is it just another waste of time.

Overall Rating: 2/10

Recommended: No

If you haven’t heard anything like this, let me introduce you to Kidazzler, an online directory that will help you earn commissions at the same time. 

How could that be? 

It sounds fun and exciting but you need to know how it really works, too especially since kids are involved.

Well, to answer that and to satisfy your curiosity with this mobile app, let’s tackle more of Kidazzler’s information in this review! 

To continue, read on and learn more about this platform.

What Is Kidazzler About?

From the name itself, you could already sense that Kidazzler’s name is something related to kids. As to its website, Kidazzler is a free parenting platform, built by parents for parents, that features a directory of family-friendly businesses, activities, merchants, and service providers. So, basically, it’s a members-only directory and app where parents can get resources on and contribute to a kid-friendly business listing. As mentioned, the app is available to download on Google Play and the App Store.

Of course, if you’re a parent, you should always consider kid-friendly establishments every time you go out with your kid. So, before you do that, you carefully plan out and search for a suitable place. So, here’s where you can utilize this app that Kidazzler offers which basically acts as an online directory to help you find the best establishment for you and your kid. Well, thinking about it, how is it any different with google? With one touch at google, you could as well find a place you’re searching for as it will also give you listings of recommendations. The answer is that, in google, yes it could help you but basically you can’t earn a penny with it but with Kidazzler, parents can gain commissions and as well as help business establishments. Yes, the parent or contributor can profit from the business listing contributed to the website. They just have to add a new business to the app and it will be automatically locked in their name. The person or contributor locked in that business is the only one who can earn commissions every time someone finds that business and uses its services. So you have to provide the app with the business name, address, and contact number.

Kidazzler was founded in Los Angeles, California by a group of parents, tech executives, and military veterans.

A man by the name of Alex Rehman was named as the founder but unfortunately, there’s little information you can find about him outside their website. 

Rehman spearheads the platform and also, Julia Rehman who was apparently her wife, co-founded this and she now serves as the VP for Sales and Marketing. And also, a man by the name of Koby Rehman was named as co-founder and serves as the COO of Kidazzler.

Kidazzler is still quite new and was just recently upgraded in 2019. For now, Kidazzler is only open for parents living in the USA and Canada, though it has plans to expand to countries outside North America. They are currently headquartered in California, USA.

Below is the list of business categories found in Kidazzler:

  • Activities and classes
  • Birth and babies
  • Beauty, hair, and skincare
  • Childcare and camps
  • Education
  • Family and parenting services
  • Family fun and things to do
  • Fitness and nutrition
  • Health and medical
  • Local services
  • Parties and event planning
  • Pets
  • Restaurants and food
  • Special needs
  • Travel and leisure

Is Kidazzler A Scam?

I can say that Kidazzler is a legit app and is not a scam, even the data we’ve collected could attest to that. 

It’s an app that can help parenting by providing an online directory to find kid-friendly establishments and other than that, it could also help you gain extra cash as you add businesses and gain commissions from locking them into your name. 

However, there’s a probability that the business you’ll be adding is already listed. So if you want to earn income regularly, Kidazzler is definitely not the best way to rely on your income from. 

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Kidazzler Compensation Plan

Shared Revenue Model

Basically, your eligibility to earn extra income is when you add a business into the app and if it’s been locked into your name. 

You can then gain commissions every time someone finds that business and uses its services. 

You will earn commissions when the business you have listed to Kidazzler starts to be advertised on the app and this compensation plan is what they call the “Shared Revenue Model.” 

Kidazzler has 2 phases: Phase 1 and Phase 2.

Phase 1

Your ultimate goal during Phase 1 is to “Lock-In” as many businesses as you can under your name as possible.

Phase 2

Phase 2 is focused on the recurring monthly income. Kidazzler and their team will reach out to businesses that you listed. They’ll try to get in touch with them in the hopes of getting them to advertise on their parenting app. 

If the company advertises on Kidazzler, then you as the one who signed them up earns $10/month as long as they remain subscribed to the advertising services.

Kidazzler Referral Program

This program pays out $2 if the person you referred to also gets their business to advertise with Kidazzler.

According to Kidazzler, members can have the potential to make as much as $4,800 per month based on their passive income system and their referral system. 

However, they also don’t guarantee that you’re going to make this amount as there are a lot of variables in play that could affect your own income.

Kidazzler Wallet

As for the payment, it will be processed the following month and it will be then credited to your Kidazzler Wallet. Apparently, this is where contributors can see their actual earnings and view options on redeeming their commissions. You may still need to pay taxes on your earnings. 


Cashout is available through PayPal and Venmo. They say in the future, other options such as a direct deposit to a bank account, gift cards, and more will be available. 

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How Much To Join Kidazzler?

Joining Kidazzler is free. 

This is for parents who are 18 years old or older. Members of the family and household can also have their own accounts.

To join, you have to download the app on your mobile or desktop. And being a member-only community, it’s worth noting that Kidazzler is exclusive, so you probably need someone to invite you to join the app.



Free App For Parents

It’s great that it’s a free app that parents can make use of and the notion that you could also earn from the app is something nice. It’s also great that it has a referral program that you could also earn extra from.

Can List Business In Multiple Locations

One concern with this is that you’d probably run out of business to be listed. However, it’s great that you can apparently list a business that has many locations. Yes, you can lock the same kind of business or name as long as they have different locations. 



It's not only limited in terms of location, as it is only available in the US and Canada but it is also limited when it comes to the number of businesses you can list in the app. 

Each member can only lock in 140 businesses under their name. Another challenge is looking for kid-friendly establishments and businesses around the US and Canada itself as it’s easier said than done.

Also, there’s a probability that most of the businesses in your area have probably been locked by someone else. 

Bad Reviews

A lot of people may like the app but some are just disappointed with it. Most of the complaints say that the app is full of bugs and that it's too hard to get paid after listing a business on the app. 

Some members also ranted that almost all businesses in their areas have been already added to the app and there's nothing left for them to add.

No Assurance To Make Substantial Income

A max income of $4,800 is pretty promising but in reality, it would take so much time, patience, and effort first. 

You may be able to list a lot of businesses in the app but if they hadn’t agreed to be advertised on Kidazzle, there’s no chance of getting paid. 

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Who Is It For?

Kidazzler is designed for parents who are interested in building an all-around parent directory for their kids and for those who are interested in making money while utilizing the app. 

It can also be a platform for businesses and kid-friendly establishments for advertising. 

Training Tools/Support

As a member of Kidazzler, their team will provide you with training and support. The website also contains FAQs for your reference.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Well, Kidazzler is a legit app that pays. The app may be useful for parenting especially if you’re looking for a perfect spot for your child. However, I also think it’s quite meaningless as you could also search this through Google. 

It’s good also that it’s free to join and that you could as well have an opportunity to earn extra cash but then again, it’s some extra cash and it’s not even guaranteed. 

So, it would not be a good idea to just rely on your income for this. You don’t have to work your gut out just to strive to list businesses to the apps for nothing. I guess you should utilize the app as a directory rather than an income opportunity.  

It can be a promising app for parents but as an online money-making opportunity, it’s something you should not dive into. 

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Thank you for reading my Kidazzler Review! 

Hope this has answered your curiosity about this app. If you have comments and testimonials, feel free to place them below.

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