Is Tellwut A Scam? Legit Way To Make Money In Your Free Time?

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Do you know how survey sites work? If not, then let me do my job in making things clearer for you. 

A survey website is a platform that collects data based on your opinions in the form of surveys and other marketing research, regarding products, services, and any particular subject of interest. 

Some sites provide points that are convertible to cash or gift cards and most of them are free to join.

Tellwut Review Summary

Name: Tellwut


Founders: Tellwut Corp.

Product Type:   Paid Survey Platform

Price:   Free

Quick Summary:  Tellwut is a survey platform but it offers a unique feature that isn't offered on most survey sites. In addition to participating in third-party surveys, you can earn more points by creating surveys and answering community questions.

It’s being hyped online but is it worth your time? Will you make money or earn gift cards only?

Overall Rating: 4/10

Recommended: No

It’s a popular way to make money online but while most of these sites are legit, it has a massive drawback -- the pay.

Despite spending hours answering surveys, the income potential is extremely low so if you’re planning to join one, it’s best to lower your expectations.

Anyhow, it’s a legit business model and can be beneficial as long as you join the right survey program.

In this post, we’ll discuss Tellwut, a paid survey website that’s making noise online. We’ll find out how it works, its pros and cons, if it’s legit or not, and many more.

What Is Tellwut About?

Tellwut is a survey panel founded in 2010. It aims to help companies through market research and provide an opportunity for users to make extra money online. Survey forms are a vital part of market research strategies as it helps develop and improve products and services. Companies pay for platforms, such as Tellwut, to gather the necessary data from consumers and in return, the survey website pays its members for sharing their opinion.

So basically, that is how Tellwut and other survey websites work.

Owned by a Canadian company called Tellwut Corp., what makes the platform different from the others is that it allows users to create their questionnaires, too.

Most surveys take less than a minute and are fun to complete. So, it's simple to earn as long as there are lots of available surveys on the site.

Tellwut gives rewards to participants with points and with a certain amount of points, you can convert it into a gift card.

When it comes to signing up for an account, you just need to create an account by providing your details or linking it to your Facebook profile.

By becoming a new member, you'll be receiving a signup bonus of 100 points or up to 150 additional points depending on the number of profiling questions you've answered in completing your profile.

How To Make Money With Tellwut?

Tellwut offers its members multiple ways of making money including the following as follows:

Internal Surveys

You'll answer surveys created by other platform members making it an unusual feature on a survey site. Completing internal surveys typically take less than a few minutes. Oftentimes, the content is funny. Usually, these are in the form of small polls regarding any possible subject of interest ranging from the latest beauty products to foods. The length and complexity of the survey will be the basis of how many points will be given and is usually around 5 to 15 points.

Create Surveys

Likewise, you get the opportunity to create your surveys to earn points. When creating your survey, you can maximize your creativity by including pictures and even videos. Tellwut can reject your request for approval, especially for offensive or inappropriate content. When your survey has been approved, you can earn 10 up to 20 points weekly.

External Surveys

The rewards on this kind of survey are higher since these are longer than internal surveys. It ranges from 25 to 2,000 points per survey. However, your demographics play a vital role in the number of available surveys for you. Tellwut will be responsible for matching you to surveys that would best suit you since companies aim for feedback and valuable data from their target market.

Interact with the Tellwut Network

You will see statistics on how other members answered, each time you answer an internal survey. However, there is also a discussion below each survey where you can comment and write a response. Given the social media, it can become a time suck immediately, but it can be interesting as well. You may enjoy interacting with the Tellwut network if you opt to engage in a discussion, yet you can't expect to earn many points.

Referral Program

You can also earn additional points by referring family and friends, similar to what other survey sites offer. But, you must see to it that your referrals are from a different household since you're prohibited to have more than one account per household. You can earn 25 points for every person who will successfully join through your unique link. 

For every completed activity on Tellwut, you'll be rewarded with points in which you can later on exchange for the rewards of your choice. Unfortunately, there is no cash option via PayPal, unlike most survey platforms. You're only left with redeeming your preferred gift cards that Tellwut offers. The following are the list of the included gift cards:

  • Target

  • Starbucks

  • Amazon

  • Tango card

The lowest minimum threshold for a gift card that you can avail of is $10 and there are other larger options available if you opt for one. 

The accurate conversion depends on your redemption method, even though generally speaking, for every 100 points, it is equivalent to $0.25. 

For instance, 4,000 points are equivalent to a $10 Amazon gift card. Meanwhile, in the case of Tango's card, you'll need 4,500 points to accumulate $10.

It only signifies that you need to choose the best reward to ensure that your hard-earned points are worthwhile. 

Tellwut is still actively working on lessening their process time since it will approximately take 3 weeks to be completed at this moment.

Is Tellwut A Scam?

No. Tellwut is a legitimate survey platform that pays people for doing their multiple earning opportunities. There are lots of Tellwut reviews and praiseworthy comments regarding their support team. 

They've been providing their member's multiple ways to address their concerns by either using the website contact form, support email, or social media platforms to avail assistance.

Tellwut has been rated with A+ and is accredited on Better Business Bureau and 4.6 out of 5 on Trustpilot, which supports their legitimacy.

How Much To Join Tellwut?

Joining Tellwut is 100% free. There's no need to spend a single dime. However, if there’s anything you are wasting, that might be your time and effort. 

While Tellwut is free and legit, it takes a lot of time for you to earn a few points, and mind you, you can only convert them to gift cards.

Tellwut is similar to:

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Short Surveys

With only a short period that would only take less than a minute, you get to complete fun but short surveys and earn additional points.

Solid Customer Support

Lacking good customer service is one of the common problems faced by most survey sites. But with regards to Tellwut, it has been garnering quite praiseworthy comments as to how they provide assistance for their customers in need.

Excellent Ratings

The fact that Tellwut has been given excellent ratings on BBB and Trustpilot only strengthens their credibility for their service throughout the years.

Create Your Surveys

Typically, most survey sites don't allow their users to create their surveys but with Tellwut you can obtain your needed information by making your surveys and at the same time you get to earn points from it.

Low Payout Threshold

With an equivalent of $10 of your chosen gift card, you get to redeem your rewards with this low minimum threshold that they offer. All you need to do is to earn points and redeem gift cards to Tellwut's partnered brands. 


Kicked Out Of Surveys

There’s a chance for you to be qualified even if you’re in the middle of answering the questionnaires. So, you're likely wasting your time giving out information only to end up being kicked out of the surveys.

Limited Income, Limited Market

Be aware that taking paid surveys won't make you rich, therefore if you're looking for a sustainable income, this paid survey site isn't made for you.

You’ll spend time only to end up receiving gift cards.

Also, this is available for people living in the US and Canada only.

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Who Is It For?

This is ideal for those who are okay with receiving gift cards only and not cash.

Training Tools/Support

For questions or inquiries, you can reach Tellwut on their social media accounts or via email.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Tellwut is a legitimate website that offers legitimate ways in helping you to make use of your time to earn points by sharing your opinion, engaging with other members, and creating your surveys. 

Most of the given surveys are easy and fun to complete. You can even create your own for other members to answer.

In addition, in times of difficulties, you can seek help through their provided customer service, which garners praises from customers. However, your efforts and hard-earned points can be eventually converted to your selected gift card. With the lowest price of $10, you get to enjoy the efforts you've exerted on Tellwut.

That being said, there’s no cash here. It’s limited to those who reside in Canada and USA, too.

So if I were you, it’s better to look for another option instead.

What's Next?

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Thank you for reading my Tellwut review. I would appreciate it if you share your opinions or questions below.

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