Traffic Rebirth Review – I Can Call this Legitimate But…

Traffic Rebirth Review Summary

Name: Traffic Rebirth


Founders: Stefan Ciancio

Product Type: Create Online Business with use of Pinterest

Price: $9.95 plus up-sells

Quick Summary: Traffic Rebirth is a program focused on building online business with use of Pinterest. They claim that developed “Idiot Proof” method in setting up a website and being able to drive up to 30,000 visitors per month. I called this program legitimate but there are many things I didn’t like about it. Learn more in this Traffic Rebirth Review:

Overall Rating: 5/10

Recommended: Yes

What is Traffic Rebirth About

Working 9 to 5 for someone else just isn’t appealing anymore. I get it. Making money online to become financially independent is a great goal in life. However, you need to make sure that you pick the right opportunity to invest your time and money into. Does Traffic Rebirth fit that bill? Let’s find out.

When you watch sales video by Traffic Rebirth and quickly analyze it you will realize that you are being sold a magic black box which is super powerful and unlike no other program out there will make you successful:

In reality it is a series of training videos that teach you how to create a WordPress website, drive traffic to it, and turn it profitable. What makes Traffic Rebirth different than the rest of the sites is that the main method used for driving traffic to your website is Pinterest.

In addition, Traffic Rebirth comes with Traffic Rebirth Software that enables even people without technical skills to utilize their program. According to the Traffic Rebirth website, the creators promise that you will have 30,000 visitors a month to your site. Is that real? Can even people with no online experience or technical skills reach that peak? 

Traffic Rebirth claims that it is an “idiot proof” method, but can you actually earn the money Traffic Rebirth claims you can by using their program? For an unbiased Traffic Rebirth review, keep reading.

Is Traffic Rebirth a Scam?

So, is Traffic Rebirth a scam or is there some legitimacy to the program? To be honest, I’m kind of in the middle on this one. There is some good information that you learn through Traffic Rebirth.

You will get a look at legitimate traffic generation methods, which is a breath of fresh air from some other programs that use sketchy methods for generating content and driving traffic.  The information about using Pinterest as a training method is also unique and is not information that is readily available on the web.

Still, there are some Red Flags with Traffic Rebirth. The first is that the company constantly pressures you to buy up-sells. This isn’t just annoying, it also detracts from the legitimacy of the program.

In addition, the promotional material is also very vague. Any product or service should clearly be able to state what they provide or offer, but Traffic Rebirth does not.

Finally, Traffic Rebirth is marketed as “idiot proof” when in reality, they gloss over many of the basic concepts. Beginners will struggle following the quickly moving videos and won’t understand the why behind much of what they’re doing.

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Traffic Rebirth only costs $9.95 to join. That’s great, right? Yes, paying less than $10 for access to a product that can help you generate another income stream seems relatively inexpensive, but unfortunately, $9.95 is not where your expenses end.

You will also need to pay for your domain and hosting, which can add up to hundreds a year. In addition to that, there are many up-sells that Traffic Rebirth pushes on you.

For $27.45 you can get access to 5 case studies, and for $27.57 you can get the entire system set up for you. That seems enticing, but it’s really not necessary.

Plus, they’ll also try to sell you private label rights so you can recruit other members to Traffic Rebirth and gain commissions if they join. That will cost you another $47.66.

All of these up-sells occur before you even get in to the Member’s Area. Once there, you will be pressured with many more up-sells. The vast number of up-sells means the creators of Traffic Rebirth don’t necessarily care about teaching you how to make money online, they just want your money.



  • Good content in the training
  • The training videos and audio are good quality
  • The price for training is relatively inexpensive
  • Gives a detailed look at using Pinterest as a traffic driver, which is a different take than other sites offer


  • There are many up-sells you are subjected to
  • The small print contains income disclaimers
  • Some of the training videos are reused from another training program called Pullii
  • You won’t earn what they say you will
  • The training does not cover the basics that a newbie would need to be successful

Who is It For?

Traffic Rebirth is marketed as “idiot proof,” which leads most to believe that it is meant for beginners. However, that might not be the case. Yes, you don’t need much—if any—technical experience to use Traffic Rebirth, but the program doesn’t cover much of the basics.

Many of the concepts are glossed over to get to the meat of the program, which is using Pinterest as a traffic generator, and that means beginners might struggle with the “why” behind everything they do. This program might be good for someone looking to learn strictly about Pinterest as a traffic source, but even then the results might not be great.

Training Tools/Support

So, what training does Traffic Rebirth actually provide? Well, there are six different modules that cover different information.

Module 1 is an introduction that focuses on case studies and introducing your instructors.

Module 2 covers that basics of niche research and domain hosting.

Module 3 goes on to explain how to actually build your website. You will learn how to establish a blog, content research, how to add content to your site and how to set up a Facebook account.

Module 4 then goes into detail on how to setup a Pinterest account. You will learn about setting up boards, pins, and how to generate followers on Pinterest.

Module 5 covers SEO traffic. It covers keywords, SEO basic concepts, generating keywords, building links, building email lists, and how to create a custom audience.

Module 6 covers monetization, with everything from Adsense and affiliate products to developing a long-term strategy for success.

Overall, the training is pretty good and the quality is there. The main issue is that many of the videos are reused from a previous program, which is NOT explained upfront. So, if you’ve already purchased Pullii, you’ll be getting much of the same training.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Overall, Traffic Rebirth is a good source for someone that just wants to learn about Pinterest as a means to generate traffic. It’s a great resource for that, but if you are looking for something else out of the product, this isn’t something I can recommend. It’s definitely not a full-fledged online opportunity that will teach you how to make money online.

What's Next

I personally used This Program to build this website and my online business because it is an all-inclusive solution to not only learn 1 aspect of social media like Pinterest but the entire system full of these cool features:

  • Comprehensive Step-by-Step training
  • Free Website Builder
  • Live Chat Support 24/7 
  • Free hosting
  • Community of Million plus members
  • Encyclopedia of proven strategies that work
  • And Much More... 

I believe you have to get proper training and understand the entire process of making money online. In reality it's much easier than you think and you are saving time and money by focusing on quality work rather than wasting time on sole methods like Traffic Rebirth. 

I hope my review was helpful. Let me know in the comment area below: 

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