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Welcome to My MojiLife Review! 

Are you looking for an opportunity to make money online? The good news is that you can easily find more than a couple of ways now; the bad news is that not everything you see online is legit and worth your time.

MojiLife Review Summary

Name: MojiLife


Founders: Darin Davis

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $88 To $295 For The Starter Kits

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Quick Summary: MojiLife is a networking company that sells fragrance pods. It also offers a way to make money by selling their products and recruiting people to join the program. It’s unique and legit but here’s what we found out.

Overall Rating: 4/10

Recommended: No

So before you jump into a seemingly good opportunity, be sure to read everything you need to know about. That way, you can avoid scams. 

In this post, we will talk about MojiLife, a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that offers an opportunity to make money through recruitment and sales commission. It’s one of the popular companies now but being popular doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s good. 

So is MojiLife a good opportunity or not? Let’s find out in this review.


I’m not an affiliate of MojiLife so rest assured that I won’t pitch their products or invite you to join the program.

What Is MojiLife About?

Perhaps, you’ve heard of MojiLife and now, you’re looking for MojiLife reviews you can trust. If yes, then you’re in the right place! 

Basically, MojiLife is a networking company that’s known for its home fragrance products. Unlike the usual health supplements, what they market are fragrance pods in different variants. It’s almost the same as JewelScent, Jewelry In Candles, and Pink Zebra

Founded by Darin Davis in 2016, the Utah-based company apparently started with the founder’s “passion for inventing products.” In a source found online, he said that he always had an idea about car air freshener but he never implemented it. A fire happened and it led him with his other co-founders, Darrell and Glenn Jakins. With the help of other people who allowed them to have a place to stay and make his ideas come to life, MojiLife started.

So if you search online, you will find several names attached to MojiLife, including Darrel Jakin, Glenn Jakin, Darin Javis, and Hari Miyagi. Based on Davis’ story, these people contributed to the birth of MojiLife.

It’s good to know about a brand’s humble beginning, especially since some MLM companies rarely talk about how they started or even who the people are behind the company. This is one way to know whether the business is legit or not. 

You see, most scams won’t disclose the name of their owner or even any of their executive team because once an issue happens (and for sure there will be), they won’t have to deal with it. 

MojiLife Product Line 

mojilife products

MojiLife mainly promotes fragrance pods but they also have AirMoji, a fully customizable fragrance device. They also have a MojiLife AirMoji app that lets you control the apparatus’s mode and timers. 

While it sounds interesting, I checked the app’s reviews online and found this: ** airmoji review screenshot:

airmoji app reviews

While it doesn’t directly suggest the company’s reputation, it’s good to know to read this feedback, especially if you want to buy their products or download the app. The good thing about this is that since there are tons of reviews, it also shows that there are people who are really buying MojiLife’s products. 

MojiLife also has MojiMini, which is basically a smaller version of its Air Moji.  

As for the fragrance pods, it is sold for $6.50 and it comes in various fragrances, such as luscious grape, Oregon coast, spiced cranberry, etc. 

At the time of this writing, MojiLife is available in Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, and the USA.

Is MojiLife A Scam?

While MojiLife is an MLM, it’s not a scam. Compared to the low-quality program and scams we’ve reviewed in the past, the brand has a legit business model. 

It does require recruitment so you can earn commissions but you are not directly compensated for it. 

So far, I can’t see any red flags and lawsuits against it but of course, it could help if they will improve certain things, such as being transparent. On their website, you won’t really see much about who owns the company unless you search for it online and for me, it would be good if they can share information about this on their own platform.

Is MojiLife A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

No, it’s not.  

It has a record with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and although this agency is not an affiliate of the government, it’s good to know that they have a record online. Through this platform, you can find what people are saying about MojiLife. 

Some people might confuse MLM with a pyramid scheme though and if you’re one of them, I can’t blame you. These two are very similar in terms of how they work; however, one is legit while the other is not. 

So, which is which? 

Networking, network marketing, multi-level marketing, or simply MLM is legal. It provides ways to make money through sales commissions and recruitment but then they won’t compensate you for directly inviting a person instead, you get commissions once your recruits make a sale. 

The other one, the pyramid scheme or Ponzi scheme, is a downright scam. 

It has no products or even if it has, the people behind it will force you to buy products that are more than you can handle. The main way to make money is through recruitment and it works like this: you will buy into the platform and you need to encourage a person to do the same; now, the investment they made will be used to pay you. 

Imagine, if the recruitment stops, what will happen next? 

Pyramid schemes are unstable and it can shut down anytime and worst, they are not legal in many states and countries.

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MojiLife Compensation Plan

MojiLife follows a multi-level marketing structure so basically, it has two main ways to make money: selling the product and inviting people to join the program. However, just to be clear, MLM is a legit business model unlike a Ponzi scheme or a pyramid. 

Going back, as a MojiLife associate, you can earn around 20% to 25% sales commission by selling the products.  

Other than making a sale, you can also join MojiLife’s Business Builders Program.  

This program lets you earn more commissions through your team. This means that you have to recruit people and when these people make a sale, you will gain bonuses and/or incentives. 

Unlike a pyramid scheme, however, you won’t earn directly for every successful recruit but again, from the sales they make. That being said, you have to encourage and train them so you and your team can earn more commissions. 

Like usual networking companies, you can gain more if your rank increases, and normally, you will level up if you can sell more and recruit more people into the platform. 

To learn more about MojiLife’s compensation plan, you can watch the video below:

How Much To Join MojiLife?

To become a MojiLife Associate, you have to buy any of their distributor kits, and here are the kits to choose from: 

  • Basic Distributor Kit $88
  • Plus Distributor Kit $175
  • Elite Distributor Kit $295

Compared to other MLM companies we’ve reviewed, these are cheaper and it has fewer other expenses involved, such as the shipping and tax. Some networking brands will require you to pay for the annual or monthly fee, website fee, etc.

mojilife product line



Distinct Products 

MLM usually offers health supplements, weight loss essentials, and cryptocurrency but with MojiLife, what they provide are fragrance pods. It’s unique and as mentioned above, people are really buying it. 


F Rating On BBB 

Although it has a record with BBB, it has an F rating because of the complaints.  

According to the feedback, products take time to arrive and the fragrance only lasts for a couple of days. Now that’s a drawback. 

Small Income Potential 

This is applicable to all MLM platforms, especially if you’re a newbie. This MLM scheme, although legit, is challenging and unless you have strong marketing skills, it won’t work for you. Even a study suggests that most MLM participants are having a hard time getting their investments back.

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Training Tools/Support

As an associate, MojiLife offers various training that will help them learn more about their products, social media, and more. 

Final Opinion/Verdict

MojiLife is legit and it’s good to know that it has no lawsuit against it. No people are calling it a scam and they have tangible products to sell as an associate. The compensation is fair in terms of being an MLM distributor but then, it’s not a good alternative if you need a regular source of income. 

Reviews online suggest that their products are not of quality and as an associate, it will be challenging for you to sell it. Other than the quality, you have to consider the price since there are cheaper alternatives online. 

Also, to advance your rank, you have to recruit people and encourage them to make sales.  

It will take a huge amount of time and effort to really succeed in this kind of business model and while it works for some people, it’s a difficult task for newbies so if I were you, I’d think twice or better yet, just ignore this program.

What's Next?

MLM is an interesting business model, especially with all the lavish lifestyles that its distributors are showcasing but in reality, it’s not like that.

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  • Training resources
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Thank you for reading my MojiLife review and if you have questions or comments, please feel free to share it below.

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