Is Jeunesse A Scam? – Fountain Of Youth Or Another Investment Scheme?

is jeunesse global a scam

Welcome to My Jeunesse Global Review! 

It is in our nature as humans to focus on “self-love.”  

We express this kind of love by giving importance to our physical appearance, and, when vanity strikes, we can’t help ourselves but just to see the outside beauty. 

Jeunesse Review Summary

Name: Jeunesse Global


Founders: Randy Ray And Wendy Lewis

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $29.95 For The Entry Level Fee Or $250 To $1,200 For Their Business Packages

jeunesse logo

Quick Summary: Jeunesse Global is an idea of a family business owned by husband and wife Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis.

This billion-dollar brand hit the globe big time, with its renowned products for skincare, cosmetics, and health supplements. Alongside their products that claim to restore your youthful vigor, sharpen your mind, and improve your looks, they also offer extravagant income potential, making your bank account look healthy as well. 

Overall Rating: 3/10

Recommended: No

Considering this, many brands launched products and services that claim to help the skin look younger and healthier, and one of which does not only sell but also provide a business opportunity. 

In this post, we will talk about Jeunesse, a network marketing brand that’s grown into a billion-dollar company.  

Will this brand help you earn a lucrative income, too?

Is Jeunesse legit or a scam?

What makes this company stand out from similar brands?

What Is Jeunesse About?

Emerge from their retirement, the married couple Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis started the idea of a family business, which they called Jeunesse (pronounced Juh-ness) Global.  

Randy Ray And Wendy Lewis

It was established in 2009 with its head office located at Lake Mary, Florida, USA.  

Along with its fancy, promotional materials, intriguing product names with elegant packaging design plus inspiring testimonies of success from its distributors, Jeunesse Global became a phenomenal success and a true embodiment of a first-rate multi-level marketing (MLM) company. 

Thus in no time, their network grows tremendously in over half a million distributors, which they called “Generation Young.”  

They have also reached and ship to over eighty-eight countries worldwide.  

Added to this, in just seven years Jeunesse already profited a $3 billion in sales, which indeed a record-breaking milestone for an MLM company. Apparently, “they all live the dream.” 

Thanks to their science-backed products, which primarily focus on health and wellness, their revenue increased, and multiplied magnanimously.  

Jeunesse’s popularity and success are undeniably outstanding.  

Due to its big-time monthly profit from producing skincare creams, nutritional supplements, and energy drinks, they have received 79 Stevie Awards, 17 Direct Selling News Awards, and 29 MarCom Awards.  

Not to mention that they have been also recognized on the Inc. 500/5000 list for being one of America’s fastest-growing companies.  

With one of the industry’s most impressive and comprehensive compensation plans, Jeunesse Global empowers other people to unleash their potential to become a successful entrepreneur. 

A job well done for Jeunesse Global. They have made their company grow like an explosion in just a short time.  

Jeunesse Product Line 

Like any other known MLM company in the health industry, Jeunesse Global products concentrate on two significant factors to human nature, “beauty and wellness.”  

They have created the Youth Enhancement System or simply YES! Through the help of cutting edge technology, all their products have been thoroughly formulated producing high-quality cosmetics, eye creams, energy drinks, supplements, and skin creams.   

jeunesse product line

These so-called products not only claim to give you instant ageless beauty, they have also declared that some of their products are “miracle cure.”  

You got it right!  

Aside from beauty claims, their vibrant network of distributors enthusiastically promotes Jeunesse Global products close to having an approved therapeutic result.  

From inspiring stories of curing cancer to lowering blood pressure and even eliminating psoriasis, which is a chronic skin condition that has no known cure, for now, these claims have all been mentioned. 

It’s exciting to know about these products but if you’ve been reading reviews about other MLM companies, these bold claims are usual and unfortunately, some of them are either exaggerated or untrue. 

As for Jeunesse, a watchdog group Truth In Advertising (TINA) found these unsubstantiated health claims and sent them a warning. However, the company said that it has no knowledge or control over how their products were marketed by their “Generation Young” or distributors.  

Jeunesse is similar to these health and wellness brands: 

Is Jeunesse A Scam?

Looking at the bigger picture, Jeunesse Global is not a rip-off. Aside from its top of the line beauty and wellness products, I guess the financial reward that you would gain from their impressive compensation plan is promising.  

However, the journey is not easy. 

Is Jeunesse A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

From the reports and notices from FTC, Jeunesse faces a lot of accusations, such as multiple lawsuits, racketeering activities, and even pyramid scheme practices.  

This is a clear statement that Jeunesse Global is a pyramid scheme as they heavily focus on recruitment rather than retail sales. 

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Jeunesse Global Compensation Plan

The Jeunesse Global Compensation plan has been arranged into multi-tiered structures following the binary system or the two-legged model. 

There are six ways to earn with Jeunesse Global;

  • Retail Profits (Retail Sales: Selling Products = Happy Wallet)
  • Retail Sales Bonus (There are corresponding points for every product package you sell)
  • Team Commissions (Earn commissions from your teams’ sales)
  • Matching Bonus (It pays to grow your team)
  • Customer Acquisition Incentives (More customers = More Rewards)
  • Diamond Bonus Pool (The benefits of global leadership)

Basically, to build a strong network of distributors, you have to sponsor two people and position it on both legs (left and right) to earn commissions. 

On one side of the leg, you have to accumulate at least 600 Group Volume (GV).  

And, on the other side, you have to gain at least 300 Group Volume (GV) to get the Team Commission or Cycle Bonus. 

Hence, for every product you sell, you will earn a point which is equivalent to a Commission Volume (CV). So the more products you sell the more potential CV you will earn.  

However, don’t get too far, the ratio of the CV is not 1:1, but there is 1 CV for every $2 spent. There is a certain percentage for every sale you make.  

For example, if you sell a product with a 150 CV to your Customer, you will earn $15.** A $250 sale with 200 CV will produce a bonus of $30. 

Clearly, as a common practice in the world of MLM, you have to spend more to earn the necessary commission volume.  

An overpriced investment for a skimpy sales commission.  

Another example of indecisiveness with their compensation plan.  

Building a left and right leg, one with 300 GV and the other with 600 GV, sum up to 900, combining the total of both legs, (300+600 = 900).  

The product value of the above accumulated GV is around $1,500. So, to get the percentage of the total sales which the commission is 2.3%, your Cycle Bonus from this level is $35 only.  

Big enough? Of course to encourage their distributors more. They will boost them to make this cycle repeated several times, by building their network tree bigger. In a short period, you can earn a Cycle Bonus up to $26,250 per week.  

what is jeunesse about

The question is, is it really possible? How many people enjoy this $26,250 per week? 

Another thing, you have to know the difference between the Commission Volume and Personal Volume. As well as the Group Volume, Personal Group Volume, and Spillover Volume. 

Remember each volume have their requirements and specifications to qualify in each level and to enjoy each commission and bonuses. 

Adding up to the confusion is the percentage for each sale, which is not easy to understand if you are a newbie.  

To learn more about Jeunesse, you can watch the video below:

How Much To Join Jeunesse Global?

The joining fee for Jeunesse Global is $29.95 as the entry-level, but this is only to allow you to purchase their products at a wholesale price.  

So, for you to become an official distributor or what they called “Generation Young,” you are required to purchase a total of $250 or a total of 100 points worth of products.  

And, if you want to progress on a higher level, new members should invest up to a maximum of $1,200 by purchasing a bigger startup business package. 



Highly Recognize In The MLM Industry

Indeed, Jeunesse Global is known for achieving a high standard of excellence in the MLM business by receiving prestigious awards and recognitions. According to their website, they have a total of 720 awards and counting over the past seven years.  

Impressive Business Profile

Aside from winning multiple awards for business excellence, Jeunesse Global also created a milestone when they landed on the Inc. 500/5000 list for being one of America’s fastest-growing companies. 

Certainly, they have proven their name as one of the best in the health and wellness industry, among the top-rated MLM companies in the world.  

A Vast Number Of Distributors 

Now, this is both a pro and a con.  

Pro because with their common shared purpose and values, as “One Team, One Family, One Jeunesse,” they have built a strong vibrant network of over half a million distributors across the globe and able to ship products to over 88 countries worldwide.  

Truly, they have opened many doors to other entrepreneurs to unleash their business potential.  

It’s a drawback, however, because it would be challenging to market the opportunity and products since there are too many distributors. 

A Wide Array Of Products 

Jeunesse Global merchandise is highly in-demand in the market. It means more stocks are needed to be replenished regularly. Hence, more residual or passive income is expected.  

Six Ways To Earn

Jeunesse Global presented six impressive ways to gain profit as part of the generation young (distributors).  


Misleading Product Insights

Though Jeunesse produces a wide variety of high-quality products, most of its claims are too good to be true. 

The Company Has No Credibility

The prestigious awards are not enough to say that Jeunesse Global has a strong reputation nor commendable credibility. 

The brand has been dealing with multiple lawsuits since 2009, with the following allegations of racketeering activities and pyramid scheme practices plus the list of FTC complaints

Definitely something to watch out for! 

Perplex Compensation Plan

Although there are six ways to earn, their intricate compensation plan is confusing. There are many hoops and loops to jump through before you can enjoy your financial rewards as a distributor.  

To make it worse, the bulk of sales and bonuses can be achieved through recruitment.

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Training Tools/Support

A short video was provided on their website to get to know more about Jeunesse Global. 

Final Opinion/Verdict

“It is very often nothing but our own vanity deceives us.” - Jane Austen 

It is not only the love for beauty that could deceive us but also the greed for money. It's easy for us to fall for glitz and glam in the world of MLM. The promise of hefty sales commissions and bonuses in exchange for products and sponsorship, without realizing the behind the scenes.  

As for Jeunesse, it would have been a good company considering their recognitions and achievements; however, I can’t just shake the fact that it has too many complaints and lawsuits against it. 

I’d rather improve my odds to another business opportunity with a good reputation and credibility rather than fall into another shady investment scheme. 

Remember “Caveat Emptor” - the buyer beware, always assume the risks that a product may fail. Hence, your future is always in your hand.

What’s Next?

Starting a business is challenging already; let alone if you go for the one with recruitment and overpriced products involved.

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I hope this honest Jeunesse Global review has helped you and if you have questions or comments, please feel free to share them below.

Thank you!

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