Is FuXion A Scam? MLM With Unrevealed Cost?

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Welcome to my FuXion Review!

In this review, we have placed facts and details as to what we’ve got through our data gathering and research about this MLM company, FuXion. We will share as well as insights that could be your basis for your decision if you would want to pursue this business opportunity. But rest assured we are not affiliated to any MLM company and we are not as well here to deride them. 

We will discuss a couple of things such as if FuXion is a scam or a legit business opportunity? What are its advantages and disadvantages? 

FuXion Review Summary

Name: FuXion


Founders: Frank Michell, Derek Michell, Rafael Zuñiga Benavides and Alvaro Zuñiga Benavides

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: Not Disclosed

fuxion logo

Quick Summary: FuXion is a multi-level marketing(MLM) company that operates in the health and wellness niche. Their products are categorized to Immune Support, Weight Management, Anti-Aging, Mental Power and Sports Performance. 

But one thing is controversial about their company -- you won’t see any product cost and how much would you spend to join as an affiliate on their website. Something odd, we would say. 

Overall Rating: 4/10

Recommended: No

As you know, the health and wellness niche is already saturated and there are a lot of famous companies that have been already selling and doing good in this niche. With that and with so much competition in the market, is FuXion the right business for you? 

That and many more, in this unbiased FuXion Review!

What Is FuXion About?

FuXion evolved from the South American continent, specifically Peru. 

It was in 2006 when Frank Michell, Derek Michell, Rafael Zuñiga Benavides and Alvaro Zuñiga Benavides (CEO) initially founded FuXion, multi-level marketing (MLM) company that sells products in the health and wellness niche. 

founder of fuxion Alvaro Zuñiga

In 2015, the company made its entry in the United States but you’ll also find offices of FuXion in Ecuador, Columbia, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Mexico, Panama, Chile, Venezuela, Guatemala, and Nicaragua, etc. 

According to Alvaro’s Corporate Biography: “He has more than 20 years as an entrepreneur in the food and dairy products industry. He has actively participated in the creation and development of several companies in the area of commerce, fabrication of supplies, and most importantly, in the development of innovative products and services directed to the area specialized in nutrients.”

Any MLM history was not made mention, making FuXion, probably Alvaro’s first attempt running a multi-level marketing schemed company.

As mentioned above, it was in 2015, when FuXion made its way to the US. And there were complaints because Spanish was the only language about company details and blogs. But from what we can see now, their website is now available in English. 

Well, kudos to them because they made actions to what are people complaining which means they do worry about people’s concerns. Well, we commend them for that and although they are not Better Bureau Business (BBB) accredited, they do have an A+ rating.

FuXion Product Line

FuXion being an MLM in the health and wellness niche has four main categories of products being offered: Immune Support, Weight Management, Anti-Aging, Mental Power and Sports Performance. 

It's almost the same as the MLM companies I've reviewed in the past, namely:

fuxion product line

The brand claims that its “the first South American company dedicated to the production of nutraceutical food that uses the latest advances in biotechnology and the knowledge of ancient Andean, Amazonian, and Asian culture and that all of their products contain 100% natural flavors and colors with no preservatives added.

  • Immune Support - Increase your defenses and protect your body.
  • Weight Management - Discover a healthy and effective way to maintain a healthy and lean figure.
  • Anti-Age - Help support the body’s natural anti-aging processes to feel young and vibrant longer.
  • Mental Power - Find essential nutrients to balance your nervous system, and feel comfortable despite hectic daily life.
  • Sports Performance - All athletes need strong, toned muscles to achieve their full physical potential

We do commend them that they place information regarding their products or how to use it. However, something important is missing and that is their cost. Yes, they do fail to be transparent to products’ costs on their website. 

FYI: FuXion offers a “100% 30-day money-back guarantee to all Retail and Preferred Customers.”

How To Make Money With FuXion?

FuXion has its so-called PRO-LEV Plan or the Progressive Leverage compensation formula offering numerous ways to earn money.

Retail Profit - The personal volume will include the orders, as well as the orders of the affiliates, preferred customers. They will receive a discount on their purchases based on their personal volume in the previous 3 weeks and the current week (PV4). The discount will be your profit when any sale is made to the customers. You will earn a 10% discount, for every 40 personal volumes (PV4) and the maximum discount you can earn is 50% with a 4,000PV4. An inactive affiliate will only receive a 5% retail profit on their preferred customer purchases.  

Preferred Customer Bonus - This bonus is earned on the enrollment and maintenance of a preferred customer base. There are three levels of this bonus based on the affiliate's qualifications and they can earn $800 or more by qualifying for all three levels.

  • 1st level= $100
  • 2nd level= $200 or more 
  • 3rd level = $500 or more

Professional Pack Bonus - When a new recruit enrolls as an affiliate’s downline, thus this bonus is earned. Earnings are based on ranks and the product pack that is chosen by the new recruit. Obviously, the active sponsor will earn the highest amount from this bonus. FYI it is not compulsory to buy the product pack. 

Family Tree Overrides - Overrides that are paid up to 6 levels deep on affiliates’ downline’s commissionable volume. The percentage and the number of levels earned are based on the paid rank. The ranks of the affiliate's downline will not take part in the bonus calculation. It is paid in the range of 3% to 10%.

Earnings mostly depend on having an active downline which means as an affiliate or an Independent Supplier Distributor, you will be compelled to RECRUIT and build your own team that is as well good in recruiting.  

You can learn more about FuXion’s compensation plan by watching the video below:

Is FuXion A Scam?

With all we’ve gathered, it doesn’t point to FuXion as a scam. In fact, it reveals that FuXion is a legitimate MLM opportunity that has been running already for more or less 14 years. 

This company also somehow gives a decent compensation plan and offers tangible products that can give health and wellness benefits. 

However, being an MLM- it does require recruitment. And one thing that’s odd about them is that they don’t place any product pricing on their website, even the cost of joining as an affiliate is not transparent!


Being an MLM opportunity, FuXion provides an affiliate program that will enable affiliates to gain commissions through retail sales and recruitment. 

To do so, you have to sign up to be an Independent Supplier Distributor. However, the cost of joining was not mentioned even on their website. 

You should contact the FuXion® Entrepreneur who presented the business to you. Now, that’s something odd!

Well, what we do know is that to be eligible for commissions, affiliates need to buy 20 PV (Personal Volume) of products every 2 weeks.

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Informative Website

Well, we do commend them for their innovative websites that do offer enticing details about their company and products. Although they have previous complaints that their website blogs were previously Spanish, they have fixed the problem and now the website is available in English. 

And we do commend them for working through such concerns people have raised. It does show that they do worry about people’s concerns. 

They also have great support offering in-class and online workshops in their SER program or the Expansion and Results System (SER) of FuXion® 


Limited Area

As you can see above, the market for FuXion is only limited to America and Europe. With Health and Wellness Niche as a saturated market, many companies in this niche are operating worldwide and are even famous. So this, we could say put them at a disadvantage. 

Recruitment Hype

Just like most MLM companies, RECRUITMENT is the key to success. Since, to gain big commissions and bonuses, you will be compelled to recruit more people who are as well good at recruitment. It’s building your own team of empowered builders as well to level up your rank. Because being on top will place you on an advantage and open doors to gain bigger income.

Cost Not Transparent

Their website is indeed informative but what’s important is missing and that is the cost of their products and most importantly, the cost of joining their MLM opportunity. 

These details are vital for potential affiliates who would want to join their MLM opportunity. Well, they do have the details but you could only access it from a sponsor who will invite you to join them. 

Well, that’s pretty much private that we believe is something odd because people should know the information publicly. Why put more hassle and contact the sponsor or affiliate when you could have availed it conveniently? Well, we do hope they can improve on this matter and place such necessary information ASAP. 

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Who Is It For?

Being an MLM opportunity, it’s for people who are good at recruitment and sales talk because you’re not only selling products here but you are as well enticing people to join the opportunity. It’s also intended for health and wellness enthusiasts and as well as for those who would want to have freedom of time because you can as well work from home. 

Training Tools/Support

Being a FuXion affiliate gives you an account to access their back office (which is termed OffiX). Well, accessing it gives them access to tools and resources, training and other necessary materials needed in their business. They have as well FuXion® EVENTS which is a series of events and workshops developed to help affiliates maintain focus and keep them motivated.  

Final Opinion/Verdict

Well, to conclude this review, we could say that FuXion is a legitimate MLM company.

Though they still have some things for improvement, we commend them for addressing people's concerns. However, being an MLM opportunity, just like most of them, FuXion would compel you to be hyped for recruitment. And that’s one thing, why we would not recommend this opportunity to you. 

And also, they do lack major details such as product cost and the cost of joining which we believe should be necessarily transparent for all. Well, this opportunity somehow offers many ways to earn money but as for us, better skip this platform. 

What’s Next?

No matter what your decision is, we wish you success!

However, if you would want an opportunity that is safe and lucrative, we suggest that you sign up with my top-recommended program:

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Anyways, thank you for taking the time to go through my FuXion review. 

We hope this has helped you and that you have gained value from this. Feel free to place comments, suggestions, and queries below. 

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