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Welcome to My Unique Rewards Review!

Have you heard about Unique Rewards? A reward site that claims to pay cash by watching videos and performing tasks online? Do you think it’s a legit opportunity or a scam that you should watch out for?

Unique Rewards Review Summary

Name: Unique Rewards

Website: uniquerewards.com

Founders: Oleg Gradel and Max Vlasov

Product Type: Rewards Website 

Price: Free

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Quick Summary: Unique Rewards is a site that pays you for performing minor tasks, such as entering captcha, taking surveys, shopping online, etc. It’s legit, however, the amount that they will pay you barely reaches three figures a month.

Overall Rating: 3/10

Recommended: No

If you want to know the answers especially if Unique Rewards is worth your time, then you’ve come to the right place.

Below, I’ll share the details about Unique Rewards, who is it for, and my top recommended program.

What Is Unique Rewards About?

Unique Rewards is an example of a reward website or Get-Paid-To (GPT) site that pays its members by completing small tasks. It was founded by Oleg Gradel and Max Vlasov and has been in the industry since 2003. As of this writing, it is only available in three countries: Canada, USA, and the United Kingdom.

How To Make Money With Unique Rewards?

At first glance, Unique Rewards is almost like other paid survey sites that pay you for answering questionnaires. However, what makes it different (although not unique) are the ways that allow you to make money.

Now, I’ve mentioned that it’s not really unique. There are other reward sites that works like this, such as GrindABuck, Level Rewards, and Rewards Buck. Like these websites, they pay their members for completing different tasks, like the following:

how to make money with unique rewards

Cash Surveys

As the name suggests, you just need to answer surveys and share your opinion. It is simple and it won’t consume a lot of your time but the amount you’ll get out of it is very small.

Cash Offers

This option allows you to earn money after completing a purchase. Inside the platform, you’ll see special deals or ads and if you’re interested in it, you can click on the product or service to earn a specific amount of cash.

Cashback Shopping

This one almost works the same as cash offers wherein you can click on an item and purchase it. However, instead of getting a predetermined amount of money, you will get a percentage back. Some offers can give you as high 50% cashback.

Click Cash

Inside Unique Rewards platform, you’ll see various ads and if you click on it and watch it for around 30 seconds, you will receive $0.01. 

Cash Email Messages

Another way to earn with Unique Rewards is by simply opening an email. Every day, you can get around 1 to 3 email messages that you need to click so you can be directed to the original website (advertiser’s site). For every link you visit, you will receive $0.01.

Video Offers

One of the easiest options to earn money using this platform is by watching videos. For every advertisement video you click, you can earn $0.01.

Radio Offers

Another way to earn via Unique Rewards is by entering captcha codes on radio sites. If you’re living in the U.S., you can earn $0.03. Meanwhile, this platform rewards $0.01 for every captcha entered by members living in Canada and the United Kingdom.

Referral Program

Now this one’s kind of interesting. Rather than giving the same amount to members who have successfully referred a new person to join the program, Unique Rewards offer a different referral program.

  • You get $1.00 if your referral performs a task, like taking a survey or entering a captcha code.
  • You get $5 once your referral’s account has reached $20.
  • You get 10% of your referral’s lifetime rewards.

On top of this, there’s no limit to the number of people you can invite. So if you want to increase your earnings using this program, you can refer as many individuals as you can.

How Will Unique Rewards Pay You?

Once your account is active, meaning you have received a total of $20 or more, you can redeem your cash via PayPal or check. It’s both good and bad news: good because unlike other rewards site, Unique Rewards directly pay cash instead of points. Bad because the minimum threshold to cash out is high. Imagine, you only get an average of $0.01 per task, which means that it might take a month or more before you can withdraw your earnings.

That being said, it’s best to cash out your money using PayPal because you’ve waited long enough to earn $20. Normally, it only takes a couple of days to receive the cash. Meanwhile, you need to wait for another 30 days when you choose to get paid via check.

What Makes Unique Rewards Unique?

Another interesting feature of Unique Rewards is the automatic upgrade of membership. Once you have reached the minimum threshold to cash out ($20), your membership is upgraded to Unique Rewards Gold -- for free. No need to pay for anything.

The advantage of the upgraded account is that you can increase your earnings by 40% and this applies to all tasks, like watching videos, shopping online, clicking an email, etc.

To learn more about Unique Rewards, you can watch the video below:

Is Unique Rewards A Scam?

Unique Rewards is not a scam. It’s a legit rewards site that’s been paying people for more than 10 years. However, if you rely on the Better Business Bureau, you might be disappointed to know that this platform is not accredited and that it received an F rating.

It has also received a lot of complaints, including:

  • Failing to receive payments via check.
  • Not being able to cash out via PayPal because apparently, the minimum threshold changed from $20 to $50.
  • Poor customer service.
complaints about unique rewards


Unique Rewards is free for anyone living in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. However, despite being a free platform that allows you to make money online, I don’t think that it’s worth your time.

Also, some options that will ask you to spend money, such as shopping online and cash offers.


Because you could have used your time on an opportunity that will pay you a good amount. This includes starting your own online business, blog site, or an affiliate website. You can also apply for a home-based job and provide service to local and international clients. Compared to answering surveys and participating to reward site, these legit opportunities can give you a regular source of income. 

Starting An Affiliate Site

One of the best ways to make money online -- and a trusted opportunity by internet marketers -- is by joining an affiliate marketing program. Some people might be skeptical about it but the business model is legit and has existed for a long time.

It doesn’t give easy money though but with enough effort, patience, and consistency, you can use it as a side hustle or even as a source of passive income. 

If you’re not familiar with how it works, the concept is like this: you promote a product or service in your affiliate site or social media and when a visitor clicks on it and purchase the offer using your affiliate link, you will earn a commission. And the commission you will get is bigger compared to the earnings you receive in reward sites. 

Now, when it comes to the best recommended affiliate marketing program, most internet marketers and individuals who want to make money online trust Wealthy Affiliate. This free platform offers many perks, such as webinars and training materials, 24/7 customer service, and an active community. 

If you’re serious about making money, this is an opportunity that you should not miss!

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Free, Legit Reward Site

Unique Rewards is one of the trusted reward sites that has been paying its members since 2013. It’s free and the only thing you need to pay is when you join cash offers or cash back program.

Uses PayPal To Withdraw Earnings

PayPal is very convenient and reliable when it comes to cashing out earnings. It’s free and anyone in the globe can create an account on this platform.


Waste Of Time

The tasks involved in Unique Rewards are easy but obviously, it’s a waste of time. Even if you spend the entire day entering captcha, watching videos, clicking emails, etc., you’ll barely get $5 per day.

Complaints About Not Getting Paid

It’s really alarming to see complaints about not receiving their check. Imagine, you’ve wasted a lot of time doing small tasks only to end up not getting paid.


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Who Is It For?

Unique Rewards is a legit website but I don’t recommend it to anyone. Unless you’re fine with receiving cents per task, you should just ignore this program.

Training Tools/Support

In case you want to learn how to get started, how to sign up, how to cash out, and their referral program, you can see video tutorials on the lower left part of their homepage.

unique rewards tutorials

Final Opinion/Verdict

Unique Rewards is not a scam. It’s a legitimate GPT site that pays people for doing small tasks. However, the amount they pay is also small and is barely enough to be even considered as a part-time job. If I were you and you want to get the amount you deserve, I suggest that you read the next section.

What’s Next?

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