Laptop Lifestyle System Review – Are There Too Many Up-sells?

Name: Laptop Lifestyle System
Price: $49 plus Up-sells
Founders: Carolina Millan
Overall Ranking: 2 / 10
Who’s it For: No one

 What is Laptop Lifestyle System About?

Making six figures a year while working from home—or anywhere in the world for that matter—certainly seems like an amazing prospect. This is something that Laptop Lifestyle System founder Carolina Millan seems to make a possibility for you.

With promises of making over $700,000 in just a few short years, your eyes might be wide with excitement. But what is Laptop Lifestyle System? What is Laptop Lifestyle System actually about? Essentially, this program is just a “21 step program” that funnels into another program you may know—MOBE.

Laptop Lifestyle System isn’t really a new or unique system designed to make you money. What it really is, is a re-branded version of the MOBE program.

What does Laptop Lifestyle System teach you? This version teaches you how to make money using affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a legitimate way to make money online, but that doesn’t necessarily make Laptop Lifestyle System legitimate.

If you read online Laptop Lifestyle System reviews it will be difficult to decipher because there are so many people pushing the program as an affiliate marketer trying to earn a commission. For an unbiased review, keep reading!

Is Laptop Lifestyle System a Scam?

No, Laptop Lifestyle System is not an outright scam. However, there are too many Red Flags to make it a viable option for earning real income online.

The first red flag is that Carolina claims her system will teach you how to make six figures while working from home or at various locations throughout the world. She deems the process as simple, but the truth is that if it were that easy, everyone would be doing it. The earning potential of Laptop Lifestyle System is severely exaggerated to lure in new members and that right there is a red flag.

Another issue with Laptop Lifestyle System is that Laptop Lifestyle System isn’t even a unique or “real” program. This system is just a 21 step sales funnel to get you to buy into MOBE. While you do get some useful information, that in itself is deceitful and most members don’t know what they’re getting into from the start.

With Laptop Lifestyle System the training that you do receive is centered on recruiting people to buy their products, so that knowledge is not necessarily transferable to a viable affiliate marketing opportunity.

Perhaps the biggest issue with Laptop Lifestyle System is that to actually make money you have to buy other products. That is because you must buy the up-sell products to be able to market and earn a commission from them. These products are extremely expensive and will set you back thousands and thousands of dollars. You’ll be spending countless sums of money on up-sells and recruiting tactics in a highly saturated market, which is not easy for even experienced marketers.

While Laptop Lifestyle System might not be an outright scam, there are enough red flags to make you steer clear of it.


It’s only $49 to join Laptop Lifestyle System. That’s great! Only $49 for a life changing business opportunity? Why doesn’t everyone do it?

Well, $49 is just the start. It’s the buy in price, but you’ll have to pay more to keep playing. Lots more. With Laptop Lifestyle System you’ll get a coach, which seems great, but that coach is just there to sell you expensive up-sells that are “necessary” to help you make more money.

The problem with these up-sells is that they range from $2,497 to upwards of $29,000. To purchase them all it would cost over $64,000! That’s an exorbitant amount of money and could certainly be invested in a better, more viable business opportunity.

I mean literally the whole program is just centered around getting recruits in to the system and run them through a ton of up-sells. I really don’t like programs like this, even if they try to offer some quality education – such major up-sells make it look like it’s only geared towards making money versus selling actual training program.

Pros / Cons


  • You get some basic affiliate marketing training
  • You can make money using Laptop Lifestyle System


  • There are tens of thousands of dollars of up-sells
  • This is just a shell company to funnel you to MOBE
  • Your “coach” is a sales person trying to push you to purchase the costly up-sells
  • Their earning promises are highly exaggerated
  • The training is geared only towards their products and doesn’t translate to other affiliate marketing
  • The market is highly saturated and difficult to gain traction
Who is it For?

Laptop Lifestyle System is geared towards affiliate marketers of any skill level, but I honestly cannot recommend it to anyone. Their training might be helpful to those getting into Laptop Lifestyle System and MOBE, but it doesn’t translate to any other scenarios. Simply put, Laptop Lifestyle System is not a good option for anyone.

Training Tools / Support

When you sign up for Laptop Lifestyle System you will get access to training and tools that are geared towards helping you earn a commission. The training is decent, but again it centers on the Laptop Lifestyle System and MOBE products and is not transferable knowledge.

One of the major points stressed in the sales page is that you also get access to a coach that will guide and support you throughout your endeavor. Well, that coach is actually a highly trained sales person that specializes in trying to pitch the up-sells for you. They don’t have your best interest at heart and really only care about using you to make their own commission. So in terms of support, Laptop Lifestyle System leaves much to be desired.

Final Opinion / Verdict

So, what’s the final verdict on Laptop Lifestyle System? Overall, this is not a program that I can recommend. Laptop Lifestyle System is simply a sales funnel into MOBE and will cost much more than the initial $49 that you pay to join.

From start to finish, you will be pestered for up-sells and to be honest to have any chance at making real income you will have to buy into them. However, with the extremely saturated market, you will struggle to see any type of return on your investment.

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