Octopus Group Review – Legit Highest Paying Survey Website?

Welcome to My Octopus Group Review!

If you’re new to making money online, one of the most common opportunities you might see are paid survey websites. This kind of platform has been around for a long time and has gained popularity because of two things -- simplicity and convenience.

Even before I found work-from-home jobs, I’ve tried a few survey sites, too and while most of them are legit, there’s a common drawback -- the income.

Sure, answering questionnaires and getting paid for it is reasonable; however, the income you’ll get out of it is usually extremely low.

Octopus Group Review Summary

Name: Octopus Group

Website: www.octopusgroup.com.au

Founders:  John Karathomas, Jade Lowe, and Nick MacDonald

Product Type:  Paid Survey Platform

Price:  Free

Quick Summary:  Octopus Group is a paid survey website available for New Zealand and Australian residents. It pays cash for answering questionnaires. 

While it’s almost the same as other paid survey websites, it has a few advantages that make it stand out. However, there are also other things to watch out for, such as income.

If you want to know whether the Octopus Group review is worth your time or not, then read this entire review.

Overall Rating: 5/10

Recommended: Yes

In this post, we’ll talk about another survey site called Octopus Group. I’ll share major information that will answer the most important questions to help you come up with an informed decision. This includes questions, such as:

  • What is it about?
  • How does it work?
  • Is Octopus Group a scam or a legit paid survey website?

If you’re ready, then let’s get started.

What Is Octopus Group About?

Octopus Group is a typical survey website that pays you for answering questionnaires. It was founded by John Karathomas, Jade Lowe, and Nick MacDonald in 2019.

Just a quick background about the co-founders, John has experience with technical support and has been a director of Ipsos, another market research brand.

Jade Lowe, on the other hand, has been a software consultant and an IT Manager in Ipsos, too.

Meanwhile, Nick MacDonald has a background in application and web development.

More or less, these co-founders have experience with how a market research company works so pretty much, they have the necessary skills and knowledge to run such a platform. Also, it’s good to know that these people are legit and are not just hiding under a pseudonym.

Octopus Group is known as the highest-paying survey site in Australia. According to its users, it pays around $16 per hour and has tons of survey questionnaires to answer.

However, there are major complaints to take note of, such as the poor customer service and being screened out of the survey.

Basically, it works almost the same as these paid survey websites:

Octopus Group Product Line

The only digital product offered by the Octopus Group is the opportunity to make money through their surveys.

Just like other similar platforms, aspiring users can make an account, answer surveys, get paid, and refer people to earn more. 

Is Octopus Group A Scam?

No, Octopus Group is not a scam.

It’s a legit survey platform that pays users for answering questionnaires. It’s been founded by real people who have a solid background when it comes to market research. 

Despite the cons, which we will discuss below, residents from Australia and New Zealand can give this a try if they’re looking for a side hustle online.

It won’t ask you to pay for anything, too, so there’s almost nothing to lose except the time you spent in case you’ll be screened out.

Octopus Group Compensation Plan

Known as the highest paying survey website in Australia, Octopus Group pays responders using a particular system. Unlike other survey sites that compensate people per survey, the brand rewards its users $0.28 per minute.

Yes, there’s a corresponding per-minute value, which I think is reasonable enough because you get paid according to the time and effort you spent doing the survey.

So if it takes 5 minutes to answer a questionnaire, you will be paid $1.4 and $16.8 for an hour.

However, there’s a chance for you to be screened out even if you’ve spent so much time doing the first part of the survey and when you’re screened out, you will not be compensated.

But then again, the compensation is bigger compared to other survey websites. If you’re lucky enough, this can be a good side hustle. Unlike other platforms, which pay barely $10 per month, this one’s different! There are even platforms that will only reward you with gift cards and not cash.

On top of this, you can earn a dollar for every referral you get. 

Using your own referral link, you can invite people to join the platform and in return, you will be paid $1. The downside, however, is that you are limited to $20. Once you’ve been paid this amount for referrals, you won’t earn anymore even if people use your link to sign up.

Other survey websites will let you invite as many people as you can and pay you for it.

The payment threshold is $20, which I think is easier to reach considering the amount they pay you per hour. Octopus Group will pay you via direct deposit or you can also choose to convert your earnings to gift cards.

When you choose to get a gift card instead, your money can go “even further.” Meaning, you get more than what you paid for. 

You can look at the photo below for reference:

How Much To Join Octopus Group?

There’s no need to pay for anything if you want to join Octopus Group. All you have to do is register your mobile number and email address. You also need to agree to their Terms and Conditions.

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High-Paying Survey Website

It pays per minute, which is something new for a survey website. Normally, they compensate users based on the survey and it takes weeks or even months to get a decent amount. 

As for Octopus Group, you could earn at least $16 per hour.

Low Payment Threshold

The minimum threshold required so you can encash your earnings is $20, which is low considering the amount you might get from answering surveys.

Convenience Through Mobile App

Like other websites, it comes with a mobile app that you can download. This will make answering surveys more convenient plus, you can get notifications if there are questionnaires you can answer.


Rude Customer Service

Not only does it take time to get a response, but the customer support is also rude based on some users

For me, customer service says a lot about the brand; it shows their support system to their users and if it’s bad, it is a problem. It could hurt their reputation and even if the brand is legit, people might stay away from it because of how they choose to respond.

No Other Options To Get Paid

The only option you have is via direct bank deposit. It would be better if they will allow you to get paid using other platforms, too such as PayPal.

Limited Market

Octopus Group is only available in New Zealand and Australia so if you’re not living in these countries, you should look for other alternatives instead.

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Training Tools/Support

Paid survey platforms are usually upfront so there’s no need for heavy training to earn from this. Octopus Group has also provided a downloadable mobile app that their members can use to answer surveys more conveniently.

The problem is that when it comes to supporting, Octopus Group has a lot of complaints. Members’ reviews often include delayed response, rude customer service, and poor support.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Overall, Octopus Group seems like a promising survey website. I’ve reviewed more than a dozen similar platforms and normally, I feel disappointed at the end knowing that the effort and time spent are not compensated well.

However, with Octopus Group, there’s a specific rate per minute, which is fair enough for sharing your opinions.

It’s also legit and the founders are credible, too.

The downside, however, is that there’s a chance for you to be screened out and not get paid even if you’ve done the initial part of the survey.

Also, the survey platform is limited to those who live in New Zealand and Australia only. Plus, their customer support seems to have a bad reputation online.

Nonetheless, it’s one of the best survey platforms I found online.

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Thank you so much for reading our Octopus Group review. I hope that this has helped you make an informative decision. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to share them below.

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