Is the Super Affiliate Network a Scam? The Good and the Bad

The Super Affiliate Network Review Summary

Name: The Super Affiliate Network


Founders: Misha Wilson

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing

Price: $47 a month + Up-sells

Quick Summary: The Super Affiliate Network is an advanced course geared towards teaching anyone to start online business with use of affiliate marketing and mastering various marketing techniques like: Email Marketing, Solo Ads and more. 

We have been contacted by Misha Wilson requesting to update our review therefore for Refreshed Review please read this post here:

What is The Super Affiliate Network?

If you are looking into ways to make money online you’ve probably stumbled across the Super Affiliate Network (SAN). If so, you’re probably wondering what it’s all about.

Well, the Super Affiliate Network was created by Misha Wilson—who is actually a real person with real internet marketing experience—and is essentially a boot camp that teaches you how to promote the program.

The Super Affiliate Network compiles all the tools necessary to learn and implement a successful affiliate marketing strategy. But this might leave you wondering whether or not the Super Affiliate Network is a program that you should actually invest in.

When trying to figure out if the Super Affiliate Network is legitimate, reading online Super Affiliate Network reviews can complicate things because there are so many people promoting this program. 

Is The Super Affiliate Network a Scam?

So, is the Super Affiliate Network a scam? No, it’s not! It offers a ton of value, however they all have to be purchased as higher tier packages. 

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Here is avideo from one of SAN Affiliates who explains how much commission you would get by upgrading to each of these levels. 

Who Is It For?

Wondering who the Super Affiliate Network is geared towards? There are various levels of training, but it is best utilized by those looking to be active in niche marketing. The training is mostly geared towards beginners who are just starting out, but there is some more advanced information that more experienced niche marketers can benefit from.

SAN Money Back Guarantee

Super Affiliate Network offers good Money Back Guarantee: 

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